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Japanese Units

The following units are available to the Japanese civilization, either in one or more buildings or through unique shipments. This list doesn't include mercenaries, outlaws, Consulate units and minor natives even if Japan has access to them. Soon you will have access to all the new The Asian Dynasties units and their stats in our Units Database.

  • Ashigaru Musketeer

  • Ashigaru (4 KB)
  • HeavyInfantry, Infantry, GunpowderTrooper, RangedInfantry
  • The Ashigaru Musketeer is a powerful and fast moving version of the standart European Musketeer. He may be more expensive, but the extra speed allows the Ashigaru to catch slower units such as archers and skirmishers. As there are plenty of upgrades available he can even match European infantry late in the game.
  • Daimyo

  • Daimyo (4 KB)
  • HandCavalry, Daimyo, HeavyCavalry, Cavalry
  • A unit unique to the Japanese civilization, the Daimyo is a powerful cavalry unit that boosts nearby units' damage. A Daymo is able to create troops (like a mobile barracks) and can be used as a shipment drop-off point. There are a total of three different Daimyos that can be acquired through shipments and The Shogunate: Daymio Mototada, Daymio Masamune and Daymio Kiyomasa.
  • Flaming Arrow

  • Flaming Arrow (4 KB)
  • Artillery
  • The Flaming Arrow is a siege weapon that is available in Fortress Age. It is a weaker, though also slighty cheaper, version of the European Falconet, being strong against both buildings and infantry units.
  • Monk

  • Monk (4 KB)
  • Archer, Infantry, RangedInfantry, CanSeeStealth, Monk, JapaneseMonk
  • The Monk is the Asian civilizations' equivalent of the European Explorer unit or the Native Warchief. Japan starts the game with two of these units. Monks don't have the sharpshooter attack, yet they have a stun ability to aid them in collecting treasures. Japanese Monks are armed with a bow. They have a killing blow passive ability which gives their attacks the chance to instantly kill units with little hitpoints remaining. They can also throw a smoke bomb to reappear instantly at the Town Center.
  • Morutaru

  • Morutaru (4 KB)
  • Artillery
  • The Morutaru is a Japanese Mortar, available at Industrial Age. They are weaker than the said European units, but are also cheaper. Use them to take down buildings and ships from great distances.
  • Naganita Rider

  • naginatarider (4 KB)
  • HandCavalry, Lancer, HeavyCavalry, Cavalry
  • This melee cavalry is Japan's hussar counterpart. Armed with a nagigata they perform better against skirmishers and archers. They also have higher ranged resistance than most similar cavalry units.
  • Samurai

  • Samurai (4 KB)
  • Infantry, HeavyInfantry, HandInfantry
  • Expensive but powerful, the Samurai is among the best melee fighters available in Colonial Age, and due to the large array of upgrades available it remains strong through all stages of the game. Its attack deals damage to every enemy in a small area around the target. The Samurai is also great at sieging enemy buildings.
  • Yabusame

  • yabusame (4 KB)
  • RangedCavalry, Cavalry, Archer, LightCavalry
  • The Yabusame is Japanese's ranged cavalry. Although they may be weak against most military units, they are very strong against heavy cavalry and incredibly powerful against artillery. Because of that they are Japan's main answer to enemy siege units.
  • Yumi Archer

  • yumiarcher (4 KB)
  • Archer, Infantry, RangedInfantry
  • The Yumi Archer is your defense against infantry rushes in Age II. They may fire slower than other archers, but their arrows deal great damage, making them a dominant unit early in the game. Combine them with samurais for a powerful combo.