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HC MOD 4.4 - China

Author File Description
Cath_Sean This mod contains China, Circle, Native and 3 SPC home cities. It only works for AOE3 1.09. You could still play normal AOE3 after installing the mod.

Use "hcmod-setup.exe" to install or uninstall the mod. You don't need backup anything.
Use "Run HC MOD.exe" to play this mod.

The Chinese voice files are from AOC.

"Super Unit MOD" is packed in this mod. Enter "tuck tuck tuck" to get a truck and you could train super units with it.

Many thanks to "Lord Tahattus". He made many flag/button pictures for the mod :)

Email: sean_wangxiao@hotmail.com
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File Author
Edit: I have solved the bug.

China civ bonus:
1, TC support 20 pop.
2, some units cost 10% less.
3, xbows shoot faster, have guard/imp upgrade.
4, pikemen have guard/imp upgrade.
5, galleons have imp upgrade.
6, Manchu horse archers have imp upgrade.
7, new unique church techs.


[Edited on 09/12/06 @ 11:07 PM]

irish_legend8 looks good but a bit more info on china would be great
jrfla2006 it idea is good,i dont rating now because i dont download now,but more later i download your mod
Otto ManLS Will you still be able to play online with this mod or be able to download any of the non-china mods and still play online.
File Author
Yes, you could still play online.

Whenever you run the mod, it will copy some files to the data folder and restore normal 1.09 files when you quit aoe 3.

[Edited on 09/20/06 @ 04:29 AM]

You suck16 SUCKS! This mod sucks out loud! Everyone stay away from it. EW smell that? It's this piece of **** mod! I'd rather gouge out my own eyes than use this mod!
Yours sincerely,
You suck
File Author
Why do you say this? any reason?
Griffon Sirus I do see the civ. China in the savegame file, but not in the game.....I've just got 4 new civs
File Author
Don't choose "uninstall" when you run the hcmod-setup.exe.
Arcanjo Zero Great mode.

But, I've to point out some things you may improve in it.
With the civs I've played so far I found these things out:

well, the ingame flag is the Circle flag... Maybe you could ask to Tahattus to make a Natives ingame flag.
They should be able to build trading posts. The lack of this feature gives to their enemies a advantage about trading routes, and it's weird that the natives can't ally with other natives and research native's special techs.
The Elite Jaguar Warriors (from special church tech) doesn't work.

They should have acess to stable and hussars (or maybe hulans or lancers?) in the 2nd age, 'cause they don't have a good archer counter in Colonial.
They don't have any good artillery in 3rd, or even a good counter for falconets. You should let them get at least the culverin, I think.
The Circle fort doesn't produce any unit, it should be fixed.

Good civ. I'm affraid they're a bit overpowered, since the villagers cost is only 90 food and the houses support more pop.
They also have acess to many different units through shipments in the 2nd age, different of any other civ in the game which gets only 2 or maybe max 3 types of units trhough shipments in Colonial.

I didn't have time to play as Boston, St.Louis or Malta yet... May I post some additional comment when I get it, but I can say you that all these 3 civs have 44 slots for HC cards in their decks.
I think you've to fix it. I also saw that Malta can receive a shipment of 2 mortars in 3rd age, is that right?

Little more about flags...
You could ask to Tahattus to make the postgame flags that are missing to your patch.


[Edited on 10/02/06 @ 12:42 PM]

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