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Indian Unique Buildings

The following list has the objective to analyze the buildings which are unique in function to the Indian Civilization. This means that it doesn't have information about common shared buildings. For information regarding buildings' stats' values, please check the Buildings Page. For detailed information about Wonder abilities and age up bonuses, see the Wonders Table. Thanks!

  • Agra Fort

  • Agra Fort (9 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Similar to the European fort but not as strong, the Agra Fort wonder will be a useful defensive structure for the Indians.
  • Charminar Gate

  • Charminar Gate (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Once built, the Charminar Gate can train Mansabdar units. Mansabdar units have two times the hitpoints of their regular versions and cost twice as much. They have an that aura boosts similar units' hitpoints and damage.
  • Consulate

  • Consulate (5 KB)
  • Economic/Military
  • This building will allow Asian Civilizations to establish trade with European Nations and gain access to their unique abilities and units. India will be allowed to align with the British, Portuguese, French, and Ottomans. The British alliance gives your units add hit points. Allying with the French gives a gathering bonus.
  • Karni Mata

  • Karni Mata (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Provides a boost to the amount of resources gathered by nearby villagers.
  • Sacred Field

  • Sacred Field(5 KB)
  • Economic
  • The Sacred Field is India's replacement for a Livestock Pen. Herdable animals can be tasked here and generate Experience Points faster. It can also train Sacred Cows.
  • Taj Mahal

  • Taj Mahal (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • The famous Taj Mahal building in India is represented in-game by this wonder, which when built allows the player to research a special 'Ceasefire' technology that stops enemy players from attacking Indian units for a short amount of time.
  • Tower Of Victory

  • Tower Of Victory (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • The Tower of Victory wonder has the special 'Inspiration' ability which temporarily increases the attack, hitpoints and speed of all the Indian land military units.