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Bayou War Fog

Author File Description
Achaean Lionness
Bayou with Morning Fog

There are now two meanings for 'Fog of War' ...

Two RMS Maps, both of ‘Bayou’ – one at 4x the default size (originally & kindly enlarged by Buz in answer to my request), the other by Kyle Leach at 10x the default size, expanded in size with proportional content-expansion as well.

These two RMS Maps are identical to those done and shared by Buz ('RM map pack') & Kyle Leach (‘Big Map Pack’), with the exception of change in the lighting and atmosphere.
These Bayou maps have heavy ground fog and are considerably darker (lighting).

The effect is one which adds an atmosphere of early morning (Sunrise) in a very warm, humid, misty marsh or swamp.
One might almost ‘feel’ the heaviness of the air & the semi-tropical heat.

The closer in you zoom your view, the darker the lighting and the more diminished the foggy-haze. Conversely, the further out you zoom, the brighter the lighting but likewise, the heavier the cloak of fog.

I find this ‘environment’ quite an interesting challenge.
Recording a war fought on one of these Maps watched in playback is really quite a spectacle as well – particularly on a good, high-end system with good Graphics Card and adapter.
Many effects which simply aren’t noticeable in brighter, more illumined environments are here very distinct and pronounced; e.g. excess powder thrown from musket, rifle and gun barrels; muzzle flash and even the greater details of structure-fires, etc… (Even the smoke thrown from slow-burning powder has the tell-tale blue-ish tint...)

I find this environment very enjoyable as well as a good challenge and, in hope perhaps someone else may enjoy it also, I’m sharing it here with that in mind.

Please Do Note: Both of these are most-largely the Default RMS’s of ES, with the exception of the size increases mentioned above, respectively by Buz and Kyle Leach.
All I have done is modify the lighting & atmosphere.



To Install these files, place Both (or either) set(s) of files: big bayou_MornFog.xml & big bayou_MornFog.xs – and - bayou x4_MornFog.xml & bayou x4_MornFog.xs, together in your folder directory:

.. \My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM

Please do Not Place them in your AoE III Installation Directory: -> C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\RM
This will Not Work.

Note also that the File Names have also been modified to distinguish them from the others, so no need to worry about overwriting or backing-up any of the others prior to the installation of these.

When selected in AoE III from the Custom Maps drop-down list, they will appear in the list designated with the ending "MornFog."

Big Bayou MornFog
Bayou x4 MornFog

I’m neither looking for nor interested in any Rating for these – but comments are of course always welcomed …

Have fun..!

Achaean Lionness
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Buz Hi,
I look forward to playing this map.. only a few more days now 'till the PC is fixed..I see you have been inundated with comments lol..
I have been looking at the other sites under Heaven Games and there seems to be a distinct lack of interest in giving feedback! This gripe is not aimed at the members but the casual visitor.. Well, that's my two-cents' worth..
Achaean Lionness
File Author

LoL! :)

Yes indeed …
Between your ‘RM Map Pack’ and this one, we’re really taxing the server aren’t we..?

This does seem a rather silent place for any feedback…
.. But – I suppose it’s a good deal better than scrolling through pages of “This trash sucks!”

Good to hear, Buz – hope you’ll get your PC back good as new – or better! ..and I’m glad to hear you’ll give this one a try too.
My husband & I think it’s a blast. Great atmosphere…

After you’ve given it a go, I’ll sure appreciate hearing your impression of it if you’ve the time and inclination.
I’ve also modified several others since these two which we also enjoy a good deal, if you’ve any interest in those as well – feel free to let me know.

Thanks for your two cents shared (with which we agree, btw).
Hope at least some of those who’ve D/L’ed these and all the others, can enjoy & appreciate them – whether they say so or not.

Cheers …
~ Lionness

Buz @ Lionness.. My PC when fixed has still only got a Geforce 4 with 64 meg so do you think I will get the benefit of all your effects? You see, I never upgraded my comp as I was into 'Blitzkrieg' and quite happy with how it performed.. Now I find it struggles with 'Age3' and 'Warhammer 40k'.. The crunch came when my friend let me borrow 'Lego Star Wars' to prove my machine was a dinosaur.. It would'nt let me start the game saying I have'nt got pixel shader 1.1 ability or whatever.. Anyway, how humiliating...cant even play 'Lego Star Wars' lol

[Edited on 05/13/06 @ 04:17 AM]

Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Buz,

Ooooof..! ;)
G4 / 64MB ..? That is getting a little … dated, huh?
Doesn’t seem so long ago (to me) that was just an awesome card capable of driving just about everything!

