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British Columbia

Author File Description
Johnny_Deppig British Columbia is a RMS script which creates a winter forest landscape with a reddish sun overhead. A river clad in reeds runs through the map, but can be crossed in plenty of places. Day turns into night and back as you play.






Another night screenshot:

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File Author
"Though resource and native distribution are sometimes unequal. Could you please fix this and update the file. Thanks"

I know they are, they´re actually supposed to be though. You´ll have to make up your strategy based on your scouting of the map rather than know almost the exact outline when the game begins.

I might fix it, but I don´t intend for this to be as equal as ES random maps, where you pretty much know where everything is even before you scout.

"Map looks nice. Found the play to be very laggy (on a lan). Everything seemed jerky and took longer than normal. Not sure if it was due to the night/day feature. The day/night feature was interesting at first, but if it was the cause of the lag I would sacrifice it to make the gameplay more snappy."

The day/night is a very small trigger compared to, say, scenarios which might have 100 times the size, or even larger, triggers. The light change itself might cause slight performance slowdown but really it should not do anything noticable.

It could be your graphics card or a connection issue (yes, even LANs can have slowdowns sometimes), or a general computer performance issue on one of the LAN computers. I don´t have any more lag with this map than any other. These is quite a bit if grass sometimes, but nothing compared to most scenarios. There is a balance between eyecandy and performance, but IMO this map is nowhere near being heavy on a comp.

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 10:11 AM]

[QUOTE] I know they are, they´re actually supposed to be though. You´ll have to make up your strategy based on your scouting of the map rather than know almost the exact outline when the game begins.

This is fine as long as it isnt a game decider, however as it is now that can happen if things get placed very unfortunately. For example there is a small chance that one player doesnt get any gold mines around his base. You can not really adapt to this with Dutch, its like gg time straight away.

File Author
This is true, but that happens on ES maps as well, I had no gold mines as Dutch yesterday on an ES map.

I might edit it in the future, but I´m not a RMS guru (I know you are if you´re "the" Orca :) ). This is my first RMS script. I´ll read up more on the "FAIR" commands and backup placement, but it seems decent enough for now, my next map will probably be a new one rather than editing this one. Anything´s open though.

And btw, do you know of any good tutorials or programs other than Monty Python´s RMS scripting and RMSE scripter? :)

[Edited on 07/24/06 @ 12:24 PM]

Unfortunately not, im using this side as reference also.
File Author
Too bad, but hopefully we can help each other instead.
darkleader3316 Ok, first of all, when I play this, it DOES NOT, look anything like the screen shots, it does not change day to ngiht, and everytime i have played it, there has not even been a river.
File Author
Then you have a crap gfx card, and are not playing my RMS script ;) There is a river, it does look like the screenies if you have a good comp, if you don´t it looks just like standard ES maps look compared to ES screenies. And of course it DOES change day to night.

[Edited on 08/04/06 @ 10:11 PM]

Otto ManLS I had the same problem as darkleader3316. Most of the map is snowy like some of the screen shots, but it dosen't change from day to night and there is no river. I do have a good computer and GFX card so the only thing I could have done wrong is put the art and data files in the wrong place.

jaramillo i too have the same problem with this map it doesnt have any river and it doesnt have a nigth and day cycle and i too have a good computer that has been be able to play asll the other maps.
HatNsandels Im confused on how to work this...im pretty sure i put everything in the rite place but i might have screwed up... and could someone define "crap GFX" card so i know if i have one. Is 256mb crap? i can run the game on all the high graphics stuff like shader quality high etc.
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