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Late Game Balance Mod - Step 1

Author File Description
The Lost Elixir
File Details
Game Version: TAD
I observed that in many mods like N30 Fanpatch by murdilator, they nerf Japan too much, so much so that the civilisation feel is lost.

Inspired by Murdilator's N30 fanpatches and Dragur's AI and various others, I thought why not me? That's why I also stepped in quagmire of modding.

This is just starting of my work, for now I just changed units stats in protoy.xml. In future I'll try to extend this into full fledged patch along with improved AI. I've added some interesting changes too.

For instance, all melee heavy infantry have 1.0 ROF. No one uses melee heavy infantry units like halberdiers/rajputs/warclubs etc., except maybe Aztecs, who use jaguar Prowl knights(they have no other choice!). With this, whenever they come close, heavy infantry beats musketeers and even skirmishers too sometimes. I tried to somewhat break the rock-paper-scissors relationship.

Next biggest change is I've made Mansabdar elephants take 1.5x pop.

Another change I made is, I've increased the siege attack of Sioux Cavalry(except Tashunke) and War club. Now Sioux also can easily break past walls.



Skirmisher: Ranged Attack:16(15)
Cassador: Ranged Attack:19(17)
Forest Prowler: Ranged Attack:17(16)
Wakina Rifle: Ranged Attack:17(16)
Gurkha: Ranged Attack:17(16) (mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Strelet: Ranged Attack:12(10)
Macehualtin: Ranged Attack:12(8) Range:19(16) HP:100(80) Cost:50W 65F(40F 30W) (THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES)
Abus Gun: Ranged(siege) Attack:42(40)
Chu ko Nu: Ranged attack:7(5)
Arquebusier: Ranged Attack:15(14)
Flamethrower: ROF:0.3(0.5)
Urumi: Ranged Attack:19(17)


Musketeer: Hand Attack:15(13)
Janissary: Hand Attack:18(15) Hand Multlipliers:x2.5(x2.0) and 1.85(x1.5)
Sepoy: Hand Attack:17(15) (mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Ashigaru: Hand Attack:8(10)
Tomahawk: Ranged attack:22(19)


Eagle Runner Knight: Range:14(12)
Cavalry Archer: Melee damage:8(6.5) Ranged Attack:16(13)
Dragoon: HP:205(200)
Bow Rider: Ranged Attack:21(20) Siege Attack:14(10)
Rifle Rider: Ranged Attack: 14(13) Siege Attack:11(8)
Howdah: HP:700(667) Ranged Attack:66(60) Siege Attack:55(50) Speed:6(5.5) (mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Warwagon: Siege Attack:45(30)


All Heavy Melee infantry ROF: 1.0(1.5)(infantry which only have melee attack like pikes or halberds) (THIS IS THE BOLDEST CHANGE)

Light Infantry Units like Coyotes/Rattan shields are exempted from this bonus. Ninja/spy is also exempted

Rajput: Siege Attack:35(20) (mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Chakram: Siege Attack:35(15)
Warclub: Hand Attack:12(10) Siege Attack:35(27)


Axe Rider: Siege Attack:30(20)
Dog Soldier: Siege Attack:35(30)
Mahout: Hand Attack:35(28) HP: 950(917) Siege Attack:115(100) wood cost replaced by +10% more coin(mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Sowar: Pop:1(2) (mansabdar adjusted accordingly)
Coyote runner: Hand Attack:24(18) HP:190(150) Siege Attack:15(11) Cost: 85F 50C (THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES)

Mansabdar elephants cost 1.5x pop instead of 2x pop (THIS IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHANGES)
Siege Elephant: siege attack:60(40) speed:5(4) armour:0.5(0.3)
Flail Elephant: Speed: 5.5(4.5)

Elephants obstruction radius set to 0.79X and 0.79Z, which is same as cavalry. So this may solve pathing issues a little bit. This is one of muridlator's original ideas. Credit goes to him.

Please Rate/Review. Don't hesitate to mention faults. Flames will be used to warm my room.
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