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Japanese Unique Buildings

The following list has the objective to analyze the buildings which are unique in function to the Japanese Civilization. This means that it doesn't have information about common shared buildings. For information regarding buildings' stats' values, please check the Buildings Page. For detailed information about Wonder abilities and age up bonuses, see the Wonders Table. Thanks!

  • Consulate

  • Consulate (5 KB)
  • Economic/Military
  • This building will allow Asian Civilizations to establish trade with European Nations and gain access to their unique abilities and units.
  • Golden Pavillion

  • Golden Pavillion (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Building this wonder enables the Japanese player to choose a bonus for their military troops and is also able to research Advanced Arsenal technologies.
  • Great Buddha

  • Great Buddha (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • The Great Buddha wonder shows all enemy unit line-of-sight (similarly to the Spy technology) for a short period of time.
  • Shogunate

  • Shogunate (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Once completed the Shogunate wonder reduces the training time and price for the expensive Japanese military units and can also retrain killed Daimyos.
  • Shrine

  • Shrine (5 KB)
  • Economic
  • To compensate for their lack of ability to go hunting, the Japanese have the Shrine building. Shrines, once built, attract wildlife, which slowly aid in generating resources. While at the shrines, animals cannot be hunted by opposing players; the shrines must be destroyed first. It also acts as the Japanese house, supporting 10 population units.
  • Torri Gates

  • Torri Gates (5 KB)
  • Wonder
  • Creating units and buildings as well as destroying opponent's units and buildings grants 50% more experience points.