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Below is a list of all the reviews for The WarChiefs. If there's a review that isn't on here yet please email us with a link, and we'll add it to the list. The reviews are sorted by highest score in descending order. Below the link and score for each review is a short excerpt from the review.

The average review score for The WarChiefs is 83% so far from 21 reviews.

Link Score (%)
GameZone 9.5/10 (95%)
"Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs is a must-have expansion pack for any gamer who owns the original game. There are a lot of new additions to this game that will keep you coming back for more for hours on end."
Gamespy 4.5/5 (90%)
"The single-player game has its charms, but the new multiplayer additions are the real reason to pick up The WarChiefs." 9/10 (90%)
"At this point, WarChiefs turns into an exciting exercise in completely rethinking old strategies. And this, after all, is what the best expansion packs do: not just add, but entirely revise."
Game Industry 4.5/5 (90%)
"The War Chiefs really expands the AoE III world. It’s one of the best expansion packs we have experienced and is well worth the money for both experienced AoE III players and those that want to get started with the game with a bit of an additional bang."
Gameplanet 4.5/5 (90%)
"This is a great expansion pack for a very popular game. Its additional units and civilizations, together with enhancements to existing civilizations have a lot to offer fans of the series. If you have the original, this is a must-have."
Video Game Pub 8.9/10 (89%)
"First off, I would like to say "Damn you, Ensemble Studios!." I thought my Age of Empires III addiction was finally over, but no, you had to go and release an expansion pack. Now, you have once again forced me to rekindle my addiction, for this I will never forgive you."
GameInformer 8.75/10 (88%)
"If all that matters to you is more content for your aging copy of Age of Empires III, then The Warchiefs has you covered. However, if your taste in expansion packs is slightly more refined, this title will leave you wanting more."
GamePro 4.25/5 (85%)
"If you're looking for untraditional RTS combat and resource management or crazy science fiction or fantasy themes look elsewhere. But if the classic RTS formula is right up your alley, Ensemble studios has proven with WarChief's that Age of Empires is all you need."
GamingTrend 85% (85%)
"For fans of the genre, or for people who enjoyed AOEIII, this is a good expansion, and well worth the money. Many hours will probably be lost at LAN parties and on the net to multiplayer games of this worthy expansion."
ActionTrip 85% (85%)
"Warchiefs successfully intertwines the Native American civilizations with the European colonist units and structures as seen in the original. In Warchiefs, you can play with one of three new civilizations - Aztec, Iroquois, or Sioux - each with unique units, buildings and abilities." 8.5/10 (85%)
"About all aspects of Age of Empires III get improved with this expansion. The new possibilities will make experienced players have to think of new strategies and if you're not such a multiplayer freak, the storyline will keep you busy for some time eventhough most fun is found in the skirmish mode. In short: the same but better."
IGN 8.2/10 (82%)
"Loads of new content but not many surprises in Ensemble's latest expansion."
Yahoo Games 4/5 (80%)
"The beauty of the WarChiefs expansion is that it's not just a lot of new content, but it's a lot of good new content that affects how the game plays. If you're a fan of Age of Empires III, you're going to be an even bigger fan once you've tried this expansion pack."
GamesRadar 8/10 (80%)
"It's a tough act to pull off, but The WarChiefs manages to walk that fine line between familiarity and new material quite well. Age of Empires III veterans are going to love it, as it breathes new life into an aging title."
Gaming Horizon 8/10 (80%)
"Expansion packs are generally hit-or-miss in terms of the features they supply versus the price tag they’re pegged with. In this way, Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs hits its target pretty accurately – representing a healthy addition to what’s already there."
Daily Game 7.9/10 (79%)
"WarChiefs lives up to its role as an expansion pack: rather than shake up the core game, it manages to offer up enough enhancements to make it interesting. Highly recommended for multiplayer, less so for the single-player campaign."
GameSpot 7.8/10 (78%)
"The WarChiefs expansion adds some interesting new elements to the tried-and-true gameplay of Age of Empires III."
NZGamer 7.7/10 (77%)
"It's steady as she goes for Ensemble's latest addition." 77% (77%)
"As an RTS it is typical fare and will provide hours and hours…and hours of play. If you like that then this is the game for you, enjoy. "
Game Chronicles 7/10 (70%)
"If you liked Age of Empires III then you won’t be too disappointed. While the additional content is a little light, the game still delivers solid strategy both online and off. A great supplement for a fan, but otherwise better avoided. "
EuroGamer 6/10 (60%)
"All told, it's quite a lot of newness from an expansion pack, and in many ways makes for a pretty considerable shift from how the original game works"