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Detailed Tooltips

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Game Version: TAD

This mod adds various bits of information to tooltips, like how fast villagers gather from which resource type, how much damage military units deal per second to which unit types, or exactly how good a Daimyo's damage boost aura is.

What kind information is displayed?

  • Base gather rates of all villagers and ships (i.e. resources gathered per second)
  • Base damage per second of all units, with bonus damage against specific unit types already calculated
  • Base hitpoints, armor, and effective HP (e.g. 50% armor effectively doubles HP)
  • Base speed and LOS
  • Precise value of various aura effects, e.g. the various Monk auras or the Shogun's hitpoints aura.
  • Fattening rates of herd animals, XP generation rates of herd animals for India, and shrine boost rates of all animals for the Japanese
  • Which technologies are unlocked by the 'unique church improvements' card for each civilisation, which units you get from Consulate Relations, and various other such missing information
  • And more clarifications and helpful information added to descriptions of a lot of units, Home City cards, and technologies

A note on damage

The damage of a unit is displayed as damage per second (DPS), using the base values without any upgrades. Bonus damage multipliers are calculated into the DPS and the different DPS depending on the various unit types a unit is good or bad against are all listed. For example, Skirmishers have 10 ranged DPS against heavy infantry, but only 3.8 DPS vs. heavy cavalry.

Note that DPS is not the same as the listed damage in the UI, but it also takes attack speed into account. For example, most ranged attacks happen once every 3 seconds due to reloading times, while melee attacks take only 1.5 seconds each.

For units with an area of effect attack, their splash damage cap is also displayed. This cap, always a multiple of the attack's base damage, is the maximum amount of splash damage the attack will do, no matter how many units are actually in the area of effect. This means that a splash attack may not actually harm all enemy units in the target area, but will only harm units until the damage cap is reached.

Furthermore, splash damage decreases with distance to the primary target, but this happens after the damage cap has been applied, so that the total damage will actually be less that the splash damage cap.

For example, a Grenadier has a splash damage cap of 2.2 times its base damage. He will usually hit about three units with his grenade (the main target and two with the splash damage), even if thrown into a cluster of enemy units. The total damage will be somewhere between his base damage and less than 3.2 times his base damage (since splash damage is reduced with distance).

How to install?

To install, copy the file 'stringtabley.xml' from the extracted zip into the 'data' folder inside your Age of Empires 3 installation directory, e.g. 'C:\Program Files\Age of Empires III\data\'.

If you want to be able to uninstall this mod later, first rename the existing 'stringtabley.xml' in that folder to something else, e.g. 'stringtabley.backup.xml'. You can then uninstall this mod at any time by deleting 'stringtabley.xml' and renaming the backup file to 'stringtabley.xml'.

Does this mod affect multiplayer?

The mod is active in multiplayer games, and since this mod only affects displayed text, it can be used even with other people who do not have this mod (tested in LAN).

You missed something! / Something is wrong!

Let me know what you'd like changed and I'll add/fix it if I have the time and it doesn't clutter tooltips too much.


30/3/2017: added which techs are unlocked by the 'unique church techs' card for each civilisation.
31/3/2017: added descriptions to auras (e.g. Daimyos and Unction), improved healing rate displays, and some small fixes and improvements.
1/4/2107: added more aura descriptions, various descriptions of wonders, base resource generation rates of resource generating buildings, and some more minor description improvements.
8/4/2017: added DPS, gather rate bonusses of techs, more auras, more techs, unit descriptions to HC shippments, HP and armor, and unit types
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CToat Hello?
im very sorry.

trigger effect FAQ:

Scenario How to " infinite upgrade" attack power of warship Units (Caravel, Gally, Galleon, Frigate, fluyt, Canoe) in the editor trigger effect?

[Edited on 04/07/17 @ 02:04 PM]

File Author
@CToat: I have no idea how to do that. Since it is completely unrelated to this mod, you will have better luck getting an answer if you ask on the forums.
SkyOne578 Hi Njol !
I do possess your mod and I must say you've done a very good job. As far as I know, no one has ever thought of making a mod like this.
I have a question however : do you think it's possible to display the "real" gather rate of villagers ? I mean, when you research the "gangsaw" tech for example, the wood gather rate of villagers is not 0.5 anymore, so it will change in the tooltip. Do you think that's possible ? I know it's possible for another thing like the player's age or total population for example :
That would make your mod a lot more cool, even though I already like it very much !

[Edited on 04/18/17 @ 06:24 AM]

File Author
Unfortunately I haven't been able to make that work for gather rates or similar - there seem to be only very few dynamic texts available like those you describe.

PS: sorry for the late answer, for some reason I thought I'd get e-mail alerts of new comments, but apparently I do not.
SkyOne578 No problem! Thank you for the reply! The stringtable is not the only file that contains dynamic texts, there are also ui files but searching for those dynamic texts inside ui files won't be easy. One day I found something like this in the bank's information tab (pushing "Alt" while the bank is selected) :
4gold/s. I've seen it only once and then I didn't see it anymore. So that's why I thought it possible to display the current exact stat. Some of my friends also downloaded this mod and they say they like it! Do you authorize me to translate it and reupload the translated version ? (I speak french)
File Author
Thanks for that UI hint, I'll take a look at those files later.

As for a translation, you will probably be faster by translating my source files instead of the generated files (especially since many strings are automatically generated).

You can download the sources from here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!Av1iqctpkI0qobs7Hna9rXS_aZ7jcw

To work with the source files:

* Download the whole folder (there should be a link at the top) and extract the downloaded zip file somewhere.

* Edit data.py and modify the path at the top to point to your installation of Age of Empires 3. You can also modify the other paths if you want to change where data is loaded from (source_file should be a copy of the original stringtabley.xml, and output_file will be modified - make sure those are two different files though)

* Copy translation_english.py and manual_english.py and rename the copies to fit your language (e.g. rename them to 'translation_french.py' and 'manual_french.py' if you're translating to French)

* Edit translation.py to load your new translation files instead of the English ones

* To test whether everything works, run aoe3mod.py with Python (download it from https://www.python.org/downloads/release/python-361/ and install it if you don't have it already). To run the file a simple double-click on it should be sufficient, or alternatively open a terminal and execute 'python aoe3mod.py' (the second version will allow you to see any errors should some happen).

* If the generation works, start translating your new files, and run the generation again after you're done (or run it whenever you want to test what you just changed - just remember that you have to restart AoE3 for it to load the strings again)

* If you get any errors, post here again if you need help. I set up an automatic monitoring so I'll be notified of replies.

* (optional) when you're done, send me the translated files (translation_xyz.py, manual_xyz.py and the generated stringtabley.xml) so others can benefit from them ;) (I'll give you credit of course). Alternatively you could also upload them here as another mod and send me the link so I can link to it from the description.
JohnGreek I checked it out, and, even though it is not a mod for me, I have to say...

wow - the quality and the amazing results you have achieved is beyond comparison. Congratulations!
Lord Mick Oh man I totally want this mod!! But I can't seem to get it working on my computer. Is it compatible with the steam version of AoE3? I replaced the original 'stringtabley.xml' in

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Age Of Empires 3\bin\data

but I don't notice any changes in single player or online. Any ideas? Thanks :)
Lord Mick Okay my bad - it works great! Thank you

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