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AI Mod for TAD by oJoseHenrick

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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
This mod is based on Draugur, N30 and Napoleonic Era AIs and will work with The Asian Dynasties expansion pack. I made it looking for some competition against the computer since I play this game with my gf on coop. I hope you all enjoy!

Thanks Felix Hermansson, murdilator, Tilanus Commodor and all people related to those AIs development!


- All features from Draugur's and N30 respective AIs (check their posts to see all the changes)

- Some features from NE AI (unfortunatelly I could not find a changelog for their AI)

- Asian villagers will build urban centers, not just explorers

- AI can use boats as transportation on all maps that contain water, not just the Amazon and the Caribbean

- Different definition of the base area (improved position of buildings and walls)

- Germans will generate and use their settlers wagon in a smarter way

- All available civilizations will use the factory for military production, not just the Dutch

- AI will make updates to Imperial, Legendary and Exalted ASAP

- Japanese will build sanctuaries near to animals

- Updated strategies to NE patterns (boom, rush and turtle)

- AI will not attempt to rush in treaty matches

- AI will help allies to their bases are being attacked

- Handicap bonus lowered (yes, I want a challenge, but this is like cheating and I don't like to play this way. If you want the expert handicap back, just change 1.2 to 1.5 or apply 50% handicap to the AI players before the match)

case cDifficultyExpert: // Expert
kbSetPlayerHandicap( cMyID, startingHandicap * baselineHandicap * 1.2 );

- Sometimes AI will pay 100 gold for the explorer's ransom or just send soldiers to rescue him

- Better management of Dojos by Japanese AI

- Better factory management and of his improvements

- Better artillery and elephant management in the late game

- Just extract and place the 3 files on your ".../Age of Empires 3/AI3/" folder and overwrite the files
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gdwitt Fourth one on one match, we have 3 win vs 1 on expert. I always lose vs expert. The AI is very strong if it reaches age 4. It walls up sometimes, but it tries to wall of 25% of the map.
It doesn't seem to make an army until age 3 and even that is small.
Sioux: Overpowered AI won.
Aztec: Did nothing but die
IroqX2: Pretty good, but they waited until 3 to attack. They usually don't fare well into age 4 vs European civs.
Portuguese: I got crushed after their quick industrial push. They scavenged across map for food but left most of the nearby gold alone. I didn't raid.
Here's a problem: The Ai forages right up the edge of my red base ring in age 2 and 3. It builds its 2nd without fail. But it builds it in the middle of the map and doesn't defend it.

The only way to play this AI is to sit back and wait until age 4 to attack and not raid. Then you have decent competition.

[Edited on 06/08/20 @ 01:23 PM]

AlistairJah Hello Jose Henrick ^^

I'm a former AI programmer for the popular AOE3 mods Wars of Liberty and ImpMod. Your work seems pretty solid. ImpMod already has a very active and competent AI programmer right now, but WoL doesn't. They're looking for one, I think it might interest you?

They're pretty much active on Discord ( https://discord.gg/JtdT7gW ) but also in aoe3 reddit and one of the devs is active over ESOC ( https://eso-community.net )

Don't hesitate to give it a shot, what's there to lose? But anyways, good job with this AI script!
Art and Sound5.0
Playability: 5
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Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Art and Sound: 5
(Insert Art and Sound analysis here)

Installation/Instructions: 5
(Insert Installation/Instructions analysis here)

Story/Description: 5
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Additional Comments:

A splendid creation! I am glad that you have made your own AI.

Good idea with the Outlaws and Mercenaries in early game, while focus on regular units later game.

Thanks for this!

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Art and Sound5.0
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