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THE ZULU WARS - Assault on Rorke's Drift

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Game Version: TWC

Story- Africa is being divided by the European powers whose intense rivalry affects the stability of the entire continent. A 1500 strong British battalion, ordered to begin the invasion of Zululand, were attacked and defeated by 30,000 Zulus. The Zulu now push towards a British mission station at Rorke's Drift, determined to stop Britain's acquisition of Southern Africa. You take charge of defending Rorke's Drift before the walls are breached.

Place the RorkesDrift.age3scn file into 'my documents/my games/age of empires 3/scenario'.

Protect your cannon and medics, while making sure your engineers (Coureurs) wall any gaps. Wood supplies are limited.

Gate Feature-
To open/close the gate simply select one of the two gate parts (You need to select the gate/wall for a second to get it to work).

Difficulty Selection-
After a few minutes an option window will appear. Selecting MODERATE increases the possibility of victory. HARD is more of a challenge.

2017 edit- This is not a mod, it's just a scenario, so doesn't require any additional files/mods. Also works with Steam version of The War Chiefs.
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sziggi Hi, Pure, did realize you are so talented, great work. Really enjoyed the layout of your fort. All the elements blend nicely.

edit: I'll e-mail u later tonight.

Great fun, look forward to more of your scenario's you definatly have the nack! Going to try the hard diff again later see if I cant get a victory:)

[Edited on 08/12/06 @ 05:29 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the comments Sziggi, coming from someone of your ability that means a lot. You had to go and release your map a few hours after mine didn’t you! If anybody hasn’t played Port Royal yet do so now, it’s another Sziggi classic.

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 02:32 PM]

Woolagaroo Good campaign, enjoyed it. I've always thought that AoE3 should be opened up to global affairs (Boer War anyone?). Was a little disappointed by the historical innacuracy, but great job anyway.

By the way, Zulu is a great movie about this event, if anyone is interested.
File Author
Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I too had hoped for a wider global perspective in AOE3. Sorry about the historical inaccuracies, having 4000 Zulus running around would seriously lag any comp. Zulu and Zulu Dawn are indeed great movies, and my inspiration for this scenario.
Lt_Andrew_Post This is a quite interesting and engaging scenario - I like it. It's good to see some scenarios with originality (i.e.: shifting the focus from the New World to Africa.) It was tricky to pull off, as the first instructions "Get your people inside the walls" was tough as first I had trouble getting the popup to pop up and ask me if I wanted to open the gate, so the bulk of my soldiers were slaughtered outside. Then the gate opened. My soldiers went in. The gate did not close and a huge army of Zulu poured in the open gate. It took me ages to close the gate. When I totalled up my losses, I found that I had lost a Surgeon, my first Lieutenant, a couple of Engineers, and countless Redcoats defending the open gate. I was actually holding out well for a while, until the Zulu destroyed one of the Buildings and breached the wall. I tried to repair it, but the Zulu killed my Engineers one by one and I lacked the troops to drive them away. After they killed my last Engineer, another huge army appeared, swept through, killed two dozen redcoats, a cannon, and my last Lieutenant (he was defending the cannon). I drove them off with my other cannon and my remaining Redcoats, but a third army swept through and killed everyone. I waited for the game to end but it didn't (even though I had no units left) so I resigned.
File Author
Lt_Andrew_Post I must say that sounds like an exciting game! Thanks for informing me of an apparent break in the lose condition trigger. The gate is tricky at first that's why the instructions above tell you to select it for a second with your mouse, then it always works. With the standard gate all the men just run outside and get slaughtered, that’s why it’s different.

Edit- Andrew you were right, just before the end the lose condition became inactive. This is now fixed in the latest update. Sorry everybody :)

I’m glad you’re all enjoying my map! I have updated Rorke's Drift with an easier moderate difficulty and a number of other changes. My playtester has been very busy...

[Edited on 08/14/06 @ 05:03 PM]

SharpShooter99 Playability: 4
It was great fun to defend the fort

Balance: 4
Pretty good balance of everything on the scn

Creativity: 5
I've came from Starcraft and i have made many maps for it. I've played online with many ppl, playing other ppl's maps. Many of them mostly make defensive type maps--like "Defend this position, city, fort, area,etc.. =P"

Map Design: 5
The fort was small but great and fun to defend in large scale invasions.

Story/Instructions: 4
The history isn't my thing--im WW2 type of guy. But what really matters is the instructions. I knew perfectlly what to do.

Additional Comments:
WTF, no one reviewed. But im srry that i didn't make mine descriptive enough. Good scn BTW.

[Edited on 12/23/06 @ 02:41 PM]

Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(Everything worked just as it should. I experienced no lag with settings on very high. Nothing makes me happier than to play a scenario with my gfx at full to see the beauty of the game. The trigger work was not spectacular, but all worked without fail, and I feel that's more important. Overall, very fun. Only complaint, was that the scenario seemed a little short.)

Balance: 4
(On hard setting, the balance seemed leaned a little towrds the enemy, but not bad. On Moderate setting, the balance was clearly on the players side. I found the moderate setting to be a little too easy. I was able to find and destroy the Zulu leader with the forces I had without having to create any new ones.)

Creativity: 5
(The gate idea was especially cool. Great idea there. I also enjoyed the necessity for protecting the engineers and medics in order to succeed. Both of those elements helped to bring this scenario above average.)

Map Design: 4
(The fort was very cool and I liked the attention to terrain elevation throughout the map. Terrain paint and embellishment was lacking, but I suppose that fits the African lands anyway, but still felt a little plain. I think that a better placement of the Zulu camp was in order. Spoiler edited out.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(I don't know much about the history of the Zulu wars, but I don't care. The scripting explained everything fine and the gameplay makes the player feel a sense of urgency. I knew exactly what I needed to do to survive. All objectives were clear.)

Additional Comments:
Great fun. You have a natural talent it seems. I look forward to seeing more from you. I recommend this scenario to anyone.

[Edited on 08/26/06 @ 06:26 PM]

File Author
Thanks for the reviews guys. Knowing the quality of work you both produce it’s great to have you rate my scenario. Sharp I know you have a thing for WW2, so this must have felt a little primitive. Warning- twoqtimes2’s review contains a spoiler which could ruin the last part of the game for everybody! And you give instructions! What have I ever done to you :p

The difficulty issue has been addressed a number of times, my last update made moderate easier because people were finding it too difficult. Is everybody finding it too easy now?
twoqtimes2 Erggh, sorry about the spoiler dude, I wasn't thinking. :(
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