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Campaign Walkthrough: Japanese

  • Japanese Campaign (8 KB)
  • First Mission

At start, queue villagers with all your food at your town center - put the villager gather point on berries. Now every time you have 100 food, queue another villager at the town center (default hotkey: T). Take off 2 villagers from gold and put them to gather wood. Use the other 2 villagers to build shrines with all your wood so that each shrine has 4 nearby animals. There are 4 groups of animals close to your town center. Start to scout with Kichiro and Mototada and take the nearby treasures. When you've built 4 shrines, put these two villagers on gold.

As your first 2 shipments, take Ashigaru musketeers. When your first batch of musketeers comes out, take your army, along with Kichiro and Mototada, and head east. You'll receive a secondary objective to take out a Ronin camp. Continue straight to the Ronin camp - with your army you'll be able to take them out. While your army is moving there, you should have about 125 wood - take two villagers off berries and build a shrine near the herd of animals in the village you just discovered. Remember to send your 2nd shipment of Ashigaru musketeers to join your army.

While you're fighting, keep Daimyo Mototada alive and let him train more Ashigaru musketeers. As your next shipments, choose Yumi archers. In the meantime, every time you have 125 wood, build a new shrine at each nearby herd of 4 huntables. After the barracks and the tower are destroyed, send the 2 villagers you brought to build shrines to gather the 500 gold at the destroyed Ronin camp and head back to your camp with your army, taking the treasures along the way. Build further shrines with those 2 villagers, too. Thankful for your help, the northern Japanese village will blow up the northern wall surrounding Osaka. With your next shipments, take 3 Samurai. If in the meantime your home camp gets attacked, don't hesitate to call the irregulars and sentries - you should be able to take the attackers out without much sweat.

If all goes well, with the help of the 500 gold and the treasures, you should have approximately the resources (1200 food and 1000 gold) to go to the next age, Fortress Age. Build the Golden Palace wonder with 8 villagers. When you have 200 wood, build a barracks and instead of food, start queueing villagers on gold and wood. Head south to the other village. They'll request you to build a castle in their base - build it as soon as you can.

Once in 3rd age, research Disciplined Ashigaru and send more Ashigaru musketeers from your home city. When the castle is finished, you'll gain entry at the western gates. Go on forward - your army should be strong enough to deal with his army. Train more Ashigaru musketeers from your barracks. You'll encounter another objective - take out the towers that guard the farmers. You can do so, if you've kept queuing villagers to bolster your economy since you can then keep queueing more units all the time. Build barracks closer, so you don't have to rely on Mototada to supply you with units. Keep musketeers as the core of your army and let Mototada train the necessary counter units. The farmers will revolt and you'll have a good chance to strike north, where the enemy has expanded.

If you want, you can go on for the 4th secondary objective - rescue the captured woodcutters of Osaka - but it's not very necessary since your economy should now be a lot better than his due to your shrines and villagers. Once you feel you're ready go siege the walls of Osaka and kill the enemy units. When you've breached the walls go directly for his Town Center, as destroying it wins you this mission.

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