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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 4
Prepare yourselves! It is time for the ultimate colosseum experience on Age Of Empires 3: the Trollosseum, by TheLUCKYfighter and Zorxon!

“Yet another colosseum?” you may ask. But no, the Trollosseum is here to revolutionise the Colosseum scenario archetype. One game will take up to 60 minutes (on average), but most likely less - but it can last much longer if desired. Take a look at the feature list below to see, why this is not just another colosseum, but instead the ultimate colosseum experience for 4 players:

  • Chooseable units depending on the civilisation you chose! But in comparison to other colosseum maps like the Wolosseum, you will also get access to artillery units.
  • There are population checks and unit counters on the unit triggers. This means that sitting in your base and massing units until you can overrun everyone else is no longer a valid strategy. In fact, some units - namely artillery and some others - also have build-limits now, so the maximum number of some very strong units is also limited. For instance, the default maximum number of Falconets alive is limited to 5 at the same time. But no-one said this is a fix build limit :)
  • There is an options island, which enables the host to toggle various options, including:

  • Homecity access! There is a dedicated deck for each civilisation to fit the Trollosseum purposes to add an extra strategic piece to the game!
  • If the game is not hosted in the post-imperial age, there will be automated age ups after either a certain amount of time or once any player reached a certain number of kills. These age ups will of course grant all upgrades of the corresponding age, so feel free to host in the first or second age!
  • There are random events in this map which can be dis- or enabled, see point 4.
  • … and more!

  • There are random events! We included both positive and negative events, although it is possible to disable all events of a specific type, so - if you want - you could play for instance with negative events only! An example random event could be that all revealers are gone for 60 seconds, limiting the player’s vision to the units vision!
  • There are multiple shops in the game, including unit upgrade shops to boost e.g. your infantry’s speed, but there are also other shops:

  • a mercenary shop: Here you get the possibility to hire native units, which do not count towards your population limit, but have a build limit themselves. This allows players to overpop to up to 330 units in total - however, we will not reveal at this point how to achieve this amount. You have to find it out ;)
  • a personal shop: depending on your civilisation, you can buy special upgrades, only available for your civilisation. These upgrades are very powerful but also quite expensive.
  • a general shop: Always felt like you need stronger wonders or more outposts or rent a stationary cannon in the middle of the map? Well, this is the shop you’re looking for. It also provides a very tasty upgrade for faster coin “gathering”.

  • As just mentioned, it is possible to build a limited number of outposts or equivalent buildings, e.g. warhuts (which combines well with Homecity cards if enabled). Also, every player has access to 5 wonders, which have either permanent effects or provide you “big buttons” to add more strategic options!
  • The map is designed in such a way that there is an early game, where the players are rather protected and do not need to fear that mistakes are punished by instantly losing the game. However, the protecting walls will get weakened as time goes by, until they eventually get removed from play, leading to the built-in sudden death! Of course, it is possible to disable this built-in mechanism if you dislike it!
  • Kills grant resources, which can then be used in the shops. One kill grants 1 wood and a number of coins - initially, you will get 10 coins per kill. But as time goes by, this value will increase! So do not be afraid of ridiculous coin costs: they are intended to be as they are for balancing reasons and to strengthen their strategic role in certain stages of the game.
  • The Trollosseum is very balanced: As we are real Age Of Empires 3 veterans, having played all civilisations and knowing their strengths and weaknesses, we put high effort into balancing the civilisations. Of course it can happen that a player might notice he has a weak early game. But do not worry, that is intended, as your culture then will most likely have a very strong late game!
  • We use many self-written triggers. For instance, you’ll be notified with a message containing a player’s ingame name when he levels up, e.g. “Zorxon has…” instead of “Player 2 has …”. There are many cool features added through these triggers, but their dimensions are way too large for this feature list, so let’s just keep it on this note.
  • Last, but not least, the best: There are multiple Old Coots for unit selection available! Yes, you read that right. In this map, you can actually use up to three old coots - which are granted either after some time or very early, depending the host’s choice - to train units.
  • As a little bonus to the end: We also added a small section of possible game modes and variations, so if you just want a quick match: Go for it! You’ll get all you need if the option is chosen!

    … Phew. That is quite a lot. But now it is time to get ready for the ultimate colosseum experience: the Trollosseum! Have fun and enjoy!

    If you encounter bugs or other issues, please let us know, so we can fix it. By the way, please inform us about changes or updates you would like to see instead of modifying the map on your own. We used a lot of self-written triggers to get things to work, it might happen that you are not able to run the scenario if you start modifying the triggers (as you would need our triggers, which we will not share - for copyright reasons :))!

    Known bug - but sadly not our fault:
    In AoE3, it can happen at very rare occasions (most likely when a unit moves during combat), that a unit ignores cliffs and can walk them up or down. We encountered it once that two units slipped towards the stationary cannon in the center. If this happens, there is an option available to reset the cannon if this happens.

    Fixed bugs / problems:
  • Event "High Noon" should now actually reveal the playerbases.
  • After the event "Intense Sunlight", units of players 2-4 should not take damage anymore as soon as the event ended.
  • Sudden Death now stops a bit earlier, leaving the forts with 5001 HP at the end of the Sudden Death.
  • Fixed a typo in the objectives: Of course there can be multiple old coots on the same unit to speed up their training.

    Unit Balancing:
  • 08/11/2018: Spahis were nerfed. They now require 4 population instead of 3 and have their initial HP reduced by 250. Given that they are granted usually once the players are in imperial age already, Spahis will end up with roughly 1200 HP instead of 1450.
  • 08/11/2018: To compensate for their huge late game power, as siege damage is not covered by any armor hack, Abus Guns have their initial HP reduced by 20.
  • 08/11/2018: Howdahs get a large boost by the cavalry damage upgrade, making them very strong units in the lategame and hard to tear down. Therefore, their initial population count has been increased by 1.
  • 08/12/2018: To help Russia with the rather weak units compared to other civilisations, the required kills for new units have been lowered from 200/400/600/800/1000 to 150/300/450/700/900.

    New additions: Different game modes!
  • Coin Rush Mode: When started, all players get 30 minutes to collect as many coins as possible - but the winner is the player with the most available coins, not total coins. So if an upgrade is bought, the player has to get those coins back - but upgrades may make it easier to get coins.
  • Last Man Standing: Each player gets 1000 lifes. Or in other words, a player is out once he lost 1000 units.
  • King of the Kill: Similar to Coin Rush Mode, the main objective is to score the most kills in 30 minutes.
  • Survival: All forts have their HP reduced to 10,000 HP and lose 100 HP every ~6 seconds. Score kills to increase the fort HP by 10 per kill. How long can you survive?
  • No unit upgrades: This one simply disables the unit shop (permanently).
  • There are objectives which contain these hints in the game.
  • 08/21/2018: Added an option to permanently disable the third Old Coot, which makes it easier to push the enemy bases.
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