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N3O Better AI TAD 1.03 Gold (May 3)

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Game Version: TAD
This is the Gold Edition of the N3O FP AI TAD 1.03.

It plays all civilizations, including Japan (which was bugged in the original version).

It also has all the features of the Flycatcher/Guardsman AI scripts:

all the Treaty Rules and New Cards are in this Gold Edition Script.

To compare with the Guardsman AI, this AI trains less unit types, but is a quicker judge

of the battlefield strategy in which units to pick. Civ Bias for Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery

has been reworked for some civilizations; most remain the same.

The AI works online on Expert Difficulty.

Hard, Moderate, Easy Difficulties are improved.

These difficulty levels won't work online because I changed handicap.


Update May 3, 2022:

Removed from gWater Maps: Indochina, Carolina, Saguenay, Patagonia, Hispaniola, California; Lrg and NR Versions

Removed from gWater Maps: NR Van Dieman's Land

This prevents AI from trying to transport units by boat on these maps.

Added: Hunting New England, Plymouth, Northwest Territory, Honshu

Added: NR Amazonia TP


Update April 12, 2022.

Added Eco Maps to AI map list: Caribbean, Ceylon, Amazonia to transport maps, and Plymouth, New England, Northwest Territory, Honshu to water maps.


Update April 10, 2022.

Easy Difficulty improved:

Easy +5 Villagers in Treaty (80 vils, 85 for Natives)
Easy +5 pop in Treaty (165 pop, 170 for Chinese)
Special Rules for Easy on Treaty with Dutch, French, Japan, China
Easy +25% handicap bonus non treaty (1.0), (0.75), to match with treaty (1.0, 1.15)
Moderate +15% handicap bonus non treaty (1.15), (1.0), to match with treaty (1.15, 1.25)


Update March 31, 2022.

Fixed NR Aysen code: AI will not build walls on this map, but will do regular wall-building on other maps


Update March 30, 2022. Unique Sea Update 4.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Te Tai Tokerau, NR Easter Island, NR Madagascar, NR Aysen

Special wall handling for NR Aysen added:

AI will not build walls to block off its path to the land


Update March 23, 2022. Unique Sea Update 3.

Removed Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR Gold Coast, NR Gujurat, NR Te Tai Poutini, NR Tahiti, NR Australia, NR Greenland


Update March 22, 2022. Unique Sea Update 2.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

NR British Isles, NR Easter Islands, NR Madagascar, NR Van Dieman's Land, NR Greenland


Update March 19, 2022. Unique Sea Update.

Added Option for AI invading islands on Water Maps:

Northwest Territory, New England, Plymouth, Honshu. For:

Grand Cmp, Musket, Downtown, Esport, Quest, Tryhard, Jolly,

Age, NR, Impeccable, Ruby, Standard versions of these maps.


gWaterMap = true;

Regulates the option to invade islands.

Add any custom water map to this an AI will use ships periodically.

This is different than the total approach used in Caribbean, Amazonia.


Update March 17, 2022. Sea WOL Update.

Added Transport Handling for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos,
NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR New Zealand, NR Archipelago

Added to Fishing Maps for Wars of Liberty Water Maps:

NR Falklands Islands, NR Ibalong (Phillipines), NR Galapagos, NR Marajo, NR Australia, NR Aysen, NR Azores, NR Balkans, NR Gibraltar, NR Gold Coast, NR Gujarat, NR Iberian Peninsula, NR New Zealand, NR Te Tai Tokerau (Northern New Zealand), NR Te Tai Poutini (Southern New Zealand), NR Polynesian Atoll, NR Tahiti, NR Archipelago

Note that if player invades an island, AI teammates will help, I've figured that's its a trigger based on scouting. If AI has a dock and knows about where to attack, it will invade other player's islands.


Update March 3, 2022. Sea Update.

Added Transport Handling for these water maps on these modes:

Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, Lagoon.

Also for Age: Caribbean, Amazonia, Ceylon, and Impeccable: Caribbean, Amazonia.

Added handling for Islander Pacific Sea (AI will send units across to other islands).


Musket, Esport, Downtown, Grand Cmp Honshu added to AI script as standard navy map.

Be sure to copy in the new N3O Better AI Gold to get results!

