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Allied Tribes

Author File Description
RF_Gandalf Allied Tribes
A random map script by RF_Gandalf

Allied Tribes is a new Random Map Script with a unique focus on using Native American (NA) units. In a typical RM there is a limited ability to use the special NA warriors and techs - these might not be available to all players as the number of villages is limited on the standard maps. Also, their usefulness is limited when you can only field so many of them at a time, and there can be questions regarding the usefulness of upgrades when you cannot make a lot of the units. This map helps overcome these limitations wiht some unique features.

First, close to each player's start position are 3 different NA villages - yes, 3 per player!

Second, these are custom designed NA villages, each containing 2 usable trade post sockets!

Each player therefore starts with 6 possible sites to build NA trade posts nearby his TC, 2 each for 3 different tribes.

The map is an all-land map, and is a little larger than the ES land maps. This map features 18 different randomly chosen terrain patterns, from northern snow or tundra to southern jungle or pampas. Each terrain pattern has associated different fauna, with some randomization of these as well. Additional randomized features include cliffs, ponds, elevation or mountains. Lastly, the NA villages associated with each terrain pattern have some randomization as well. In general the tribes chosen for each pattern are representative of the geographic area (for example, no Inca and Cree, and no Iroquois and Tupi on the same maps), with a little "artistic license" to achieve the goals of varied tribes and combinations for the sake of gameplay.

The food resources on each map can vary slightly. There are always 3 'herds' of some type per player - the numbers vary randomly and types will vary per map theme. Most of the maps have sheep, cows or llamas, and those that do not have an additional group of huntable animals. Most of the map patterns have some berries at the start area. All maps have 2 silver mines per player near the start area (though the second is just out of the starting screen), with an additional few in the map's more central areas.

In my testing this map produces fair, balanced maps for 2 team play with a wide variety of possible strategies. Effective play involves scouting the various resources, Native types, and of course, the enemy. This map also supports FFA play perfectly without problems.

To play this map, the two files (allied tribes.xs and allied tribes.xml) must be placed in the folder: My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM. All of the files that start with "double" (the custom native villages) must be placed in a special folder where you installed the game, by default it is in Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires 3\RM\groupings. This is a folder that contains special 'groups' of items created in the scenario editor for use in a random map, like the Native villages or groups of grasses clustered together which ES has already used as groupings. These custom native villages could be used by other players in making their own maps.

When you start up a skirmish game in Single-player or Multiplayer, use the small blue 'Custom Map' button, which allows you to then select one the random maps in that My Games folder from the drop-down window.

NOTE - if you place the files in the wrong folders the map will not work right. PAY ATTENTION TO THE DIRECTIONS!

NOTE - you cannot play this in MP unless both players have previously downloaded the file and installed the map files AND groupings - the map files transfer in MP but the grouping files (the custom native villages) will not. The player who received the transferred map without the grouping files will not have the NA villages and the game seems to go OOS after starting. Works fine if you follow the directions!

NOTE - this is not a 'mod' - it does not change any of your files from the normal installation. The use of these groupings is a new feature for RMS in AOE3 compared to prior games, and will likely lead to many more interesting maps with regard to map appearance and gameplay as well.

Note that the .xml file is updated to give the map description at startup.

I have had a great time in making and play-testing this map, especially with the use of some of the more advanced cards that foster the use of native warriors. In some cases, the natives seem a little OP so players should be prepared to use them!

Feedback appreciated!
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Startrekman I have not played a full game on it but the map looks great.

I have just one question.

Why didn't you make it so that the double files for the tribes would be put in the

"C:\Documents and Settings\Richard A Earl\My Documents\My Games\Age of Empires 3\RM\groupings"

folder instead of the \rm\groupings under Program Files?

Seems like ES set it up so we could keep our groupings files in My Documents also or am I wrong.

I am not criticizing your method. I am just wondering about it.

[Edited on 11/19/05 @ 12:52 PM]

File Author
I tried it that way, which I expected to work. Unfortunately it did not. So I tried putting them in the same folder as the ES groupings and lo and behold it worked. I assume it is a bug - that they did not intend for it to work this way.
File Author
yes, the AI is not very good at using the multiple natives; that is not the map's fault. You would have to try on the hardest level to make it competitive.
lifereloaded still a great map i have played in multi and what a trip it can be.

mappam I am having a "senior moment" and can NOT seem to get these maps to work. Sorry to be so dense today LOL

You say "special folder" - what and where? Create a new one?

I have tried putting the 'Double' files into:
My Documents/My games/Age3/RM
My Documents/My games/Age3/RM/Groupings
Program Files/Microsoft Games.....Groupings

I can get the new maps - just NO native villages at all.

Thank you so much for any and all information - I am looking forward to trying these new maps!
File Author
There is a folder in your 'game install' folder, which by default is:
Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires III\RM\groupings.
If you look in that folder there are already many files in there that ES used - the normal NA villages, grass clusters, etc. Just put the 'double' files all in that folder. Should work. Be sure you are not mistakely putting them in the AOE3 trial folder or somewhere else.
mappam Thank you so much for the fast reply! I appreciate it as it worked like a charm - I just used nothing but Native Warriors and "free" units to defeat the enemy!

This was fun - different - thanks for creating these maps!
shabbit I enjoy the map a bunch, thanks RF_Gandalf! Is there a way to make all natives possible on the map, regardless of region, maybe through a different version of the map?
File Author
The answer is yes.
But what was the question?
Are you asking if all tribes could be randomly chosen for a map, same three per each player? That is, say randomly for a Yukon type map could there be Inca, Iroquois and Carib? Or are you asking if all 12 tribes could be on the same map, one of each per player(that would be awfully crowded and confusing)? Or are you asking if players could have different tribes?
Any of these are possible, not sure if all desirable. Which of these did you mean?
shabbit I was asking if all 12 tribes could be randomly selected for one map, so that it would be possible to have Carib/Nootka/Aztec combinations for teams who want strong explorers. Just something I wanted to try out. :)
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