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PortRoyal v2.1 Retired

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Game Version: AoE3
August 1707, at the request of the Governor de Vaudreuil, Castin with 150 of his brave Defeat the British at PortRoyal.

Defend a large fort, Fort PortRoyal, for 30 min. Choreographed attacks make for new and different strategies. Also a chance to fight with Boneguard and fireships.

Readme, for install and drydock art included. No mods necessary.

Search "Pentagoet" at Heaven's Games Age of Empires, Scenario desing forums, for more on this title.

version 2.1 new attack fix and ballance
running patch 1.08

Thanks for supporting s.d.

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
PureAlbino Sziggi’s understanding of the editor is once again revealed in this exciting scenario. The cinematics are an amazing element of his work which make PortRoyal that much more striking to play. The fort itself is very well designed with rotated walls creating innovative earthworks around the main structure. There are many more elements which are very impressive but you’ll see those for yourselves. Right from the very first enemy landing to the very final battle this is great fun. Nicely done Sziggi.

p.s. It’s a little more exciting than ‘Defend a large fort’
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
(Lotsa fun. Longest, most exciting and frantic 30 minutes I have experienced in a while. Fast paced gameplay kept me entertained. I did experience a little lag in the cinematics with settings on very high, but not enough to hurt.)

Balance: 4
(First time through, I felt the balance was spot on. Strategy was needed to survive the onslaught. The second time through, I found a little easy because I discovered a flaw where you could place a couple of the Russian cannons in a certain spot and just wait out the storm. I won't say what the location was here so as not to ruin it for other players.)

Creativity: 5
(As always, your knowledge of the editor and excellent trigger work continues to leave me in awe. I lovehow you take a historic event and make the player feel like he is part of the story.)

Map Design: 5
(Another beautiful map. The fort design was great and the surrounding areas wher filled with detail. After I played, I just looked around the map to see all the attention to detail, all the way down to the roped off river at the edge of the map. Really good stuff dude. The attention to detail in some areas weren't even needed, but the fact that you include them make syour design rise to the top.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(Story was great and I loved how you continued the saga from Pentagoet. The instructions were a little vague, so I had to knock you there. It wasn't until my second go at it that I even saw how you could get resupplied through the one signal fire.Also, when instructed to man the Big Cannon, it would have been nice to have the mini map flsh so I would know were to go. If you will remember, I had the same complaint about Pentagoet :p)

Additional Comments:
I think I covered it all except to tell everyone to play this scenario. A great sequel to Pentagoet and I hope that sziggi continues the saga.
File Author
Very nice review. Dose seem that in each scn requires its own set of tricks. Wanted to post my attack system in the sd forum, yet by the time I finished was less than impressed with it. The enemy did seem to have an inherint tendency to engage forward targets yet seemed the more I directed them the less of this I got. With one trigger pegging the players towncenter and moving units with the "attack now" on, you should get most of what you need, beyond this is alittle more complicated. Yet had I had better conditions for choosing the ground to fight on would have been nice. Next time:) Allrighty cya.

[Edited on 08/25/06 @ 09:22 AM]

Official Reviewer
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I find this scenario to be too hard.
I tried it several times and couldn’t hold the base for more than 20 minutes, even when I paused the game several times.
My suggestion would be to create a “Moderate” level version so average players such as myself can win the game.
I was never able to get the resources from the wagons as the enemy always managed to destroy name. Maybe I waited too long?
I was always short of resources and could train only a few units.
I was unable to train villagers because I was above the population limit, and later on I had to train units.

Balance: 4
I think that the balance is on the enemy’s favor, as their forces are overwhelming.
There is also the feeling that the enemy’s forces are overpowered and that it’s just a matter of time before they take the base.

Creativity: 5
Amazing star fort design, the base I have seen to date.
You actually managed to put units on walls, that’s awesome.
Great cinematic, and very creative scenario.
Ensemble should hire you sziggi to their campaign designer team.

Map Design: 5
Great map design, great port.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very good story and good instructions

Additional Comments:

This scenario has a potential to be a 5 star in my opinion.
Just make an easier level.

There is really no way to hold the fixed gun.
It’s either being destroyed within 30 seconds or being captured by the enemy.
The problem is that my forces are scattered all over the place and even if I pause the game and select all of them in order to send them to the fixed gun, even then it takes them too long to get there, and by then the fixed gun is destroyed.

