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Recorded Game

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# of Players: 2
Map Type: Pampas
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Total Game Time: 15 minutes and 39 seconds
Player 1's Name: Deathmaster666
So here I was, facing this n00b called maken or mekan or something, I can’t remember exactly I thought that here was a real n00b, and that I would beat him easily, however he built a tower next to my hunters so I was scared of him sending a shipment and attacking them so I moved them, this delayed my FF to almost 9 minutes. Anyway he then got mercs and beat me. I tried to hold on for a while but soon lost the game. What I thought would be an easy victory against a weak player turned out to be a defeat.
So I am asking for your help, I would be really grateful to anyone who could watch this replay and answer my questions:

Q.1 Apart from moving my hunters, what else did I do wrong?
Q.2 How else can I improve my FF?
Q.3. What stuff can I do in general to improve my game?
Q.4 Any other Suggestions/ Comments or my Gameplay.

P.S: I think this guy was a really fast player with a high APM, of course I don’t know much about the stuff, analyze the gameplay from his point of view with viewlock on and tell me please.

Thanks in Advance. :)
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Achaean Lionness
Hi Deathmaster_,

I believe your defeat here owes to five essential elements.

1) By the 10 minute mark – Mokon had twice your population number (all units total).

2) Assumptions are Always an Error – and in ‘warfare’ more than anywhere else. If it breeds over-confidence the chances are you’ll pay for it sooner than later.

3) You spent too much time and focus on hunting treasures (worth precious little) and killing guardians – rather than exploring and gathering ‘intelligence.’ Not knowing where everything is, especially the enemy, and the enemy’s present status – as best as able – is just a mistake.

4) (A MINOR ‘critique’ of sorts) – It May Be, you could have better regulated your colonists as resource gatherers. They seem to have spent more time moving from place to place and changing tasks than one might really wish. When they aren’t gathering – you’re losing (esp. Time and Strength).

5) The inestimable power of field guns.

For your specific Q’s here: *

Q/A. 1 – In my view, there was no great calamity in moving your settlers for the reason stated. Although, they May have been able to kill that outpost themselves even before it completed building – and probably ought to have tried.
In any event, as soon as you saw it placed there – you should have mobilized SOMETHING to remove it as soon and quickly as possible. (Not your Explorer, who wasted some HP’s and time shooting at it a few times – taking more damage than he caused).
It should have been your first incentive to get SOME Military Force together Presently – not later.

Q/A. 2 – I leave to someone else to answer who can offer you more & better help than I possibly can.

Q/A 3. – Explore & Scout EVERYTHING, Start early and never stop. Initial exploration ‘should’ (in my view) be pretty systematic. Cover every inch of the map in the least amount of steps (and hence also, Time). (I, for example – will Almost take Only human treasures, Scouts, Settlers, Warriors or fast animals – used for scouting. I don’t even bother with any others, except Muskrat pelts or something I can take with a single kill shot and do it Fast).
Later – make repeated returns to the enemy’s camp(s) to see what stage of building and development s/he is in, and get at-least a ball-park idea of settler population (counting houses and multiply by 10, is a fair index).

Establish Barracks and Stables as Early as you possibly can, and occasionally, rather than produce those next few settlers, produce some military units instead – even if only light infantry.

Look at your surroundings and determine what is the most defensible ground for building and ‘settling?’
All ground is “not created equal.”

Build Military buildings in tactically advantageous positions, etc.
Build Essential economic buildings in the most favorably defensible positions, etc.

If you will even ‘Eventually’ consider having walls – think ahead (from the first 5 minutes at-most) of Where they should best be built.
As soon as you build walls – build a church. Wooden palisades aren’t worth much.

Q/A 4. – Not really, I could have put my initial thoughts above here instead.

I believe at bottom, Mokon was simply more efficient in three things.
a) Settler production.
b) Settler usage (gathering resources).
c) Scouting and thinking ahead strategically – particularly in terms of placement of key military installations.

In the end, you were Ultimately defeated by two Falconets.
You were simply blown out of existence with two field guns. THAT is a hallmark testament to not-enough at the right place at the right time(s)… Which of course, is everything…

I don’t know if any of this will offer any useful ‘help’ or not – but it’s free, and offered in good cheer & good faith.

Better Fortune next time!
~ Lionness

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