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Downloads Home » Miscellaneous Files » AI 13, The Freestyle + AI 14, The Klaxon (September 5)

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AI 13, The Freestyle + AI 14, The Klaxon (September 5)

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Game Version: TAD
AI 13 - The Freestyle

This AI builds mostly same as AI 11 - Flycatcher, AI 12 - Guardsman.

It is an experiment based on the Flycatcher + Guardsman. It trains five unit types at a time.

AI can train all mercenary units except Li'l Bombard, and has extra chance priorities to go for Native Settlements and Trading Posts.

It also is +5-10% more aggressive than the Flycatcher + Guardsman, and should help more often in large team games.

Chinese AI also uses Native Warriors, and Japanese AI also uses Yabusames.

If you've downloaded this file before, download again and replace the old with the new files.


Update: August 12, 2022

AI 14 - The Klaxon

- 4 unit type AI (included with Download)
- All features from Flycatcher + Guardsman
- Same aggressive bonuses as in Freestyle AI
- Does not use Yabusames
- Uses Native Warriors for Chinese
- Can use any Mercenary Unit except Li'l Bombard

Freestyle + Klaxon:

- Added transport handling for NR Micronesia and Great Barrier Reef (though the AI can still not play Great Barrier Reef)


- Russian AI no longer uses Highlanders, Iron Troops, Fusiliers but still uses Jaegers, as it interfered with their priority to train Ranged Infantry as a Core Unit.

Freestyle + Klaxon:

- AI can use Li'l Bombards and India can use Repentant Li'l Bombards
- Fixed Asian AIs trying to build non-repentant mercenaries: Ninjas, Iron Troops, Jat Lancers, Yojimbos, Arsonists
- Fixed Native AIs trying to build non-repentant mercenaries: Ninjas, Iron Troops, Jat Lancers, Yojimbos, Arsonists
- Japanese AI has original unit training values

Freestyle AI:

- Native AIs train units with special training rule with 1.0 for Units; this allows them to train their core units into the late game with five unit types. European and Asian AIs left unchanged.

Update August 18:

Freestyle and Klaxon: Most aggressive btOffenseDefense value gets -0.05 for Dutch and British, Aztecs, Iroquois, Sioux, Chinese, Indians, Japanese (0.50 instead of 0.55)

Freestyle AI: Russian AI can once again train Highlanders, Iron Troops, Fusiliers when available.

Freestyle and Klaxon: Most aggressive btOffenseDefense value gets -0.05 for French, Spanish, Portuguese (0.45 instead of 0.50)

Update August 24:

- Germans added special rule for Treaty Games to get more Cards during Treaty
From under 8 minutes, between 8 to 10 minutes, and after 10 minutes.
This is to help AI with Downtown Maps, and other high-resource starts.

- +10 Economic Population for Easy Difficulty (80), +10 Population (160) on non-Treaty Games

Update August 29:

- +10 Population on Treaty for Easy Difficulty (175), +15 Population (175) on non-Treaty Games
- +5 Population on Treaty for Moderate Difficulty (190), +10 Population (190) on non-Treaty Games

The point is to make lower difficulties more formidable over time, so as to make difficulties other than Hard or Expert played.

Update August 30:

- +5 Economic Population on Treaty for Dutch, French, Japanese on Easy Difficulty (70, 75, 75)
- +5 Economic Population on Treaty for Dutch, French, Japanese on Moderate Difficulty (75, 80, 80)

Update September 4:

Klaxon AI:

- Forbidden Li'l Bombards for Indians and Europeans
- Forbidden Ronin as these mess up with Calcs, for Indians and Europeans
- Added Jat Lancers, Yojimbos, Iron Troops, Arsonists as optional units
- Natives no longer try to train Repentant Jat Lancers, Iron Troops, Arsonists

Update September 5:

- +5 Economic and +5 Military Population on Easy Difficulty (85, 180)
- +5 Economic and +5 Military Population on Moderate Difficulty (90, 195)


