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New France

Author File Description
Welcome to frech colony

----------------New france---------------------

A few of history

As in mine I finish map I made one of France, I I again made another map of a French colonia, in this I have as canada subject the old one, which was a French colony, and after the North American civil war, these parents also turned an English.


It has mounts, as well as in the real world, the snow is not intensive, but it snows, the map has a strong illumination, giving the inpressão that we are same in Quebec, the map is lesser, thus becoming the map is hard and making the person to need to think speed

Adittional features

Real map in the loading

descrition good in the loading

This map have .ddt files,its more real
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piLOL69 really good map
File Author
tanks, my next map in two days...
File Author
it dont have bugs,your install wrong,please see it.

IT no Have bugs!

RF_Gandalf jrfla2006

You do not know very much about random map scripting yet, and you should heed good advice when you get it. I would suggest that you take some time to:

1) learn the game better so you understand what game and map balance is. Take time to play with people, read on the forums, etc, to understand how the game is played and how important it is to have a fair map.

2) study the random map scripting language, there are resources available on line to help you. If you have the game 'Age of Mythology', the guide in that game fits almost everything in AOE3. Even better, copy and paste this link to the RMS Question thread on the Scenario Design forum : http://aoe3.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=ct&f=12,29982,0,20 There you can ask questions and you will find links to the 2 best online resources - the tutorial by MoNtY pYtHoN and the Age of Wiki. You need to learn more about how the scriping really works.

3) Learn to do more than just click buttons on the Random Map Generator program that you downloaded from that German game site. The program, while interesting and capable of making a script, makes very buggy scripts at times. It also does not really do well balanced, fair scripts, due to the way that the resources, natives and trade routes are placed. There are better ways to script.

4) When you use that Random Map Generator program(and from opening your scripts, that is all you have used) you should then examine carefully the results and test under different player numbers and see if the objects and units you scripted were actually placed, and above all make sure that they are placed fairly.

5) Learn to use the random map debugger. Go to your start button, right click it, open the 'Explore all users' option, and find your Age of Empires III icon in the right hand window. copy the icon and paste it back in the same window, rename it to AOEIII with map debugger. Then right click on the icon, open Properties (the last choice on most menus), and you will see a line for Target. After the wording in that Target window (where you installed AOEIII) carefully add these words: +debugRandomMaps Then click Apply or OK to save the change. Now this will allow you to start up the game with the random map debugger running. Start your maps under this program and you will truly see if there are bugs in your maps (and there are - many, I checked).

6) Again, I say learn to take good advice. When someone like dr nefarious takes time to review your map and gives wise constructive criticism, you should listen. He gave you suggestions to improve on your maps and you did not listen, you only protested. He was very generous with his advice, and very generous with his review scores as well. According to the 'official' guidelines first established on this site several years ago for reviewing the maps of AOK: The Conquerors, the severe balance issues and the failed resource placement on your maps would rate a score of 1 or 2.

Please listen to us and learn more about random maps, and use your energy toward creating fair, balanced maps that people can enjoy!


[Edited on 08/28/06 @ 08:23 PM]

File Author
i dont make more maps for heavengames,now i going work in braziliam sites. bye forever
dr nefarious That's a pitty, HG could use some more active designers. But don't expect me to feel guilty about it. My advice was well meant, and if you'd sooner try to find someone who will praise your work as it is than to work on improving it... Well, that's your decision.
RF_Gandalf jrfla2006

Sorry to hear of your response. I would prefer you to continue - and there are some of us here who take an interest in helping people learn.

Maybe part of the problem is language - not understanding that we are not 'tearing down' your work to be critical, we are just trying to honestly help you understand what is wrong and pointing out what you could do to improve your work.

Good luck.


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