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Equilibrium mod (AO3 NE MOD UPDATE 19/02/2022)

Author File Description
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Game Version: AoE3+TWC+TAD
What is Equilibrium mod?

Mod for Age of empires 3 Napoleonic Era.
This mod was created to make the game much more fun and above all to make all civilizations more balanced. The saying that represents Equilibrium mod is:
"You can choose any civilization with your eyes closed, you will always have fun". By Edo. A. T

Of course I'm not an expert and I tried to commit myself to do something "cool"

*** Changes:

1) Portuguese:
The cacadores see from further away. Their defense has been restored to the original one (stronger).
Portuguese FishingBoats have self-regeneration of hitpoints.

2) English:
English rockets see from further afield. Attack range increased.
They can produce a new unit. Artillery System 90.

3) Dutch:
Dutch Ruyters now have an artillery range bonus of 2.5 instead of 2 and 2.5 against villagers instead of 0.5.
The Dutch start with one more unit, like other civilizations, but the Dutch one can "resurrect" as a hero.

4) Spaniards:
Rodelero slightly stronger.
Stronger War Dogs, increased cap, and increased cost.
The Spaniards can produce South American warriors.

5) Ottomans:
Jannysay range increased.
They can produce a new unit in the stable (Flavius ​​Belisarius).

6) Germans:
Dopplesoldners now have 240 health instead of 230. Their view decreased from 12 to 10. Now they have a x3 bonus against light infantry instead of x2.
They can produce a new unit in the barracks, the Saxon warriors.

7) Indians:
Indian Mahouts now have 930 life instead of 917 and their LOS is 18 instead of 15.
They can produce a new unit, Kularnava tantra warrior.

8) Prussians:
The Prussians have changed, now they are no longer Prussians but they are the company of IBN FADLAN.
Since they start with more units ("heroes"), they will leave with one less crate of food and one less colonist. They leave with 20 more wood.
The lange kerls now have 230 life instead of 220.
IBN Fadlan's company can produce ram ram, archers throwing baldur arrows and vandal knights.
They cannot produce an artillery unit (culverin cannon) because they could have an advantage.

9) Austrians:
The grenzer now have 100 lives instead of 95

10) Sweden:
Drabants do 33 attack instead of 30

11) United States:
US marines do 28 damage to buildings instead of 24.
They produce bears.
They can produce fortcambell eagle.

12) Italians:
Italian cav earnings are now slightly stronger.
They can produce the Northern and Subdist Army.

13) Poland:
Pancerni poland now have a bonus against lightinfantry of 2 and villager of 0.2.
They can produce animal warriors.

14) Swiss:
Swiss settlers have self-regeneration of life.
Start with the spy ibex.

15) French:
Now the French start with a NativeScout in +.
They can produce a new unit, Vercigetorix.

16) Japanese:
The Japanese can produce Shinto spiritual warriors

17) Russians:
Cyrillic Russians can produce a new unit. 2S5 Giatsint-S

All civilizations besides the base units they start with (settlers etc ...) have a new starting unit. This new unit is a "hero" and if it dies it cannot be produced again. These "heroes" recover part of their life every 2 minutes or so and do no damage against settlers or explorers.

The walls are more resistant and self-regenerate.

The outpost limit has been raised by 1.
Now outposts see much further

Walls and buildings now self-regenerate for most civilizations.

American bears and Polish animal warriors have self-regeneration of life (when they stand still, like others).

Other small changes...


Install this mod in the Age of empires 3 Napoleonic Era folder and overwrite all. Attention NOT in Bin Folder as others mods!
Make a backup of all folders in case you want to restore the original Napolonic Era Units/settings.

Example, if your exe file of Napoleonic Era is here D:\Programs\Age3\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection\bin

You have install this mod here: D:\Programs\Age3\Age of Empires III - Complete Collection

With other mods you install everything in bin, with Equilibrium mod it's different. Install everything in the root folder, in bin it will go there automatically!


***Thank to TilanusCommodor NE Team for this mod
***Thank to Ensemble Studios and Microsoft windows for the original game.
***Thanks to Fenriz94 for some sounds and some effects!
***Thanks to Thanks Felix Hermansson and murdilator
***Thanks to ojosehenrick for the modded IA
***Thanks to Kylian for Building Auto-Regenerate

Update 21/01/2022

They can produce an imported Komodo dragon animal

They can produce warrior and badasses monkey (castle)

IBN Fadlan:
They can produce Cro-Magnon Barbarians in the stable

Update 26/01/2022

They can produce new units: "Thessalonian anti-revolutionaries paid and sent by Mahmut Şevket Pasa"

They can produce new units: "Knights of Ulrich von Hutten" (Fort)

They can produce new units:: "Warrior Blowpipe of the Portuguese colonies"

Update 02/02/2022

They can produce new units: "Portuguese Artillery Group"

They can produce new units: "First Cavalry Army Konarmija"

Slightly modified southern army.
Northern army no longer producible at age 2 but at age 3.

