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Drummer & Flag-bearer Unit Mod

Author File Description
Achaean Lionness
Re-Creation and Extension of Alyoshenka’s ‘Extended Infantry v1.4’ Mod (see more about this below).

Added: Russian Blockhouse.
Made fully compliant with AoE III v. 1.06

This Mod. for AOE III owes debt to Alyoshenka, who’s earlier Mod. (“Extended Infantry v. 1.4”) inspired another look at how it works – and why his Mod no longer does.
Still, without his earlier Mod, I’d have never known-of nor thought of adding the Drummer and Flag bearer units as trainable (abstract infantry) units for SP skirmishes played on RMS Maps.

We of course do wish to give the fullest of all due credit here to Alyoshenka – thank you! This is a great Mod idea and just a lot of fun!

We are indebted to Alyoshenka’s earlier work, which showed us the critical pieces and lines of code needed to make these units functional and available, as well as for his provision of the drummer *.ddt files for the art/units folder.
Because they are Not a part of This particular Mod., we will not re-present them here, but would point anyone interested to Aloyshenka’s earlier Mod mentioned above (v. 1.4) if you would also like to have his modification to the Musketeers – for whom he changed the hat type for Veteran Musketeers. (Please see his D/L – “Extended Infantry v1.4” by Alyoshenka, added here on, 12/30/05).

This Mod. adds the Drummer-(boy) and the Flag bearer units as Trainable infantry-type units which can be trained like any other unit in either the Barracks or the Russian Blockhouse.
We did make these units available to the Russians as well, which Alyoshenka had excluded in his earlier release (v. 1.4).
With this inclusion of the Russian Blockhouse – to the best of our view and knowledge these units should now be available to all the Civs.

These units are essentially little more than ‘eye candy.’ They don’t add anything to game-play per se and are of course non-combatants.
They are however human, and can easily be killed, in which case they fall, bleed, and ‘fade-away’ just like all other unit types.

What they ‘Do’ & the animations:
The Flag-bearer carries a solid-colored battle-flag and automatically takes position at the head of a grouped body of ranged infantry units (as does the drummer). The flag does ‘blow in the breeze’ and is animated – both while standing still as well as while on the march.
The Drummer plays (a march no-doubt!) on his drum while marching (not audible), and does not play while standing at rest. At rest however, he does occasionally lift the drum up to inspect it – perhaps looking at the coils beneath the snare, or checking the drum-head… after which, he returns it to its normal position. (Very cute!).

In my opinion, they add a lot to the over-all experience.
It certainly ups the challenge for the ‘Good’ &nd conscientious Commander or Field Marshal in how s/he employs his/her infantry – if there is a wish to preserve the lives of as many as possible from engagement to engagement, and particularly trying to keep your drummer(s) and flag-bearer(s) alive.

We have not changed Alyoshenka’s max limit for either type, which remains 15 per type at any given time. This limit seems more than reasonable, and we see no reason to alter it (30 of both combined at any one time).
Each unit trained takes one unit space (e.g. a single Musketeer).

Here are just a few screenshots to show what the units look like (‘on the field’).



Installation Instructions *

1) Be sure to Back-up both of your files – “proto.xml” and “techtree.xml” – both of which you’ll find in your default installation directory in the path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data

2) Unzip this D/L zip – (‘DrummerFlag_Mod.zip’) to any Temporary folder.

3) Copy or Cut the two files - “proto.xml” and “techtree.xml” – from the Folder Named – “Mod Proto Version 8” – and Paste them to the same directory shown above in step 1).
(C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data ).

4) Cut or Copy the Folder named – “art” – to your Installation Directory in the default path:
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III

5) IF for whatever reason you’re uncertain about good Back-up procedures, or you’re in such a hurry you forget Step 1 above, don’t worry – the folder named, “Default Proto Version 8” contains the backup files for you already. Just Please do Note that these files are for AoE III patched to version 1.06 If you have any earlier version of AoE III, these files will be out of sync with your installation. Backing up your (to be)-Modified Files is always Good practice …

To Uninstall this Mod. should you ever have that desire, simply Copy & Paste either Your Backup files - “proto.xml” and “techtree.xml” – or those of the same name from the folder “Default Proto Version 8” (as in Step 5 above) – to this same directory to overwrite these files in - C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\data


Start up AoE III and a New (not an old ‘Saved’) Skirmish, get to Colonial and build a barracks or a blockhouse, and you should see Train buttons for Drummer and Flag-bearer.
Have fun!
Take care of these little guys! They’re counting on you to kill the enemy before they fall!

