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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Authorized by sziggi: PortRoyal V3.0

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Authorized by sziggi: PortRoyal V3.0

Author File Description
MosheLevi August 1707, at the request of the Governor de Vaudreuil, Castin with 150 of his brave Defeat the British at PortRoyal.

Defend a large fort, Fort PortRoyal, for 30 min. Choreographed attacks make for new and different strategies. Also a chance to fight with Boneguard and fireships.

Copy spc_dry_dock.ddto to Program Files/Microsoft Games/Age of Empires III/art/buildings/spc/dry_dock

Readme, for install and drydock art included. No mods necessary.

Search "Pentagoet" at Heaven's Games Age of Empires, Scenario desing forums, for more on this title.

Thanks for supporting s.d.



PortRoyal V3.0


With sziggi's permission I modified the PortRoyal scenario and created a "Moderate" version, as version V2.1 was too hard to beat.

I also fixed a few problems as followed:

Town Center showed the next age to be age 4, but in fact it was still in age 1 and not age 3.
As a result dock age 2 upgrades were not available.
I set it up to the town center is in age 3.

When the player was defeated, the timer kept going, and the victory effect was triggered.
The timer now goes away when the player is defeated.

Fixed victory and defeat triggers so the player can see the post game statistics.

Large fix gun did not have enough hit points and it was getting destroyed in less than a minute.
I added 2000 more hit points to the large fix gun so it would last longer.

I added more resources to the map such as fish, whale, wild animals, and gold mine.

I added more houses so the population cap for the player is increased.
I added artillery foundry to train cannons (if you can get enough gold).

For Moderate level I added fishing boats and more villagers.
This should help to collect more resources and train more units to defend the fort.


At the beginning of the scenario there is not enough time to select all the units in order to send them to the battle.
In addition to that there are idle villagers and fishing boats that need to be assigned.
I would therefore recommend using the Pause button and assign all the units to their tasks when the game is paused.

When you go bellow the population limit, I would recommend training more fishing boats and villagers.
This will help you collect more resources when your resources are depleted.

Thank you,

Moshe Levi
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Laid to R3st
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
I had no lag with this map, except in the beginning during the cinematic. After the map was loaded it took a little while for the map to start. The Dialog could have been played for a little bit longer because it takes sometime to read.

Balance: 4
I was out numbered, BUT i understand why, i have the fortress, and the attackers do not. The other thing was the un expected Native attack on my dock, which immediatly ruined my strategy. Maybe you should put an outpost near the dock?

Creativity: 5
Let me say this, the fort, was one of the best i have ever seen on aoe3. I like the idea of the walls at an angle, it made the fotress look very realistic. The eyecandy in the fort was plentiful, and most everywhere there were trees which i would use anyday to fill in extra space.
Map Design: 5
I had the intention that Port Royal was fromt eh Movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean" I guess i was wrong, great mapdesign though.

Story/Instructions: 3
I wasnt sure what you meant by the wagons, and clicking on the pens. I wasnt sure where to bring the wagons, and thats why you lost some points. Also, I figured there were two place where the wagons spawned when you clicked on the building, i couldnt find the buildings, only the live stock pens.

Additional Comments: I think you did a very good job on this map. The instructions need tweaking. How did you get the walls at that angle? You should make more maps like this. Maybe a battle-not a skirmish-but a battle, with storyline, and events leading up to the battle. I think that would be epic. In all you did a excellent job! I look forward to seeing more maps made by you in the single player scenarios!

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Map Design5.0
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