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AI 9 - The Big Daddy

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Game Version: TAD
This AI is far from perfect, however:

It builds more corrals for Sioux, upgrades Native Plantations, Asian Rice Paddies, and European Plantations, and Markets for Natives and Asians.

And the following:

British AI: Trains Dragoons, Grenadiers, Musketeers, and some Hussars.
French AI: Trains Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Skirmshers, Musketeers, some Halberdiers and Hussars
Spansih AI: Trains Lancers, Dragoons, Rodeleros, Musketeers, Skirmishers, and Hussars
Ottoman AI: Trains Hussars, Cavalry Archers, Janissaries, and some Abus Guns.
Dutch AI: Trains Ruyters, Skirmishers, Hussars and some Halberdiers.
Russian AI: Trains Ranged Infantry, Cossacks, Cavalry Archers, and some Halberdiers.
Portuguese AI: Trains Musketeers, Cassadors, Dragoons, Halberdiers, and some Hussars.
German AI: Trains Uhlans, Dopplesoldners, War Wagons, and some Skirmishers.
Iroquois AI: Trains Infantry, Mantlets, and Kanya Horsemen
Aztec AI: No change
Sioux AI: Trains Axe Riders, Rifle Riders always, Bow Riders, Wakina Rifles and some War Clubs.
Indian AI: Trains Sepoys, Howdah, Sowars, Zamburaks, some Gurkha, Rajputs, and some Flail Elephants.
Chinese AI: Trains Territorial Armies and Forbidden Armies.
Japanese AI: Trains Samurai and Naginata Riders, though it is the weakest AI by far.

Moderate up to 0.85 and 180 Population with 80 Villager Population.
Hard up to 1.25 and 220 Population with 99-10 Villager Population.
All Factories, second and third (if available) produce Heavy Cannons, Rockets, or Great Bombards.

Backup included of original AI Files, all needed to install is copy and paste in:

Program Files (86x), Microsoft Games, Steam, steam apps, common, Age of Empires III, bin, AI3

Then is should work next time you play skirmish or play separately online vs computer!

Both players need it installed for LAN Play or Comp Stomps online!

Made by murdilator, aka Justus_Pacificia
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YangWenli Rating: 4.5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
Thank you for your work, I found some thing that could be improved;

Walls:The AI tried so hard to construct walls but it's a mess, a lot of gaps, walls on trade routes, and build a lot gates.

Natives embassies and mercenaries: On my play I saw that the AI still try to use mercenaries and natives alot, it build embassies on all native setlements and it's army was basically mercenaries, don't know if you tried to fix that.

[Edited on 11/17/19 @ 03:27 PM]

File Author
I love women and am a fine hussar!

Thanks for rating the file. I hope that others WILL work on improvements later!
File Author
With more ratings the work will improve. Please rate the AI!
limeater I absolutely love all the custom ai work you have done. I have tired many of your AI's over the years and you got me a few thousand extra hours out of age 3. Thanks!

Im trying to find the strongest, rushiest ai out there, i usually do 3v4 or 3v5 games and the ai just is not up to the challenge. Games go quicker, now its about 30-40mins for a 3v4.
I want to keep it eso friendly as well as no handicaps.
File Author
Glad to be a service to you!

I have made this AI work well on NR20 Games; the Hard can boom ok with its 1.25x bonus. I admit I have focused on the late-game more than the early. This is not detrimental but custom scenarios and custom maps should bring out more features of the AI.

European AIs use second factory of Cannons. This I made to make the moderate more competitive and balance European Ais with Native AIs and Asian AIs.

I have not worked so much except to include some basic Age 2 Shipments (Colonial), and let the AI choose some Age 3 and Age 4 Shipments (Fortress and Industrial), and have some Handling for Japanese, Indian, Heavy Cannon and Rocket Unit Shipments.

It would be possible to make Chinese and Iroquois for instance send certain armies more promptly, but this will also make it more predictable, so the AI will need more resources to adequately adjust itself (especially for those shipments which cost resources).

All this said I have not quite considered yet as making a Rush AI, because this would also hamper their use of walls and also of Turtle Up Rule.

I hope what I've made so far works for you!
File Author
Also I do not plan on making any rush AIs in the future. I feel that mid-game, late-game, scaled-up games are the real game. I do not feel that other modes are so important.

Again, cheerio!

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