If I don’t send my forces to the fixed gun then it will be captured by the enemy which is worse.

Maybe moving the fixed gun to the north will make it easier, or just give us more time to bring our forces to the fixed gun.

You have a small bug with the timer – it keeps going even after a defeat.
So if you let it go to zero you would still get your reinforcements.

Another problem – in one of my tries I had almost no forces left, and the enemy was just standing outside my base doing nothing,
They were sending a few units at a time to the gate, but that was all.
I could have won in that scenario, but I stopped it in the middle because it didn’t feel like I deserve to win.
You probably have to instruct all units to move closer to the gate.
The AI doesn’t do a good job here.

It would be great if you take this scenario to the next level (expansion) where the enemy also has a base on the other side of the map, and the objective is not only to defend our base but also to gain water control (the enemy should have more ships), and eventually take the battle to the enemy’s base and destroy it (as well as it’s navy).
That would be a full scale scenario that could take 1 to 2 hours to finish.
So please keep that in mind.

Other than that you have done a great gob, great scenario design.

By the way sziggi, Did you get my email?

File Author
Hi Moshe, thanks for the review, very nicely thought out. Bottom line is your right, this scenario is up for a rework, the enemy advance being foremost in this next ver. Would like to offer a few things to make, play a little easier so these next few lines will relate to that so if you’re not wanting a spoiler than skip it. The first few moments are some of the heaviest attack so we’ll make a few moves right off. First the “Fixed Gun” strat is really just to deny this weapon to the enemy so your ground force is out the door to make its first stand there. I hold back my “Knock Out” units and “Bone Guard” and move the closest cannon up to the outer fortification and a few in the southern corner, out the door. Most of this I lose, yet this gives me time to get the first “Cart” out the door and hold it up just out side the truck camp, (till I'm broke). I get “Castin” (John) and build a trade post and move his “Native Villagers” to the goldmines, and move him around outside the fort. Now you’re at population, but if you go to the Post that is called “cannon” and the signal fires also named you can get some coureur bois and get them out in to the woods in front of the fort.

These moves should put you in good standing to claim the rest of your resources and make a “hold” and keep the game form stalling at the front door (which should be fixed, someday:)).

“”Ensemble should hire you sziggi to their campaign designer team."”

That would be a dream come true, yet not sure how I would operate with out my creative freedom. Thanks again for the consideration of my scn. and looking forward to playing yours too when you release it! >Peace and understanding>. (szig)

[Edited on 08/30/06 @ 09:40 AM]

Official Reviewer
Hi sziggi,

I modified your scenario in attempt to make it easier and played it a few times.
I added a few more villagers and more resources at the start of the game.
I added wild animals, one gold mine close by, and more fish and whale.
I also added 5 houses to allow for 200 population.
I couldn’t win still although I was close (3 min away from victory).
I was able to generate many more units as a result of having more resources, however as I lost my cannons I lost more and more ground.
I therefore think that the ability to create new cannons to replace the ones that get destroyed is essential.
If you would like, I can make some adjustments to your scenario and send it to you to review.
You then can change whatever you like, and publish the easy level.

By the way, my scenario is already out, and you can find it in the first page.
It is called "Conquer the Stronghold and capture the Inca temple".

Best regards,

[Edited on 08/30/06 @ 02:36 PM]

Kahuna382000 Playability: 5
Well, it was essentially amazing. Great fun to play.

Balance: 3
I found it bloody hard, although I suppose I just suck. Although it all just seemed rather towards them to me.

Creativity: 5
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 5
Well, the map was just AMAZING. It was, it... I've got no words for it to be honest. It was stunning.

Story/Instructions: 4
It had a lovely storyline which I found rather easy to follow.

Additional Comments:
I'd like some help, how did you make it so that the barracks could train Boneguard? If you'll help e-mail me on Kahuna382000@yahoo.co.uk Thanks. Great scenario.

[Edited on 01/02/07 @ 04:25 PM]

File Author
Hi Kahuna382000, thanks for the review there were some hints above, did you get look at those at all? Once you have your fist cart out the door hold it up before you cash it in. Oh and the barracks "BoneGuard" are in the "Set Tech" trigger.
Kahuna382000 Cheers, and once again. Great scenario.
File Author
You do realize you brought down my rating based on your own skill level, tisk.
I shouldn't be like that, thanks for the interest, I'm very happy you like it.

[Edited on 09/16/06 @ 01:33 AM]

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