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Japanese Strategies

The Japanese are a very agile civilization, and is able to perform a number of unique strategies. Look below for each specific one. Think that your strategy belongs here? Simply email me (CookieCrisp13) cookiecrisp(at) to suggest your strategy, and if it works well enough, and you know a bit of html, it will be added!

  • The Japanese Ashigaru Musketeer Mangle

  • This strategy involves the use of Japan's powerful Daimyo which is available in age II from a card. He will be used as a baracks in addition to your constructed barracks, not only providing a mobile base to recieve shipments but also as a fallback should your first barracks fall.
  • The Japanese Asian Diplomatic Exchange

  • The JADE is a powerful combination of Japan's advantageous cards and its additive shogunate advantage, which pair together to form an ultracheap, ultrastrong band of native infantry and units that will defeat your opponent cost-wise.
  • The Good Faith Fortress

  • The GoFF is a fast fortress strategy guide to utilize Japan's powerful consulate options such as the spanish experience trickle and improvements, the Dutch's powerful economic bonuses, and Isolation's powerful and auto upgraded units. Japan can also send most fortress cards twice- allowing for a lengthened fortress battle should you be pushed back. This strategy was featured on ES's homepage AgeCommunity shortly after its completion.