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centeurie's combined mod

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centurie hi this is a mod made up of stripped down version of many other mods. all combined together to make one super mod, iv seen many people talk about how much they would like a combined mod of all the best ideas,and a few people said it could not be done, well iv done it and it works a treat. ill like to thank the people who first made some of these mods and hope they didn't mind me stripping them to bits to make this one super mod.
This is the complete list of changes that are in this mod

1/ new look control panel (GUI) adds extra icons for faster commands.
2/ added the patrol icon and command.
3/ added the guard mode icon and command.
4/ added the zoom in /out to infinity command
5/ added the rotate building while placing command.
6/ added the drummer and flag barer to the barracks.
7/ outpost build limit is now 20 instead of 7
8/ outposts are stronger can now see further and can shoot further but cost a little more.
9/ all civs now have a 40 card deck
10/ settlers now cost 0 population they still cost 100 food but you can build 99 for no pop count.
11/ settlers can now see further they won’t just stand around doing nothing after finishing that last deer, but will go to the next heard within range.
12/ infantry can now see further but shooting range is still the same. all civs.
13/ artillery can now see a lot further and shoot further this applies to all civs.
14/ fences and walls are a lot stronger, great if you like to turtle.
15/ all ranged infantry automatically stand ground while shooting.
16/ all artillery from all civs now cost half in pop than they did, so in affect you now can have twice as much.
17/ new attack sound has been added it’s a lot quieter .

please make sure that you uncheck the minimize
ui box under your aoe3 game settings before starting a new game with this mod.the new control panel will automaticly minimize when the game starts.not doing this will result in corrupt images

these changes in effect will give you an approx population limit of between 350-400.
Remember settlers cost no pop and all civs arty cost half as much pop.

With all these changes it is better to play this mod on the large to very big 10x maps.
Ill be including these maps with this mod.


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DrIstvaan postmanplod: If you really like this mod, pls give it some (good) review! Even if you're too lazy to write something, give it a rating. Let the downloaders know this combination is DEFINITELY worth the download!
Centurie: Go on Centurie! We're with you! And the Force, too! :D
DrIstvaan Wow, that was quite a nice and detailed review! Congrats go to you for it!
aoe3guy hi will u plzz plz plz give me instructions on what to do to make this mod work
File Author
hi aoe3guy

please explain whats not working? is not of it working??is only some of it working??you need to give me a little more to go on, then ill guide you through the installation.

aoe3guy well it isnt working at all
DrIstvaan I assume you don't know what to do. Well, read the file "Read First". Then, as it says, read all the folders' readmes. But it isn't such a great deal.
The contents of the folders go as follows. (Abbreviations: GAME: your game folder (default C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires 3); MG: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3)
Art1, Art2 -> GAME\Art\UI
Data ->GAME\Data (Note: it's *essential* to backup this first!)
Maps ->MG\RM
Sound ->GAME\Sound
User cfg ->MG\Startup
That's it!
postmanplod Returning to the issue of the Drummers.

I was having problems with the number of drummers that some computer opponents were creating and despite removing the files mentioned from the art folder, they were still coming at me.

Also, the suggestion of ensuring that every last settler had been killed was a little difficult, as it is hard to spot a single settler amongst over 700 drummers. (Yes, one computer opponent just pumped out drummers, as some sort of an army.)

Even if I was sure that every settler was dead, the opponents still would not resign. I guess that as the Drummers are classified as "military", they have the capability to revive an injured explorer, who - in theory - could build a new Town Centre and thus a new empire. Hence, no resignations.

I have now edited the proto.xml file to include the line 1, and reduced other parameters, such as Line Of Sight and Hitpoints down to 1. This has calmed things down a bit, and I haven't seen a drummer since. I can still build one at the barracks, should I want one, but I am not noticing hoards of them all over the map.

Still a great modpack though.

[Edited on 06/24/06 @ 07:11 AM]

File Author
hi again postman

i to was suffering the same as you,to mnay drummers,but i never had any problem getting them to resign. only once did it take me ages to get an overall victory and that was because i missed one of their medics that was standing in the middle of nowhere next to a rock.anyway iv deleted the drummers now from my game by taking them out of the art folder and deleting all under "name Drummer" from the protoXML file. thanks again for posting your feedback on this mod.

cskyro this dont work :
all ranged infantry automatically stand ground while shooting.
SpikedMcGrath I cant seem to make ruissian settlers with this mod, everything else works fine but the ruissians always resign. When I tried playing as ruissians i discovered it doesnt allow you to make settlers, saying "an additional required to train another settler". Do you know why it does this, or how I can fix it?
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