Things Different in AI:


- To make it train more Native Warriors per faction
- To make it build more Trading Posts on Trade Routes
- To randomize BiasNative and BiasTrade using aiRandInt (10) < 3 function
- To improve Offensive Quality and Allied Support (+0.10)
- To use btOffenseDefense (+0.05 to +0.10) and btRushboom for this (-1.0 to -0.8)
- To eventually include Outlaw and Mercenary usage
- To eventually expand usage of artillery units

Done so far:

- Included Bonus Chance priority for AI to go for Native Warriors from Native Posts
- Included Bonus Chance priority for AI to go for Trading Posts on Trade Routes
- Randomization of BiasNative and BiasTrade with aiRandInt (10) < 3 function
- All Factions btOffenseDefense +0.05 basic value (0.40, 0.45, 0.50, 0.55, 0.55) - Done
- Fifth unit type allows extra Mercenary or extra Artillery Pieces
- All Mercenary units except Li'l Bombards can be trained by AI
- Germans, Ottomans, Russians most aggressive btOffenseDefense value got +0.0 (0.55)
- Portuguese, Spanish, Russians lowest btOffenseDefense +0.10 basic value (0.45)


- Chinese AI now uses Native Warriors when available
- Japanese AI now uses Yabusames as an extra unit
- European AIs can train Stadiots, Black Riders, Fusiliers
- AIs can now train Ronin, Yojimbo, Jat Lancers, Iron Troops (when available)
- Chinese and Japanese AIs still do not use mercenaries


Extra Mercenary Units file to be played with this AI on single player:




British AI: Trains Dragoons, Grenadiers, Musketeers, and some Hussars.
French AI: Trains Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Skirmishers, Musketeers, some Halberdiers and Hussars
Spanish AI: Trains Lancers, Dragoons, Rodeleros, Musketeers, Skirmishers, and Hussars
Ottoman AI: Trains Hussars, Cavalry Archers, Janissaries, and some Abus Guns.
Dutch AI: Trains always Hussars, Halberdiers, Ruyters, Skirmishers and Pikemen.
Russian AI: Trains Ranged Infantry, Cossacks, Cavalry Archers, and some Halberdiers.
Portuguese AI: Trains Musketeers, Cassadors, Dragoons, Halberdiers, and some Hussars.
German AI: Trains Dopplesoldners, Uhlans, War Wagons, and some Skirmishers.
Iroquois AI: Trains Aenna, Tomahawks, Forest Prowlers, Mantlets, Kanya Horsemen, and ships units from the Homecity.
Aztec AI: Trains Eagle Knights, Jaguar Prowl Knights, Macehualtins, Coyote Runners, Puma Spearmen, Arrow Knights
Sioux AI: Trains Axe Riders, Rifle Riders always, Bow Riders, Wakina Rifles and some War Clubs.
Indian AI: Trains Flail Elephants, Gurkha, Sepoys, Sowars, Zamburacks and Howdah.
Chinese AI: Trains Territorial Armies and Forbidden Armies, Native Warriors.
Japanese AI: Trains Samurai, Naginata Riders, Ashigaru and Yabusames and ships Units from the Homecity.

Easy up to 1.00 and 180 Population with 75-85 Villager Population.
Moderate up to 1.15 and 195 Population with 85-90 Villager Population.
Hard up to 1.25 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
Expert stays at 1.5 and 200-220 Population with 90-95 Villager Population.
All Factories, second and third (if available) produce Heavy Cannons, Rockets, or Great Bombards.

Made by murdilator, aka Justus_Pacificia

Backup included of original AI Files, all needed to install is copy and paste in:

Program Files (86x), Microsoft Games, Steam, steam apps, common, Age of Empires III, bin, AI3

Then it should work next time you play skirmish or play separately online vs computer!

Both players need it installed for LAN Play or Comp Stomps online!
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