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2vs2 worth the D/L

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 4
Map Type: Great Plains
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Player 1's Name: Oranos
Player 2's Name: Sawens
Player 3's Name: Pedro_Cabanas
Player 4's Name: Kevinl_2006
Me in my friend playing against two guys. (French and Russians VS German and Spanish). We play on Great Plains. We're not pro and we (Sawens and me, Oranos) want tips to be better. Our levels aren't high, so be kind with us ;)

Thanks for all what you can say to us to improve ourself.

Achaean Lionness said ( ;) ): "It IS worth a D/L and a viewing – it’s not long, a mere 50 minutes, 54 seconds. It is entertaining at its highpoints, as well as instructive in the “do & don’t” in battlefield tactics for those who could profit from seeing them with remarkable clarity. "
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Achaean Lionness All-in-all, an enjoyable one to watch.
Some interesting points or elements throughout, not subject to any critique (that I can think of per se), but matters of style and method (or lack of method).

I’ve never seen such a broad scattering of building for instance – on the part of the French and Russians (Oranos and Sawens, respectively).

You were both also rather slow to research some important and useful things IMV – but you did eventually & that counts (it helps greatly that you were given the opportunity to research them late(r) by the absence of any offensive operations by the Spanish and Germans).
Both of you were likewise slow to take and make use of the Trade Route TP’s, as well as the Native Village TP’s. Again, you did so eventually having been afforded that by lack of any Offensives by the enemy (this time!).

Apart from these observations, seems to me you both did very well.
Produced not only good units, but the right units for the right operational tasks and employed them effectively once committed to battle.
Your economic bases (infrastructures) were each sound and established with good timeliness.
Your build up of force prior to committing to a serious sweeping assault was well conceived and equally-well executed. The same may be said of your choice of Staging area and it’s anchoring on the tandem forts.
Your (Oranos) management of your two howitzers was rather poor – IMO; allowing them to be overly exposed to direct fire & sword, and their path to the German Fort in their immediate front was too-long blocked by massed infantry, a small battery of field guns and some mounted Russians. You could have better, more discretely snuck them around the little grove of trees just to their right and been shelling the fort without any hindrance. I have some doubt they would have even been noticed – at-least not in time to have stopped them.

Such things are ALWAYS presented in battlefield chaos tho’ – by the best and by the worst – and in-itself, it is a very minor critique, mentioned purely for the sake of the mentioning. Perhaps some food for thought – next time you produce and bring up mortars or howitzers, try to use them with greater discretion: they have very good range and when obscured by something like trees, etc – are difficult to detect, especially when there is an offensive unfolding in some other sector of the field.

For the Russians – I think far too many light infantry on the field: but that’s a Commander’s discretion. They served “ok” – but that’s only because they weren’t cut down as quickly as they could have been by a better German Commander – (even a strong Battalion of Uhlans supported by four or five field guns would have quickly & permanently removed them).

On the part of the Spanish and Germans, I saw literally countless & serious tactical errors.
I could tell within the first five minutes of combat that they would lose the war for lack of good tactical reasoning… Which they did.

They consistently produced the wrong units for the wrong tasks at the wrong time(s) (i.e. too-late).
The Germans wasted their War Wagons trying to plink a battery of (three) field guns that were adding to the confusion, but infinitely less lethal on the field than were the Imperial Gendarmes who should rightly have been their focus – along with the mounted Russian archers, so to give some breathing-chance to get some Lancers and Uhlans brought up & thrown into the mass of French and Russian horse as well. Even Had they been so properly directed and focused, there were never enough of them to actually complete the job.
They needed field guns and more Uhlans for the Russian infantry – neither of which were ever produced in anything remotely near the needed numbers, nor were the few which were produced ever brought into meaningful action.

Both the Spanish and German infantry were utterly squandered & never stood a chance against Divisions of Imperial Gendarmes well-supported by Russian guns and light infantry. They were simply & predictably battlefield fodder (and a waste of precious resources & unit slots).
The only pikes to even come onto the field were maybe a dozen Spanish, who came about 5 minutes and a war-lost too-late. Had there been a division (50) of them when the first Gendarmes came up, they would have made Some sort of an impact – not enough alone-in-themselves – but they would have helped greatly.

The Best Command decision the Spanish made from start to finish, was the timeliness of their surrender – which spared the lives of 74 Spanish civilians (the entirety of their surviving population).
The German Command failures persisted through to the very end, including the needless slaughter of hoards of German civilians. Although, as is always the case in such instances, the “fight to the last man” point of honor is commendable in its idealism – damnable in its practical irresponsibility.
I would not at-all have faulted Kevinl_2006 (Germans) nor accused him of anything but good sense, had he surrendered 1 second after Pedro_Cabanas’ surrender. There simply was no way on earth he could have won without a Very Good and Very strong ally and continuing on past that point was completely hopeless… The war was lost at that point already.

Lastly – the two French Monitors on the little frog & duck pond near map center is absolutely hilarious! :)
I can only take that as the French “sense of humor” & martial insolence – the rubbing of salt in an open wound…
Utterly meaningless otherwise – but darned funny!

Even with the numerous errors & failures on the part of the Spanish and Germans in this one – I have no doubt that both did give it their best, and they made a good stand within the scope of their collective ability – and an admirable one.
It IS worth a D/L and a viewing – it’s not long, a mere 50 minutes, 54 seconds. It is entertaining at its highpoints, as well as instructive in the “do & don’t” in battlefield tactics for those who could profit from seeing them with remarkable clarity.

A good fight all … & thanks for sharing this one, Oranos. Nicely done.
(Your Divisions of Imperial Gendarmes are envied by my Russian infantry!).

Salute to the four Commanders …
~ Lionness

[Edited on 05/02/06 @ 02:14 PM]

File Author
Thank you a lot, I'll try to keep what was good and to change what wasn't..

Yeah I thought it would be funny to help my army with boats :D I'm happy you enjoyed them!!

Wasn't really serious -may be pointless- but funny!

Thanks again for your review!

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