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Otto vs. German (w Mercs)

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Pampas
Map Size: Normal
Game Speed: Normal
Starting Age: Discovery
Game Type: Supremacy
Cheats Allowed: No
Player 1's Name: Spy_Lord
Player 2's Name: masterscott100
I rush, he beats it back just about perfectly, I go fortress, he gets a couple of outposts up (worried about continuing rush, he says after game). He gets Black Riders and Jaegers from a second gold mine, I have Manchu and 2 falcs and jan+abus. Close fight ^^

He was a bit gold screwed. Also unlucky not find the gold mine on his side.

Excuse the inordinate amount of time I take to finish him off due to poor, poor economic balancing near the end.
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Achaean Lionness
Rating: 4

Consider this rating ‘four’ a little on the generous side. There should be fractions as well, in which event, I’d have given this more comfortably a 3.5

Well – it’s ….. interesting… From a number of perspectives. One of which is that this Recording is by default the perspective of the Germans, who lose – badly.

Really, rarely might one have occasion to see so little achieved with so little, by so little.

It is, on the other hand, a quite stark representation of poverty.
If anyone would like a good view of what poverty in the extreme looks like, take a look at these Germans. Dirt poor and starving.

Total elapsed time start to finish – 39 minutes even.
In all – a total of three Improvements ever researched – all 3 by SpyLord (Ottomans).

One might watch 800 of such contests (I would scarcely call this an example of ‘warfare’), and never see Uhlans so utterly useless.
They were dropped like they were 80 year old women carrying brooms to the front.
The Germans failed to produce a single military building for 25 minutes, never produced a single Mill (stable food source), never achieved a stable food source (foragers were routinely slaughtered and/or chased away from their hunted game and otherwise fresh-kills – often at considerable distance from any meaningful defensive supports), two Plantations were built, the second only moments before surrendering (which was prudent at that point – would have been prudent even earlier IMO), and throughout, of the four Trade Route Trade Posts, only one was ever occupied & exploited for anything, and that one was likely the first thing either side ever ‘constructed’ (Ottomans, within the first couple minutes). There were thus three others which were totally neglected.
The Germans did reasonably well in balancing the divisions of labor among their few Settlers, but wood was a constant shortage, as was coinage… Food? There was never enough. Poor Germans, starving and working so hard to accumulate enough to scrape by on – and here come the Turks…

I admit, in a rather ‘sick,’ Machiavellian manner, I couldn’t help but smile at how ‘historically’ apropos it was, watching those starving Germans, being run down and hacked to pieces by Ottoman advanced recon. in force, focused so intently on their Plantation work.
My gods General! Food First! Feed the people!
They never had any sort of stable, viable economy – all hand-to-mouth.
In that alone, the writing is visible on the wall within the first 20 minutes or so. They could Not have won – such poverty could never field an Army of Conquest. As it proved, neither could it field a Home Guard capable of defending those poor starving folk, nor their few houses and ‘precious’ Plantation.

The German ‘reliance’ on Uhlans with sporadic quasi-support from light infantry was a disaster.
What could they do against Janissaries, Crossbows, Abus Guns, Spahi, Mounted Archers and Falconets? They did the only thing they could. They died – quickly & predictably.

After reaching the 20 minute mark, I kept asking myself (rhetorically) – ‘HOW did Scott ever become “Master”?’
Not by this sort of strategy… (Was there any strategy?).

Reconnaissance was particularly dismal on the German’s part.
I am only a little hesitant to raise this criticism, as it is, honestly, one of the more difficult aspects of Active Operations in AoE III (IMO).
Even so – I raise it because the failure is particularly pronounced here.
The Germans never had a clue what the Ottoman’s true position was, let alone the status of their colony and strength of their economic base – nor any idea as to the size & composition of their military until it showed itself while engaging them.
Recon by Settler-death is not a good tactic.

Solartinum says here: “Also unlucky not find the gold mine on his side.”
No – it’s not a matter of ‘luck’ it is a matter of adequate recon. and knowing what the field you’re on is – where things are is a vital piece of that intelligence imperative.

There is likewise real emphasis here (in watching this one) on the critical importance of establishing a Stable Economic infrastructure Early and ensuring ones ability to defend it and keep it intact. One simply cannot win without it (unless the other side quits or commits the same failures).

Ask not what your Country can do for you – but, what the hell are you doing?

It is a mystery to me, how & why the Germans here were so seemingly at-ease relying on Free Unit shipments from home, but never availed themselves of any of those (three!) available Trade Posts – the more so as their building ‘program’ was almost non-existent ( a few houses, a plantation and two additional TC’s – then Late, very-late, a barracks and a stable).

I could leave unmentioned any critique of the ‘layout’ of the German colony, but I can’t help myself in saying I saw no sensible planning in it at all, other than the simple idea that the few houses built were to degree under the fire protection of the original TC; but that ‘fire’ will never suffice to stop sappers (siege units) who are targeting outlying buildings, out of it’s range or even within it.
Why is there such aversion to building a couple walls?
With just two stretches of wall, one to block the southern-most river crossing, the other across the German colony’s Northern front, build a church and strengthen them with stone, could have bought a good deal more time to sort out their gross poverty and constant civilian/labor losses.
Better to defend a stretch of wall, than buildings you can Not at-all afford to lose.

Is this one ‘disappointing’ to watch?
No … It’s actually not. It seems amateurish to me – but I don’t find anything on these tiny maps very impressive, it’s not hard. There’s no genuine Strategic element at-all since it all comes down to traversing short distances and the same units can be used for Offensive Ops and Defense as a Home Guard.
The real challenge is in establishing a more stable, viable, productive economy – earlier than your enemy; then amassing the largest, strongest field force you can and hit him as hard and early as possible.
Not Much of a challenge – but ‘a challenge’ all the same.

The failures evident in this one do more to redeem the viewing than anything else.
Here’s what you don’t want to do or see happen…
The above is not said ‘sarcastically – it really is one of those ‘easier to say than to do’ situations. It is easier to critique, too.
When the heat is on, one does one’s best… That’s it. It’s either enough or it’s not.

For these poor starving Germans in this one … The Commander’s best was not enough.
Enjoyed it for the greater part …

To Solartinum, who says: “Excuse the inordinate amount of time I take to finish him off due to poor, poor economic balancing near the end.”
Consider yourself excused. Victory excuses all errors but the Pyrrhic.
I believe all the same, you could have finished him sooner, even with the force you had – or perhaps adding two more falconets, and even more-quickly had you made them Field Guns.

In all, adequately done … If you criticize yourself for your “..poor, poor economic balancing near the end” – so much the better for your future Commands.

Cheers to both..!
~ Lionness

[Edited on 05/24/06 @ 03:10 PM]

File Author
Wow . . do you always review stuff like that? Eccentric or well paid, I'm guessing . . or maybe both.

Anyway, I just want to say, I believe this game shouldn't have got more than a 2; this was posted to demonstrate that Ottos do have a fortress combo that can beat jans, jaegers, skirms, uhlans, etc. I've played dozens of games that I consider more entertaining than this one.

Thanks for your review however (I didn't even expect a 2 word comment), very entertaining and some truly valid points.
Humility the review was better then the recording.

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