No, I think if your PC can run AoE III at-all, I don’t think any change to the lighting will effect its performance one way or the other; I can’t see why it would.
I Can see however, why a map 10x the default size would be a little too-taxing.
Yeah – without Pixel Shading 1.1 – you probably can’t run most graphic-intensive Games produced in the past two years or so.
I have the same issue on my old PC with a G4 / 128, that wouldn’t let me even run Silent Hunter III – so believe me, I know & understand the frustration and feeling of ‘humiliation.’
Now I have this Area 51, Pentium 4 – 3.4 GHz, with a GeForce 6800 Ultra / 256MB, and there’s no problem driving anything… (Yet!).

That’s just life tho’ right?
We have to make the best of what we have – and get better things when able…
As long as we can still have fun – that’s what counts, right?

Let me know if you see any performance hit when trying the Bayou 4x War Fog map?
I don’t expect you will . . .

~ Lionness

RF_Gandalf Hi Lioness,
Like the effect, but on my usual computer (a 2 year old Dell laptop with a 64MB video card) it mostly just looks dark. I had to wait until I got a chance to try it on my 'family' computer, a new model with a much better card, before I responded. It would never catch on for 'competitive' or online play because of the reduced visibility, but it was fun to try and fun to see.

As far as I could see, the only changed feature in the script was the lighting?
Achaean Lionness
File Author
Hi Gandalf,

Thanks for posting your thoughts and experience with this little experiment – it’s much appreciated.
I suppose I might well have included a note to the effect that this really is best-suited for SP Skirmishing as opposed to on-line matches – unless of course those involved are looking for some extra challenge thrown in.

I actually hadn’t even thought of the possibility the ‘fog effect’ might not be visible on any older or slower system – that’s interesting and good to know, especially for future reference.

You are likewise right regarding the sole modification being the lighting. The ‘fog’ element is just an effect ‘blended’ with that lighting-effect as discovered in the Scenario Editor.

I’m not really sure whether I can do this here, but here are three examples of how this effect appears on my system.


It is to be sure a good bit darker than any default lighting (not night-dark, but dark-er), particularly the closer in one zooms: zoomed all the way in for me here, it is almost a night-darkness.
At any zoom-depth / distance however, there is marked limitation to visibility – owing either to the blanket of fog or to the darkness respectively.
As said above tho’, we really enjoy this effect – especially so on the Bayou, New England and Yukon (with snowfall, makes a wonderful ‘blizzard' type environment) maps …

My apology to anyone disappointed by the absence of this fog effect owing to a somewhat slower, older rig. I’d have included a note to that effect in advance had I known…

Thanks again Gandalf.

~ Lionness

[Edited on 05/14/06 @ 03:37 PM]

Buz Hi Lionness,
Have tried the map and have to agree with Gandalf.. my PC just does'nt cut-it with a 64mb vid card.. But I still like the darkness of it and enjoyed the battle.
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Buz,

Thanks for that feedback too – I appreciate it.
I am sorry it’s just not the same on such Vid. Cards… That’s too bad really – but I’m glad you were able to enjoy it anyway.

I’ve done several maps here with a really nice “Moonlight” lighting for ‘night-time skirmishes’ but which are, surprisingly quite ‘well-illuminated.’
I wonder if you might like to try / test one of those out on your PC and see how it looks and feels on that Video Card?

If so – I can email one or two to you to try, or even set up a D/L somewhere – whichever you’d prefer.
Let me know if interested?

Here are three more shots, just for the ‘view’ if (anyone may be) interested…
Now this was some serious fog!


[ Fog / Lighting added to Gandalf’s, “Canyonlands” map, also increased in size about 5x ].

~ Lionness

Buz Hi Lionness,
Yes I would be happy to try one of the 'Moonlit' maps.. my e-mail
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Buz,

Cool deal – thank you …
Email is sent …
I’ve just sent you the one – New England at Twilight 4x.

Please feel free to let me know your thoughts either here or via Email – either way is perfectly fine with me.

~ Lionness

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