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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Chapter 15 - Russian campaign 1812 - Part II - The retry

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Chapter 15 - Russian campaign 1812 - Part II - The retry

Author File Description
File Details
Game Version: AoE3
Player is France (Napoleon).
Under player control: La Grande Armee (in Moscow) and rearguard garrison.
Marshall Ney, Marshall Davout, Marshall Oudinot (ie 3x units Washington); Murat (unit Black Knight) and Napoleon (explorer) are the General Staff.
Ally (AI): Italian brigade, Prussian brigade, Gen. Macdonald (France), gen. Schwarzenberg (Austria).
Enemy: Tsar Alexander, gen. Cicagov, gen. Kutuzov.

It's time to return home. Even occupying and burning Moscow, the enemy has not been defeated.
Must be organized a new Army in France, to be ready for a new war next spring.
Russians are enforcing their positions, civilians are forming partizan troops, and their cavalry is constantly searching for us.
Now, the rivers are freezing at North and it is possible to cross them, but probably would expect ambushes. Or should we try to do it?
In order to save our lives, we must be fast or we need to find a weak point on their defence.
Our rearguard can help us crossing the rivers, somehow.
It is also important to fortificate our weak defence on west, and prevent any further attack done by our allies: we are not ready for a battle there, where we have only our coaches that are waiting for us to lead us back to Paris.

Mission: Lead la Grande Armee from Moscow to the garrison at west, where the coaches are. At least the Army General Staff must survive.

Trigger: Mission will end when the General Staff approach the coaches.
Please note: if the General Staff die, mission is lose.
If you wish to continue the game, attempting to defeat completely Russia, just don't go with the General Staff to the coaches area.
At the end you will (maybe) win on traditional mod, ie "all buildings destroyed".
Personally I tried, but I cannot defeat Russia on this game.
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File Author

Thank you very much for your review!

So I think:

1 - Regarding the map, I chosen big and as you see almost empty in a lot of areas... yeah, it's Russia :D
I was wondering to put a big storm, i tried, and then the game was running slow. So I uploaded this one, that's the older.
2 - No gold at all on this scenario. It's a tragic retry. No sources. I put some money bags next to Moscow Headquarter, but it's hard for Player to go to take it.

Thank you again. Soon I will publish the list of the chapters, if you want one just tell me.
And: have you try to defeat Russia completely? That is the very very challenge!

File Author

PS: Reading your rate, maybe I understood how you solved it. Passing by north on iced rivers? If yes, I think is true, was slow. But there is a trick to finish the game within 30 minutes... ;)
Jesusdecai Since I´m from Spain, i'd love to play (if you could make it) how Spain was reconquered only by people from the very South-west near Africa and people from the North west.With the help for the economy of the whales/fish in the Atlantic Ocean two little villages with time to build and army could reconquer the whole country.

I do enjoy a lot your scenarios. I've played twice Holland map even though I had to defeat Spain, but I'm sure i'll play France maps again and again.

Another good option could be some kind of Asterix and Obelix village in the very North of France defending themselves from the empire and maybe sending enemies back to their countries and reconquering France.
Thank you for your work!
File Author
Dear Jesusdecai, I really like your idea. For sure after finishing this serie i will try to create a scenario or a serie for Spain.
For now, I hope you will enjoy "Amsterdao" (the Holland map, but player is Spain this time) and "Spanish guerrilla".
They're scenarios more easy than this one, but I hope you will enjoy.
There is the list of all scenarios of the serie (on comments), if you have any request, just tell me, and I will edit. Thank you again for your feedbacks.
PJCPJC I beat it first time, - I finished 5 minutes ago - but it took a great deal of patience because it was difficult to finance my defences until I could gradually build up and maintain an offensive. I rightly supposed running the massive gauntlet was too difficult for me, so instead I defeated the Russians by destroying everything. I very much appreciate your very large maps and I hope you continue with that size.
File Author
PJCPJC, thank you for your feedback. I read it now, and I am impressed that you defeated all russians. But from what I understood the General Staff Army died.
Actually I think the target of this scenario should be to make the General Staff (Napoleon & co) returning home. There is a way to do it and you don't need to create a lot of things on the western area. If you wish, I can tell you, but then will not be funny, I think.
Now I will adjust the triggers, that "if the General Army staff die, battle will be lost".
Anyway, I will publish the extra (chapter 21) in your honor.

Dear Jesusdecai: two scenarios with Spanish have been updated after your feedback. Hope you like it :)
File Author

You have a caravel on the river at west. Use it to explore the coast: use it to explore the russian side. Be careful at enemies on both sides, specially at the infatry. You will find an area where the enemy cavalry cannot go. In the meantime, bring the Army from Moscow to the coast of the second river, at South. Some foreguard will save the gross of your Army from enemy's artillery fire.
So, you have 10 mosqueteers at north, and a priest. When you find the "safe way" you will see that 10 soldiers are enough to destroy the small garrison. Then, make a port there and trasboard back the Army. Must be fast, otherwise the russian boats will come. Best time i played, i had 16 losses only. This scenario should be almost tactic only, strategy and buildings are really limited. As the name says, is a "tactical withdraw - scenario". Who had the old file can play with it, now the file is updated with new triggers.

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