- Version from January 8 kept in Download

Update January 8:

- Added avoidance for training Mercenary units from N3O FP AI to this AI Script.
- For Europeans: Highlanders, Jaegers, Barbary Corsairs, Stradiots, Landsknecht, Swiss Pikemen
- For Asians: Ninjas, Landsknecht, Highlanders, Jaegers, Hackapells, Lil Bombards,
Elmeti, Fusiliers, Black Riders, Barbary Corsairs, Arsonists.


I have incorporated later Civ Bias from Flycatcher & Guardsman AI.

This affects the tendency to train Cavalry, Infantry, Artillery units:

British French no change
Spanish Russians no change
Germans 0.5 Cav, 0.6 Inf, 0.0 Art (0.4 Cav, 0.6 Inf, 0.0 Art)
Dutch 0.5 Cav, 0.5 Inf, 0.2 Art (0.1 Cav, 0.2 Inf, 0.2 Art)
Portuguese 0.2 Cav, 0.5 Inf, 0.2 Art (0.0 Cav, 0.3 Inf, 0.2 Art)
Ottomans no change
Sioux 0.3 Inf, 0.3 Cav (0.2 Inf, 0.2 Cav)
Iroquois 0.4 Cav, 0.6 Inf, 0.0 Art (0.0 Cav, 0.4 Inf, 0.2 Art)
Aztec 0.5 Inf, 0.5 Cav (0.0 Inf, 0.5 Cav)
Chinese 0.3 Cav, 0.5 Inf (0.2 Cav, 0.5 Inf)
Japanese 0.5 Cav, 1.0 Inf, 0.0 Art (0.2 Cav, 0.8 Inf, 0.2 Art)
Indians 0.4 Cav, 0.7 Inf, 0.0 Art (0.2 Cav, 0.7 Inf, 0.0 Art)


Bias Trade and Bias Native increased (0.5, 1.0; 0.5, 0.5)

This reflects how often each AI will get Trading Posts or Native Warriors.


I have also changed the Header File up to 120 Defense and Search Radius.

This affects the maximum combat distance for the AI.

This is the same as in the Flycatcher & Guardsman AI Scripts.


British AI: Trains Musketeers, Hussars, Grenadiers, and some Dragoons.
French AI: Trains Cuirassiers, Hussars, Skirmishers, Musketeers, and some Halberdiers.
Spanish AI: Trains Lancers, Hussars, Rodeleros, Musketeers, Skirmishers, and some Pikemen.
Ottoman AI: Trains Hussars, Cavalry Archers, Janissaries, and some Abus Guns.
Dutch AI: Trains Hussars, Halberdiers, Ruyters, Skirmishers and some Pikemen.
Russian AI: Trains Musketeers, Strelets, Grenadiers, Cossacks, Cavalry Archers, Halberdiers, and some Oprichniks.
Portuguese AI: Trains Musketeers, Cassadors, Dragoons, Halberdiers, and Hussars.
German AI: Trains Skirmishers, Dopplesoldners, Uhlans, War Wagons.
Iroquois AI: Trains Aenna, Tomahawks, Forest Prowlers, Mantlets, Musket Riders, and ships units from the Homecity.
Aztec AI: Trains Jaguar Prowl Knights, Macehualtins, Coyote Runners, Puma Spearmen
Sioux AI: Trains Axe Riders, Rifle Riders, Bow Riders, Wakina Rifles and War Clubs.
Indian AI: Trains Gurkha, Sepoys, Sowars, some Mahouts and Howdah.
Chinese AI: Trains Territorial Armies and Forbidden Armies.
Japanese AI: Trains Samurai, Naginata Riders and ships Units from the Homecity.

Easy up to 0.75 (now 1.00) and 150 Population with 70-80 Villager Population.
Moderate up to 1.00 (now 1.15) and 185 Population with 85-90 Villager Population.
Hard up to 1.25 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
Expert stays at 1.5 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
All Factories, second and third (if available) produce Heavy Cannons, Rockets, or Great Bombards.

Made by murdilator, aka Justus_Pacificia

Backup included of original AI Files, all needed to install is copy and paste in:

Program Files (86x), Microsoft Games, Steam, steam apps, common, Age of Empires III, bin, AI3

Works online on Expert Difficulty!

Both players need it installed for LAN Play or Comp Stomps online for lower difficulties.
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