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Indian Overview

Indian Elephants (14kb)

Elephant siege - the Indians will be able to field an array of armoured War Elephants.

During The Asian Dynasties time-period, the Mughal Empire controlled India and much of the region around it.

The most significant detail about the Indian economy is that their villagers cost wood instead of food. Lots of wood will be required early on in the game since not only must villagers be built with it, but it will also be required to build houses and any other buildings needed early on. Like the Dutch, playing India will require quite a bit of change from the traditional civilizations.

The Indian decks will completely lack any villager cards, yet they make up for this in a big way. Most homecity shipments also send one villager along with them, similar to how German shipments also send Uhlans. This opens up a few interesting early game possibilities, since without the villager cards they will be able to send other shipments to carve out a strategy in the Discovery Age.

The Indians also have another unique ability. Due to their reverence for cows, they are unable to use them as a food source. Instead they can place the herdables into a Sacred Field (a substitute for a livestock pen) to generate extra experience points.

Pro's -

  • Very flexible military
  • Great wonders (Karni Mata/Agra Fort/Tower of Inspiration)
  • Solid economy

    Con's -

  • A very different play style since villagers cost wood
  • Very HC/upgrade dependent - you just plain need certain cards/upgrades.
  • Elephants are really pop heavy for their cost.