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Mutation Invasion Part 3

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
# of Players: 6 humans, 2 CPU
Mutation Invasion Part 3 - The Finale

What this scenario is about:
This map conconcludes the story of the Mutation Invasion series. Once again, you'll be able to play along with 5 friends and a CPU-ally against the mighty british army. As in part 2, you can choose your mutations while playing! Fight against many boss enemies and ultimately challenge the mighty General himself!

Changes from 'usual' mutation:
- More than 5 mighty and unique doomlords, each one having one or more special abilities and events tied to them. This time, these bosses are real challenges and not just bulkier enemies!
- 6 different mutation trees, including two completely new trees! Choose one of them and fight through the scenario in your own way! (See below for more information).
- Several big areas to explore and fight through, full of traps, side quests, statues, bonuses and fun!
- As in parts 1 and 2, flags represent healing spots! Stand close to them and regain your HP! However, we also added some other healing options as you progress through the map.
- 8 well hidden statues are waiting to be discovered by you! Can you find them all?
- This map is pretty long compared to parts 1 and 2. Calculate ~2-3 hours to complete the scenario.
- Of course, there are different difficulties added again. Choose out of 4 different difficulties! This time, the difficulties are very different from each other and even affect length of events, enemy setups and the bosses themselves!
- As a final teaser, there are some rumors that players can choose their mutation tree more than once during each playthrough...

About the different mutation trees:
Being the probably most interesting thing about this scenario, we want to give you a sneak peak of what is awaiting you at this point.
Shortly after the start, you can choose 1 out of 6 different mutation trees, of which two are completely new! Depending on the tree you chose, you have to kill different amounts of enemies to get your next mutation.
The different trees:
- Artillery. This does not include cannons, but Grenadiers, Abus Guns and more.
- Melee Infantry. You like to fight enemies with your hands instead of guns? Take a look at these. This includes units like Jaguar Prowl Knights and Halbediers.
- Ranged Infantry. You love to snipe enemies away? Then go ahead for this tree, containing e.g. Yumi Archers and Skirmishers!
- Cavalry. Fast, strong and powerful. A mighty mutation tree that has to be played with care. Includes melee cavalry like Axe Riders and Dog Soldiers.
For the two new trees, it is necessary to pick Spain as your civ!
- Mage. As one of the two new mutation trees, this tree is different from the initial four. Mages are explorer units that can train minions like spanish war dogs and can deal area of effect damage to nearby enemies. They get a food trickle as the minions require food to be trained. Mages have less HP than the initial four classes.
- Engineer, being the last new mutation tree. The engineer is able to build outposts and castles, and additionally may train weak artillery like Flame Throwers. Instead of mutating, the Engineer receives increased build limits for buildings and cannons. Engineers get a wood trickle as everything costs wood for them. Perhaps the forests can help with wood issues? Engineers have a lot less HP than any other class, but they can hide inside their towers.

What you have to do before starting the scenario:
-> Players 1 - 7 need to be team 1. Make sure to pick Spain as your civ, otherwise the Mage and Engineer are unavailable to every player without this civ.
-> Player 8 has to be in team 2.
-> Player 7 and 8 must be CPU-players!
-> Put a native civilization as player 7 (preferably Aztec).
-> Put 'Queen Elizabeth' as player 8.

Final Words:
We think we really overdid it this time. The map is packed with content and we really did our best to make this mutation experience as unique as possible - in fact, we tried to reduce the pure "mutation" aspect to a minimum and make it an amazing RPG-like adventure instead. There are many unique quests and events, e.g. escort missions and stealth sections, to make the adventure as enjoyable as possible.

If you encounter any bugs, please let us know so we can fix them. We used custom triggers when creating this scenario, hence the scenario might not work anymore if you modify it on your own!

Now it's time to wish you good luck, a lot of fun on this map and some awesome moments!
Mutation Invasion Series. Made by Zorxon and LUCKYfighter!

Check out the other parts as well, if you haven't played them yet :-)

Part 1: Mutation Invasion Part 1
Part 2: Mutation Invasion Part 2
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