Change (identical) to all animal combat units (now withstand 0.10 hand)

Changing monkey warrior of China. They cost slightly more but are stronger, points increase with age, like some other units.
Now they can be produced at the third age, instead of the fourth.

Change to the Japanese animal warriors, they went too fast, their speed decreased. Their LOS increased slightly. Their combat hand resistance rose to 0.20. Their attack increased by 1. Now they cost more.

Kularnava tantra warriors. Their attack range increased by 1. Limit increased to 3.

They can produce new units: "Swordsmen of Charles de Batz"

They can produce new units: "Berserker of Odin"

The initial spy sees farther.

IBN Fadlan:
Vandal warriors can no longer be produced at the second age but can be produced from the third age.
They can produce new units: "Paillamachu warriors captured". Is a special unit that doesn't occupy population, has the limit in number and costs more than what it really should cost (to have balance in the game).

In a folder called Equlibrium Total War you will find 2 civs. They are the Equilibrium Mod Total War version files.
With this file, civilizations start with 60000 resources, for a "Total war" style war.
Equilibrium mod Total War.
Replace the civs file in the installation folder on with this civs xml.
If you want to play classic Equilibrium mod, don't use these files.

Update 19/02/2022

Improvement in age 4 for anti revolutionaries.
Flavius ​​Belisarius ranged attack resistance raised from 0.10 to 0.30.

Improvement in age 4 for warrior blowpipe.

Fixed Portuguese organgun sound error.

Fixed error of some general sounds (example: Italian culverina).

Marcus vipsanius agrippa (Italians) now has 0.30 resistance, bonus against light cavalry canceled.

Spy totally changed, now it's much more useful.

South American Army, upgrade cost changed. Now instead of 800 gold and 400 wood, it costs: 1800 gold, 300 food and 400 wood. Changed their LOS, from 14 to 15.

German Saxon warriors, cost changed from 30 food and 300 gold to 30 food and 250 gold.

Warrior monkey limit raised from 20 to 40.
Changed the voice of the initial unit (Nuwa).

Initial united dutch voice changed. Its range changed from 18 to 19.

increased life points for Swordsmen of Charles de Batz.
Increased range and bonus for the starting unit.
Now the French hero cannot resurrect.

Life points increase for First Cavalry Army Konarmija.

Initial unit bonus against Cavalry raised from 3.0 to 3.5.

Portuguese Artillery Group cost slightly decreased.

IBN Fadlan Company:
IBN Fadlan fusilier replaced by a new unit, paid mercenaries from overseas.

There is a scenario created by me. I took a map and edited it. But I still haven't figured out if it works well or not. Lol.


AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Lyvione Nice of you for picking up the torch and continuing from where NE left off. Im sure Tilanus will allow you to publish this and further patches, updates - if u do it of course - as a "The Napoleonic Era - Unofficial patch 3xxx or stg. Its more recognizable than Equilibrium mod. Just ask Tilanus for permisssion-he and all the aoe3 modding community are great guys. U can find him on discord in the aoe groups. Keep posting updates and maybe new civs ^^.
Lyvione I also suggest you remove the "heroes" because it goes too much into warcraft territory. And another note - Flavius Belisarius is an early Byzantine general, so having him in the Ottoman civ is a nonsense.

File Author
Thank you Lyvione for the comment. I contacted just before publishing the Tilanius mod but he never answered me unfortunately. I first commented on his NE mod in a forum (twice) asking if I could make this mod and he never replied to me. I went just now to see my comment, out of curiosity, (published on Dec 31 2021) but it remained there without an answer. Then I managed to find a personal email from him (I don't remember where, maybe on twitter or on one of his sites) and I sent an email directly but even here I never received an answer. Anyway, thank you for the advice.
For Flavius ​​Belisarius you are right, let's say that my mod has many things historically inaccurate but in fact the basis of my mod was just the balance and a pinch of madness, that is, let's say that it's not a mod that reports exact history things, it's more a nice mod to play (of course my personal opinion).
Ah for civilizations I can't do it because I'm not an expert, I've tried a few times to insert civilizations but I can't. Let's say that what little I managed to do, I did it only thanks to two reasons, the first because I have always loved Age of empires 3, so I used to play with it as a child (now I am 34 years old almost help) and the second reason is that I move quite well in simple codes having some basic coding (python, vb net), so I managed a little bit to juggle only thanks to this but I always remain a bit of a noob.
Thanks anyway for the suggestions ^__^

[Edited on 04/03/22 @ 04:15 PM]

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