Should you have any questions or comments about this Mod in whole or in any part, feel free to leave them here, I’ll keep checking as often as possible.
If you have any questions or ‘issues,’ and I haven’t seen them here for a few days – feel free to drop me an email and let me know.

Again, our grateful thanks to Alyoshenka for his wonderful discovery, idea and all his hard work in identifying and setting up the code to enable us all to enjoy these unit additions.

~ Lionness &nd Tartarus
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
captano_josh wat is ive got another mod already saved in there as 'proto.xml' wat do i do?
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Captano Josh,

Most probably you’ll have to choose between the two, but – what is the other Mod?
( Might be possible to combine them, but I’d have to know which Mod and take a look at it and see ).

~ Lionness
Alyoshenka Great work, Achaean Lionness! I'm glad somebody has decided to continue exploiting the idea.
Gamer_34 For the flag bearer and drummer what does the create army option do? And how do i use it, it seems to be locked.

Also does this work on version 1.07 as well?
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Gamer 34,

To be honest, I’ve never even fiddled with the ‘create an army’ function of the unit, so I’m not quite sure whether it even can do anything, or is – as you surmise – simply a disabled function.

Sorry I can’t offer any more help or insight than this.
As Alyoshenka also has not mentioned it, I’m inclined to think it is simply disabled (perhaps it was never fully implemented by E.S.?).

I don’t believe this version is compatible with the updated version 1.7 – but if you have updated and would like the 1.7 compatible version of this Mod. please feel free to send me an email and I’ll cheerfully send it to you. ( tiac@adelphia.net )
I’ve had it since 1.7 was released, I’ve just been so busy I haven’t ever gotten around to uploading it.

Best regards,
~ Lionness

[Edited on 07/20/06 @ 09:49 PM]

Gamer_34 Thanks for the info. Would you mind if I edited this mod a little? For personal use only, I won't post it up or anything.
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Gamer,

You’re more than welcome for the all-too-little, of course.
I’ve just sent the v. 1.7 compatible Mod. with eMail.

No, by all means, please feel free to tinker with & modify the Mod. to your heart’s content.
I’d just add the thought that should you ever decide to upload the fruits of your efforts, please remember to whom we’re indebted for the original work.
I don’t care so much whether you mention me – but it’d be nice to remember Alyoshenka.

Best of fortune with your efforts there!

Any problems or questions with the v. 1.7 sent, feel free to drop me another eMail and let me know – I’ll offer whatever I may be able …

~ Lionness
Gamer_34 Do you have any idea how to change the flag according to the civilization your playing instead of just one plain colour?

p.s. i still didnt get your eMail, perhaps its a big file and might be slow? If I dont get it in a day or two I might ask you to resend it. Thanks for all your help! :)
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Hi Gamer,

No, I’ve no idea about how to modify the actual (visible) flag which is carried by the Flag Bearer.
If I recall, I believe Alyoshenka or someone else had been looking into that, but was never able to find any approach that worked.

I can re-send the mail with file any time, that’s no problem; but I suspect the problem there is with your hotmail account, which may have blocked it as a potentially ‘dangerous’ file (it is zipped in the *.zip file format, but if it scans file contents as well it probably won’t recognize the *.ddt or *.xml file extensions).

You may either want to send me an alternate email address, or see if you can temporarily suspend the hotmail virus-scan ..?

My pleasure… You’re not only more than welcome, it’s the easiest thing I’ve done all day… ;)

Cheers –
~ Lionness
Achaean Lionness
File Author

Just a quick added note, just to save wait-times and any other needless inconveniences to yourself or anyone else – I’ve just gone ahead and uploaded the 1.07 compliant version of the Mod. here.

It should appear in this section (Modpacks) hopefully within the next 12 to 24 hours.
The previous version was posted rather quickly (less than 8 hours), so you never know.

Still not a problem to re-send the email with file if you prefer that in the meanwhile.
Just let me know …


[Edited on 07/22/06 @ 09:53 PM]

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