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New France

Author File Description
Welcome to frech colony

----------------New france---------------------

A few of history

As in mine I finish map I made one of France, I I again made another map of a French colonia, in this I have as canada subject the old one, which was a French colony, and after the North American civil war, these parents also turned an English.


It has mounts, as well as in the real world, the snow is not intensive, but it snows, the map has a strong illumination, giving the inpressão that we are same in Quebec, the map is lesser, thus becoming the map is hard and making the person to need to think speed

Adittional features

Real map in the loading

descrition good in the loading

This map have .ddt files,its more real
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
dr nefarious
Map Design3.0
Rating: 3
First of all, there are bugs in the script! Try to open it with the editor in debug mode, and you'll find at least two problems.
I didn't like the map design. I think the many empty cliffs look just plain ugly with their snow textures abruptly changing to "normal" ground. Try to find textures which make for a more natural transition!
The map has several balance problems. Natives, treasures and mines are placed completely random so players can get big advantages/disadvantages here. A player can basically end up with no coin apart from his starting silver mine while his opponent has several gold mines conveniently close to his starting position. The same goes for natives and treasures. (Besides, one treasure per player for the whole map is just not enough.)
To a lesser extent this is also true for the herds of cows around. There are always four of them placed in a circle, so in a two player game both player should at least be able to find some of them, though civilizations starting with additional scouts are at a definite advantage here. But with more than four players the map becomes almost unplayable, as four players will usually be able to bag one herd each close to their town center while the rest won't have a chance to find anything except for their starting sheep.
Finally, the blockhouses: They are fine for Russians who get to train all their infantry units from them. But other civilizations are not as lucky, Germans for example can only train pikemen there, and Ottomans nothing at all! If you want to add military buildings, you'd probably better go with a Texas-like approach, i.e. with two blockhouses for Russians, and two towers plus one barracks for everybody else.

Additional Comments:
I appreciate you being so productive, but perhaps you should invest more time into your maps instead of creating a new one every few days.
Most important: Before you upload your maps you should actually play them, and more than once or twice. Play them many, many times and then once more, preferably with friends on the LAN, so you can receive immediate feedback on how to improve them. All your maps I've seen so far contain serious balance issues, and you definitely need to avoid problems in this area, as balance is probably the most important single factor of a good RMS design.

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Map Design3.0
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