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Campaign Walkthrough: Indian

  • Indian Campaign (8 KB)
  • First Mission

Build your town center right away, the area is good. Claim the treasures and herdable animals nearby and start building an economy. As your first shipment, send sepoys. After that, you can continuously send the 500 wood shipment, as the other shipments you have aren't that useful.

Once the sepoy shipment is out, go claim the trading post. To reduce losses, it's a good idea to hit and run the enemies. Build your own trading post. A few enemies come to your base from the west, so send 5-6 sepoys there. Build a market and keep expanding your economy with upgrades and constant villager production. The 500 wood shipment is pretty good, since Indians get experience points from the herdable animals (even more so when you build the sacred field) - you can have most of your villagers on food and gold for unit production.

Go take out the barracks to the east with your army, remember to use Nanib's Eye of the Assassin and Fire Command special abilities. Build a barracks, upgrade your sepoys and train some gurkha. For this scenario, we're aiming for an army, which consists of Gurkhas and Sepoys, with Siege elephants for siege. Don't worry, there'll be a lot of elephants used in the next scenario.

Once you have about 15 gurkhas, 15 sepoys and 2-3 siege elephants, start pushing forward at east. Keep training more units, as you will unavoidably suffer casualties. There will be some units, a caravanserai, barracks and a castle. Take them out. You will run out of gold soon, so build another town center there to expand your economy faster. Keep on pushing and producing villagers, you don't actually need to go to Industrial age, if you keep producing sepoys and gurkhas. Eventually you'll have the resources for it anyway.

You will be attacked periodically in your base, so train units both at your base and at your forward economy/attack site. Don't hesitate to build a third town center, if you need the gold. Build another castle and a few barracks there so that your units don't have to walk too far. The enemy will have mahout elephants, so you'll probably need some zamburaks or howdah elephants too in order to decrease losses.

Build trading posts at trade route and at the saltpeter sites, from which you get some resource crates, so bring along villagers. Proceed with one site at a time until the last one of them falls and you control every single trading post site.

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