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Cats and Mice V1.2

Author File Description
mephilip In this map there are 2 teams. Team 1 is the mice and team2 is the cats. In order for team 2 to win the must kill all of team 1's units. In order for team 1 to win they must stay alive for half an hour. There is native village per player. Each player on team 1 starts with just a settler wagon while each player on team 2 starts with an explorer and a barracks. The barracks can only produce dopplesoldners but they are much stronger than normal ones. Team 1 can only build 4 buildings houses, outposts, walls and trade posts. Houses are important because when they are built they give the mice a 10 second speed boost that can help a lot.

Also this only for human vs human play because the comps are too stupid.
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Map Design5.0
hey man i am a big fan of Cat vs Mice version 1.3. I dont know if you realized this but people play it all the time. Only thing is people hate being cats which makes it hard to get games going.

I was going to try to edit version 1.3 to make it more fun/fair. however i didnt realize you need to know how do do codes and shit, cause i have no idea how to do that.

I was wondering if you would be interested in changing up the map a bit with some suggestions from me. Thanks for getting back to me, love the map man. gj.

Here is what i was thinking to make the game more fun/fair.

Most of the time cvm is played 3v2 or 4v2 or 4v3, etc. This makes it hard for people to agree to play the game because they complain that 4v2 might be unfair or whatever. I was thinking you could make it so it evens things out to a 3v3 game or 4v4 game. Also the mice get all the good stuff. Extra hitpoints, faster speed, greater vision. I think that the cats should get a boost in destroying walls/buildings and in return the mice should have even more health. Cause what makes it fun for the cats is knowing right where the mouse is and chasing them in a circle. What makes it a pain in the ass for the cats is when the mice have a shit load of towers. Also mice should have a tower limit of maybe 20-30 so they have to be more creative of where they put their towers. And the map should be changed a little, instead of 4 rooms i think you should have 6-8 semetrical ones. The castle should be in the middle of the map not the bottom and the mice should spawn in random spots in any of the 6 to 8 areas. The bottle necks really make it hard and not fun for the cats. i think you should open those up that allows the cats to get in easier but also they cant block any exits very well by only putting 2 horses in the way.

Finally i think that by making it a 3v3 game you would have to lower the population for the cats. If people think that 2v3 is the most fair way to play then i believe a 3v3 game should allow cats to have a pop of 70-75.

Anyways thanks for reading this let me know what you think. I think your map is great dont get me wrong, i just dont know how to make maps so im asking you if you can make some changes. thanks for getting back to me. peace.


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Map Design5.0
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