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Europe Mod v.1

Author File Description
irish_legend8 Europe mod includes 4 civilizations Malta, Poland, Italy and Ireland

malta is almost the same as the campain city malta except for these changes

Malta can build plantations livestock pens and arsenals,
it now has its own flag and flag buttons,
Maltas 2 falconet shipment can be sent infinite times since they dont have many good cards
Malta can ship 2 settler wagons infinite age 1
Extensive fortifications card added to Malta
it can train falconets
malta has an explorer now,
all maltas buildings and units can be built when it reaches the industrial age as a bonus

units= priest, caravel, fishing boat, galleon, settler, rodelero, pikeman, crossbowman, hussar, lancer, falconet, mortar, explorer, sheep, cannon
unique units=hoop thrower

Polands settlers are trained from a large moveable wagon built at the towncenter named the tabor which costs 100 wood but the settlers only cost 60 food.

units=Crossbowman, halbierdier, settler, priest, sheep, hussar, cavalry archer, Falconet, Culverin, caravel, fishing boat, cannon, frigate, monitor, explorer
unique units= Wojsko similar to Musketeer with lower hitpoints and cheaper
Pancerny Heavy mail-coated ranged Cavalry with a gun,
Rakieta similar to mortar but less attack and cheaper it can only attack buildings and ships
Tabor a large wagon trained from the Town Center at a cost of 100 wood which can garrison up to 6 units and trains settlers

Colonistas are italian settlers that cost 80 gold but the italians start with extra gold and can build banks
units=rocket, sheep, Falconet, Culverin, caravel, fishing boat, cannon, frigate, monitor, explorer
unique units=colonista italian settlers that cost 80 gold
chariot can transport up to 8 units and is very fast
cardinal italian priest they are cheaper but have a build limit of 5
legionnaire cavalry similar to hussar
buccaneer good ranged infantry
swiss guard strong unit armed with spear
mameluke meditteranian mercenary cavalry that can be trained at stable
stradiot meditteranian mercenary cavalry that can be trained at stable
corsair meditteranian mercenary infantry that can be trained at barracks

feirmeoir (irish for farmer) is the irish settler it is good at hunting and costs 80 food
the irish can also train cows in theit livestock pen
units=pikeman, skirmisher, hussar, crossbowman, sheep, Falconet, Culverin, caravel, fishing boat, cannon, frigate, monitor, explorer
unique units=feirmeoir the irish settler it is good at hunting and costs 80 food
cow can be trained at livestock pen
fenian man that throws dynamite good against buiildings and has a very strong veteran upgrade
irish wolf hound similar to the normal explorer dog except stronger and faster
kern cavalry similar to cavalry archer
local rebel similar to cassador man that will do anything for ireland
french musketeers the french always helped irish in times of rebellions and wars
monk similar to priest costs 150 food instead of 200 gold but trains very slowly
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nemesis000 i tryed this mod but it would not let me be the new nations they wouldn't show up on any matches
File Author
go to select a homecity (As if you were loading an old save and they should be there)
File Author
156 downloads will someone please review it
Art and Sound0.0
Rating: 4
this is a very good mod i like the italions the best.

Additional Comments:
the tabor unit wont come when i buy it and when i play as malta the home city not there its just black.
xander_fred i'm sorry that i'm not an expert at doing things like this; but, where should i save this to? i inatially placed it in "home cities" but its not working...
File Author
when you get the compressed folder just read the readme and follow the instruction and i didnt have the problems with poland and malta when testing the mod
File Author
i doubt this is workable with TWC so i wouldnt advise downloading it for TWC
Jelyo Eyh i downloaded this file and installed it (maybe i did something wrong i dont know) but when I play as Italians, Poland or Ireland i cant make any Settlers and if i am malta I cant go higher then age 3 and i dont get all the extras when being malta can somebody help me?
SpectreofAthens I'm having the same issues. I can't even get the civ (ie wolfhound) in the scenario editor. I've installed it to the letter and nothing still.
SpectreofAthens I think I found the issue. You didn't include anything in the villager folder except for the colonista. Do you have a file for the fermoirs?
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