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Boom Maps (New!)

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Game Version: TAD
These maps are called boom and make up for booming games.

Place Maps in My Documents - My Games - Age of Empires III - RM3

All the maps have 50-65 Villagers, 15-20 Miners included, 10 Cows/Water Buffalo, 1 Additional Town Center & +1 TC Build Limit, 40 Native Warriors (4 Different types per map), 1 Dock Wagon, 1 Mango Grove Wagon, 20000 Food, 15000 Wood, 15000 Coin, 10000 Export, 10000 XP and the maps are 10% larger than the original maps. Each Map has generally the same amount of Trading Posts as normal, and Honshu has 3 Trading Posts, 2 Native Posts, instead of 1 Trading Post, 2 Native Posts. Each map has Gold Mines on them. Banks are enabled for all players, and Dutch get +15 Settler Build Limit. Also, Outlaws cost only 1 Population on these maps, have +100 HP, and depending on the map American Outlaws are enabled or Asian Outlaws are enabled. To compensate, Saloons are enabled for Native American Civilizations.

Honshu should usually place 50-60 villager for all players, and there are no starting military units on Honshu, but rather a starting boat (Fune) in addition to 2 Fishing Ships.

Ocean Revealed on Amazonia, Honshu, Indochina, Yucatan

Boom New England always places extra Town Center

Saloon Pirates now also have +100 HP on these maps like other Outlaws

Boom Yucatan should always place Explorer/War Chief/Monks now

Starting Trigger Timer added: 3 seconds before unlocking changes on map.

I hope that will clear up all loading online!

Included in download:

New England

In addition, Modify Protounit has allowed the following to work on the map:

- Halberdier -10 Gold Cost, Ruyters -5 food, -5 gold
- Trading Post -50 Wood Cost
- Cuirassier -25 HP and -5 Gold and -5 Food Cost
- Oprichnik -25 HP and +30 Food Cost, Strelet -5s train time
- Indian Rajputs -15 wood, Mahouts -50 food and -50 wood, -2 Population
- Gurkha -5 gold, +10 HP, Flail Elephants +1 Speed
- Monitor Cost decreased by 200 Gold
- Ports start the game with +50 Wood
- Kanya Horsemen -25 wood, Mantlets -25 wood
- Ashigarus +10 gold, +5s train time, -1 speed, Yabusames -20 gold
- Samurai -10 food and gold, +10 HP, -1s train time
- Dog Soldiers -40s train time, Skull Knights -25s train time
- Travois -15s train time
- Medicine Men -15s train time, Warrior Priests -10s train time
- Urumi enabled for India
- Heavy Cannons, Great Bombards, Rockets +100 HP, Gatling Guns +50 HP
- Outposts, War Huts, Nobles Huts, Blockhouses +7 Build limit, Castles +5 Build limit (double build limit)
- +1 Town Center Build Limit
- +15 Dutch Settler Build Limit
- Sioux Axe Riders -40 Food
- Outlaws 1 Population, +100 HP
- Banks Enabled
- Saloons Enabled
- Some Outlaws enabled for Native Americans
- Some Maps: Covered Wagons +100 HP
- Mango Groves Enabled (players start with 1 Wagon)

Place in My Documents - My Games - Age of Empires III - RM3

And Select "Custom Maps" in the game setup to play! Load for each player that comes in online!

Shows up as "Boom Maps" with Standard Maps as visual.

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File Author
These maps make for excellent NR10 Games, as the treaty allows you to reach Imperial while making more economy, walls, defenses and military. I recommend for Comp Stomp either AI 7 - Helot Major or AI 9 - Big Daddy as an opponent in case your in search of games: Host LAN, and play Free For ALL against two opponents, and see if you can win! The most recent time I tried NR10 FFA it took me 30 minutes with 2 minute break to talk to a friend to win!

If you have problems hosting online, reselect "Custom Maps" and select either "Boom Maps" or a specific Boom Map to play. In the case that it won't let you ready, relax and invite the person you were going to play with back to the game. Often one has to reselect the map for every player that comes in, so I advise just picking the random map set chooser rather than reselecting the custom map for all players; it isn't a requirement, but if the game loads it properly, all players will join in. I have had games that end at 1 second and I'm not sure why, so if you have this problem, just try single player, LAN, or encourage others to pre-install the map-set.

Good Gaming!

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