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Chinese Unique Buildings

The following list has the objective to analyze the buildings which are unique in function to the Chinese Civilization. This means that it doesn't have information about common shared buildings. For information regarding buildings' stats' values, please check the Buildings Page. For detailed information about Wonder abilities and age up bonuses, see the Wonders Table. Thanks!

  • Confucian Academy

  • Confucian Academy (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • This Wonder will autospawn the Flying Crow unit.
  • Consulate

  • Consulate (5 KB)
  • Economic/Military
  • This building will allow Asian Civilizations to establish trade with European Nations and gain access to their unique abilities and units.
  • Porcelain Tower

  • Porcelain Tower (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Acting like the European factory, the Porcelain Tower will enable the player to generate a small trickle of resources (food, wood, gold, XP or Export points) of the players' choice.
  • Summer Palace

  • Summer Palace (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Similar to the Confucian Academy, the Summer Palace the Summer Palace will automatically spawn the players' choice of Banner armies.
  • Temple of Heaven

  • Temple of Heaven (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • China's 4th wonder enables a spell which will auto-heal all the Chinese units on the map. The Temple will also give the Chinese Monk the ability to heal other units not currently engaged in combat.
  • Village

  • Village (5 KB)
  • Economic
  • An interesting hybrid of a Livestock Pen, a House and an Outpost, the Village is a very flexible building for the Chinese player. Villagers can be garrisoned in Villages and provide gunfire, making this building of much use against raids. They start supporting 20 pop, however can be upgraded a several times and support up to 35, allowing China to reach a limit of 220 population.
  • War Academy

  • War Academy (5 KB)
  • Military
  • Instead of having separate Barracks and Stable buildings, the Chinese player has the ability to build the War Academy, from which both infantry and cavalry units will be available. The War Academy doesn't train units separately, but instead train Banner Armies. To know more about Banner Armies and the units available in the War Academy, see the Chinese Units Page.
  • White Pagoda

  • White Pagoda (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Increases the attack and hit points of the Chinese monk and his disciples in addition to increasing the allowed number of Disciples that the Monk can train.