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Campaign Walkthrough: Chinese

  • Chinese Campaign (8 KB)
  • First Mission

In the beginning, you have a sizeable army, but don't be lulled into thinking you can defeat your enemy so fast. Start with moving most of your villagers on food - there's a herd of animals southeast of your camp. Have your town center producing villagers constantly. Put the town center gather point on wood and put the rest of your villagers to cut wood as well. Gather the nearby treasures with your army. You'll be periodically attacked from the sea and on land, so don't stray too far to begin with. Don't waste your units on the shore, trying to take out the enemy ships - your town center is more than capable of taking care of them. While fighting, use your two heroes to kill larger groups of enemies. Captain Huang's Heavenly Fire can take out multiple units from distance, whereas Lao Chen will have to close in.

Once you have 200 wood, build a village. After that, you should build a war academy and a market. As your first shipments, choose Chu Ko Nu and Qiang pikemen. Once the war academy has been built, build two Old Han Armies. In the meantime, start researching economy upgrades at the market. Choose the 600 Gold shipment, collect it and send the Wokou Junk. The junk will be able to take out the outlying ships. Due south from your dock is an enemy dock, which you should also be able to destroy. Remember to unload the Wokou Horsemen from the ship to join your main army, though.

Keep building villagers, you'll need to have a powerful economy. Once your two Old Han armies are out, you should head west to destroy the castle. You'll encounter some enemies, which you shouldn't have trouble dealing with, but keep your pikemen out of the fight. They should be sieging the castle, not fighting enemy Chu Ko Nu. When the castle has been destroyed, you get a ship and a dock nearby. Use the dock to heal your junk and whenever there are enemy boats, use both ships to destroy them. Now it should also be relatively safe to use the hunts west of your town.

Queue villagers on gold and keep getting economy upgrades - going to third age is now a priority. Build a trading post, but don't bother with the second spot yet. You can also build a consulate. Choose whatever you wish, going with Chinese mercenaries is not a bad idea though, since it gives you an additional bonus to resource gathering. Age up with the Porcelain Tower. Bolster your army with more units and upgrade them. Start moving to the second trading post to secure it and send your shipments. Keep them as a garrison in your town, you'll most likely have to fight on two fronts. Once you've built the trading post, go west and destroy the barracks to halt further enemy attacks from that direction. In case you've already ran out of gold, there are also good deposits, which you can cover with the town center rickshaw shipment.

By now, if you have been producing villagers and getting economy upgrades, you should have the resources to go to Industrial Age. Do so with the wonder of your choice - the rest of the scenario is basically just cleaning up the places. Make sure you have built 6 villages and send the refugee cards for extra villagers. Train armies as you see fit. Upgrade your units and head east to free the villagers. After that, with two armies you should be able to take down the enemy, the easiest way to do this is to attack both from north and south.

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