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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » xander_fred vs ES_Swinger

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xander_fred vs ES_Swinger

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Sonora
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Player 1's Name: xander_fred
Player 2's Name: ES_Swinger
This is a game between me (xander_fred) and ES_Swinger. I am the germans and he is the Portuguese. He plays what looks like a perfect game and I learned a lot from it. I am posting it here to boost the popularity of the Portuguese and show people that they arent that bad of a civ. Good Luck all.
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Achaean Lionness
More, to my view, from the standpoint of your preparatory and operational failures (‘mistakes’) than from anything extraordinary on Swinger’s part (though he connected all his dots astutely and systematically).

I am curious as to why ‘You’ think you lost this one…
Do you think you lost it essentially on the economic front – or on the military ‘front?’ (I would italicize ‘front’ here as there really never was one militarily).
..Or do you think it a more or less equal combination of the two?

Or indeed, perhaps as your description seems to imply, your view is that Swinger ‘Won’ this more then that you ‘lost it?’

Of course it’s always easier to be a critic than to ‘do.’
Even so – as I wasn’t involved in that one, all I can offer here is my critique.

It is my view that you lost this more than that the enemy Won it. By which I mean your having been so inescapably overrun so early owed to a number of your mistakes (as I see them).

Why you made several early raids with essentially no more than Scouts in Force, consisting each time of only five Uhlans, I cannot really understand.
You lost those horses with nothing of any worth gained from the losses.
At the same time, Swinger was permitted to occupy all but two of the trade rout outposts and All of the Native villages.
Why you didn’t conserve and assemble a body of ‘sappers’ and go remove those, rather than fertilizing Swinger’s mills with your decomposing Uhlans, I also don’t understand.

Also, at the time you were beginning to mass a somewhat significant (tho’ light) assault force on your southern periphery, presumably to launch an attack on the left flank of Swinger’s colony - *

a) You left your colony entirely exposed and vulnerable (with only a small handful of Pikemen standing near your fort which would have been easily outflanked on any side but the front if desired).

b) You had only one Barrack and one Stable – so that mustering troops quickly in emergency was out of the question, and left yourself in a serious lurch if either were lost and settlers were forced to withdraw into TC’s, etc: which in fact happened when both were lost).

As a grand testament to these several mistakes & failures in preparedness, not only was your insignificant Colony Defense force quickly & completely overrun, but your Fortress itself fell to a direct frontal assault carried almost entirely by infantry (most of whom were Elite Jaguar warriors, which make excellent sappers – and which Swinger was able to amass since his control of the native villages was never contested).

The production of War Wagons.
I’ve never been ‘German’ so I can’t say too much about that – but from everything I’ve EVER seen, of Recorded wars shared here, as well as in my numerous wars fought Against Frederick the Great myself – I have no faith in or respect for those things. They seem to me an utter waste.
I don’t know why really – but they’ve never caused me any problems, and have never seen them accomplish anything ‘significant’ anywhere – ever.
Perhaps their rate of fire is just too slow..? By the time they might have squeezed off enough rounds to accomplish something, they’re laying in a heap of slaughtered horse and scraps of wood & metal.

In any event, to my thinking, they should be – if used at all – only few in numbers on a field one already largely controls, as supportive arms.
That’s just my thinking & opinion, of course. I could well be proven wrong at some point.

That all said, FWIW – in my view you lost this one at both the strategic and tactical levels – militarily.
Essentially, for the reasons stated above.

Was Swinger’s ‘game’ perfect?
*shrugs* I don’t know. He didn’t make any Significant mistakes & all he did, he did very well.
Straightforward, systematic, controlled – he took everything & did it quickly.

While it is a credit to you – again, in my view – that you take & learn from this one, and I think it admirable in the fullest sense that you share it here for your stated reasons; my perspective is the inverse.
This is a very good lesson in what Not to do.

I for one, thank you for sharing it here …

Good fortune to you, comrade - & better Fortune the next time!

~ Lionness

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