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Andes Cuzco Region

Author File Description
Buz Andes Cuzco Region ~ Sacred Valley of The Incas ~

This valley, having an agreeable climate and fertile land make a rare and fruitful combination for the high Andes. It is also the route to the jungle and the tropical lowlands. On this map, there are always four Trading Post sites and six native Inca settlements. Resources which include capybara and tapir are plentiful as is wood from the dense forests.

I have tried to be as fair as possible with the positioning of the players in relation to the native Inca settlements and the various resources..

Any comments and constructive criticism would be really appreciated.

For those that don't know how to install -
To play this map, place the Andes.xml and Andes.xs into the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM.

Do not place them in the game's install folder..

When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small blue 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select this random map from the 'My Games' folder in the drop-down window.


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File Author
I have just updated this map as I forgot to remove some triggers! they gave 30,000 each of food, wood and coin... There were no comments so obviously no one noticed..
Achaean Lionness
Hiya Buz,

:) ..Actually, I did notice and just came here to let you know about that – I rather surmised it must’ve been a ‘leftover’ from some map testing or such.
Everyone else starts with the normal amount (pretty much nothing) – but I had 30,000 of everything! lol :D Boy was I surprised!

The map/field is lovely, nicely done IMO, and very enjoyable environment for some good warfare.
Everything seems nicely balanced, everything works just fine here… (a little too well for me with 30,000 each! But hey..!)

First impression was, this is just too small – but oddly it ‘looks’ a good bit smaller than it actually is it seems & in the course of exploring, fighting, advancing the front and ultimately dismantling the enemy colonies, it seemed quite a pleasant size (very workable & enjoyable).

The only two points that really come to mind for possible ‘modifications’ that might add a good bit to the map are - *

1) I really do like a more winding, twisting trade route. It just seems more ‘natural’ somehow and it adds a few more ‘points’ per TR/TP – not enough to matter really, but a few more doesn’t hurt.
This is a very minor point all the same. &nd just in event you’re wondering, yes, I do have the same sentiment regarding the all-too-straight TR on the New England map as well (still one of my favorite maps of all) – and the one on this map isn’t even THAT straight – still a bit more winding / twisting I think would add a little more character to the over-all effect of the terrain.

2) It just strikes me that the map is missing water that ‘should be there.’
I don’t know what you think or how you feel about maybe trying to add some to this RMS, but I really think it would improve it aesthetically and the ‘game-play’ as well, providing even more natural obstacles to ‘work-around.’

My dominating thought here (mine – as in very subjective) is that what might really be most-ideal would be one or more little multi-fordable ‘stream’ that meanders more or less also through the center – (or if more than one – could be placed and run in random locations on the map?)
My thinking in this regard is of some sort of ‘very shallow’ stream(s) with plenty of fording points – as opposed to a lengthy ‘continuous barrier’ with few fords.
Such could be little tributaries of the Urubamba, Apurímac or Paucartambo rivers of the Cuzco region.
- Or, perhaps, just scattered little shallow ‘pools’ of water placed at random (again, similar in style to those on the New England map).
..Or both, with a little ‘less’ of each – or in whichever way might ‘work best’ all-around..?

I of course have no idea how difficult such thing(s) may be to work into an RMS, or whether anyone other than myself would even enjoy such and think it a good further embellishment to an already Fine RMS… but – just speaking for myself here…

With or without such – this really is a fine RMS and am sure I’ll get plenty of enjoyment from it.
I’ll D/L the ‘fixed’ version now – next time ‘round shouldn’t be quite so easy! ;)

Thanks for your efforts shared here yet again, Buz …
I’ve no problem letting you know they’re much-appreciated..!

~ Lionness

File Author
Thanx Lionness,
I will make a version 2 of this map and put in a few of your suggestions and make it larger.. what size do you recommend?
BTW, did you think that six native settlements were too much? or would you like to see more, also I placed an Inca temple in the center..do you think that a bit lame or not.. maybe I can put a lake in the middle and have the temple on that with some chests of gold and possibly guarded by some white jaguars in-keeping with the Inca theme..


[Edited on 06/01/06 @ 07:23 AM]

Achaean Lionness
Hi Bob,

Very cool! & very kind of you – I look forward to seeing the version II, as well then…

Size? Really – I like the size of Gandalf’s Giant RLM – but honestly, I think the size of this map presently is fine.
If you Want to increase it some, I wouldn’t mind it – but maybe not by very much..?

I personally don’t think the six Native Villages is over-much. Seems fine to me too. More than that might be exaggerating a bit…
Less than that ..? Well … though the trees are pretty dense Where they occur, there’s still quite a lot of open space here. It might get looking even more ‘empty.’
Short answer – I wouldn’t change it. Think you nailed it pretty well.

:) I did see the Incan Temple and wondered about it. It’s the first time I’ve ever come across one of those, so wasn’t sure really whether it’s just eye candy – or has some ‘use.’
After seeing it belongs to Mother Nature and can’t be ‘taken’ (lol – old AoK days flashbacks) – I got to thinking a little about its location & placement.
It seemed – “out of place” There… if you know what I mean? I mean – why would it be right there? There was nothing particularly notable about the terrain / geography at that spot.
I think the idea of placing it at the edge of a small lake or even ‘pond’ would make much more sense and be pretty cool. It Is nice eye candy after-all…

“maybe I can put a lake in the middle and have the temple on that with some chests of gold and possibly guarded by some white jaguars in-keeping with the Inca theme..”

:) Try it! That may sound a little weirder in printed word than it would be in the map-context. ‘In keep with the Inca theme…’ for sure.
If we didn’t know what we do about them, it could seem ‘silly’ – but, well! Their coffers really Did overflow with gold and precious stones, etc … So why not?

Yeah – I say give it a try ….
Probably a lot easier to comment-out those lines than to put them in, huh? If it should ultimately prove to just be ‘too-much’ over the top or whatever. I don’t see why it would tho’ really. If done in moderation.
Maybe not such a great idea to put 30,000 crates of gold spilling out of it … ;)
&nd guarded by a group or family of white jaguars would not only be pretty, but an interesting extra tossed into the game-play.

When did a little-frivolity ever hurt anyone anyway? :)

~ Lionness / Tia

aodken -Buz
I just D/L it.
I'll Give it a few spins and comment on it in a few days..

Thanks in advance..

~Sorry I won't be able to try it out for a while, my laptop screen is totally dying on me so I'll have to wait till I can get it fixed.

[Edited on 06/02/06 @ 08:58 AM]

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