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Xamo - Generals

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Game Version: TWC
Simple 6 players scenario. Six humans players who can play FFA, 2v2v2, or 3v3. All players start with a Fort they have to defend. If the Fort get destroyed, player will lose. Advancing to the next level is by kills and there are 4 levels and one extra: One invincible general.
Good map concept loaded with eye-candy features.
Zipped files have to be added into your scenario files directory: My Documents/My Games/Age of Empires 3/Scenario. Have fun.


P.S. This is a multiplayer scenario and can't be played in Single Player mode. Please do not rate this map low because you can't play it on Single Player into your computer. Thank you.
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Titan602 I'll dl and comment or review
Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Pretty good. it'll be better when we can use custom maps online lol. all in all though this is a good map and its really playable, itll be a hit on AoE3 when we can host it lol.

Balance: 5
Good balance between players. really a very nicely done scenario. although (depending on your civ) it can be hard lol.

4 creativity because its the first of its kind for AoE3. really nicely done, must be hard to do that with a circular map lol...(making sims maps is going to be heck...) all and all the map is very original for this game, if not for AoM:TT

Map Design: 3
Pretty good design. I really cant say alot about the design lol. theres not really alot to say...so ill just say what i think. Nice use of eyecandy, buildings, and all other aspects of it.
Story/Instructions: 4
as always you give a good instruction on how to play...although i guess i think that cause ive played the Xamo mythos so much lol.

Additional Comments:Nice use of triggers, nice map designs, nice everything. cant wait to see the scenario hosting opened up.
lifereloaded fun but not that great i will see when i play vs human players
hessu Wow! Fast job Xamo too bad I can't play it yet.
V01ture If it's like AoM, 3 lines per topic, please. =P

BTW, how can balance be original, I thought that was how hard or easy the game is, also if teams are fair or not, and how the game went through nicely, without very tedious back and forth walkings.

[Edited on 11/08/05 @ 06:55 PM]

Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
It is very playable. You have alot of options of units to choose from. It also has replay value, depending on if you want to make it to the highest level.

Balance: 5
It is balanced because everyone has an equal chance of winning. It is also not easy or hard, and does not take over an hour to beat.

Creativity: 4
Very Original. The only reaon this is a four is beacuase of its originality. Its not bad, but I have seen maps like these alot. But this one is unique in some ways(e.g. the unit choices)

Map Design: 5
I understand that since there will be a lot of units on the map, that you dont want a lot of lag... thus, there will be not alot of eyecandy:)

Story/Instructions: 5
There are Instructions in the cinematic, which is good for people who havent played scenarios like these. There is also stuff in the objectives panel.

Additional Comments:
I remember in AoM when these maps were always being played. I hope that n00bs dont destroy this:) Anyway, good scenario.
Cirruis Playability: 4
Very easy to understand and play!

Balance: 5
Everyone can make the same units and the arena is perfectly symmetrical. Theres no balence issues. I don't think there'd be any depending on what civ you are either.

Creativity: 3
Not Creative, just another arena map, buts the first for aoe3!

Map Design: 5
Very nice for a map of this kind. Everythings even and like I said symmetrical. Nice.

Story/Instructions: 4
Simple, easy to undertsnad.

Additional Comments:
Good Job, this looks like a great map!

[Edited on 11/13/05 @ 11:19 AM]

Reinfire Wow Xamo that was fast.

Ill test this map tomorrow
TheMightyLemon Wow, this was really fast. Too bad it can't be hosted Online :(. I'll try it once ES fixes the hosting system.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 1
It looks like it must be a multi-player map because I could not get it to work as a single player scenario...which is where it is located in the download section.

Balance: 3
With the six players and the symmetry, it looks very balanced...but I could not experience it as a single player.

Creativity: 5
Very nice map and layout. Seems original for AOE3.

Map Design: 5
The map has a very good design with what looks to be a very fun layout and play...I just could not get it to work as a single player.

Story/Instructions: 3
Maybe I am missing something. The directions seem striaght forward and well written...but they must not apply for a single player.

Additional Comments:
This looks like it could be a lot of fun. But I downloaded it to play as a single player, expefting computer players to inhabit or play as the other teasm. I was the only one playing. If I need further instructions, please give them and I will play again and re-evaluate.
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Map Design4.2
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