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Warlord8's new native civilization

Author File Description
warlord8 First of all I thank everyone who has helped me as I have asked lots of questions in this forum in the past
My file which I hope you will download and try out is a homecity save file of a homecity called natives
this homecity is a city that went out to explore the new world
now there men are all dead so they have only the locals in there barracks and stables(natives)
the barracks
holcan spearman native rifleman
sharktoothbowman tomahawk
The stable
missionary axerider
axe rider dog soldier horse archer
The Dock
there are no cannons so mantlets are more expensive but are much stronger against buildings
This is a save file to be placed in your saved games folder
It also contains a proto and techtree I would really like reviews on it and comments posted hear or in the forum because I plan on making a animal civilization HC save file in the near future
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ScaryLarry Rating: 4

Additional Comments:see below

[Edited on 05/12/06 @ 04:57 AM]

Art and Sound0.0
Rating: 1
Very poor. Hundreds of balance issues and boring to play.

First thing is the start; you start off with no explorer and 100f and 100g enough to build 1 villager. You have to cut 150w to get your first house. Saying that though you don't need to do it that because you can just age up as fast as possible ship the 300w and build a stable and you have won the game. It's very slow and you have noting to do for the first few minutes.

Lakota Dog Soldiers are free from the stable and have a build limit of 100 and don't cost pop space. Plus you get 30xp for building them. So all you do is spam them to hell while constantly sending 300w and building as many stables as possible and stream dog soldiers. you can easily have 100 dog soldiers by about 8 minutes - need I say more?

I doesn't feel intuitive or interesting and more like the native units have just being slapped into the American home city - making them feel bland and not unique anymore.

Basically, lol.

ScaryLarry I honestly don't feel that the map itself or the native civ was "very poor"... all that is needed is a modification of the cost of dog soldiers.

[Edited on 05/12/06 @ 04:57 AM]

Art and Sound0.0
Rating: 4
This modpack makes for an interesting change of pace. However, I do NOT think I'd want to play a game against someone with this modpack as it can be a little unfair. I played a number of games on many different maps... both those which came with the game and the RMS that I have downloaded. It work very well on all of the maps that came with the game but was a little 'spotty' on the RMS maps.

On some (RMS) games, you will only get those natives that are in that particular game and only AFTER you've built a trading post on their site. If those tribes in the game have no cavalry then neither will you in the game.

Some maps that may have four or five native villages will then give you 400-500 units if you have all of the trading posts and they are all of the same tribe. On the Sand Hills RMS, there were five Lakota villages so I ended up with 500 FREE Dog Soldiers! Poor Maurice of Nassau didn't have a chance. 8-)

You DO get artillery... from the Home City and you can get ships and mercenaries as well. You can get a fort but it wasn't worth the trouble, the time I chose a fort, because I cannot build anything in it. Instead, I opted for the two factories.

Additional Comments:

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Art and Sound0.0
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