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Tribal Councils

Instead of having a standard Home City like the European civilizations, in The WarChiefs the new Native American civilizations have a Tribal Council, which is similar to the Home City in that it sends cards but has slightly different options and functions. Both the Iroquois and Sioux have a Tribal Council, but the Aztecs have a Home City-Tribal Council hybrid of sorts as they have the aesthetic features of a Home City but the mechanics of a Tribal Council.

So how does a Tribal Council differ to a Home City? Firstly, instead of having a choice of two or three politicians when moving up between ages, the native civilizations have a choice of five Tribal council members: The Wise Woman, The Warrior, The Messenger, The Shaman, and The Chief. Each member provides a bonus to the civilization if they are chosen when the player chooses to age up. Unlike a Home City politician, a new set of politicians is not provided for the next time the player ages up. Once the player has used a Tribal Council member, that member is not available to be used again during that game. In a twist, the bonuses the council members' provide get more powerful the higher up in age you go. So for example, if you are in Discovery Age and use a hypothetical politician that gives a 5% increase to food gathering rates, that same politician if still not used by the time the player gets to the Industrial Age might provide a 25% increase to food gathering rates.

Aztec Tribal Council (12kb) Iroquois Tribal Council (10kb) Sioux Tribal Council (12kb)
Tenochtitlan, the default Aztec Home City/Tribal Council Caughnawaga, the default Iroquois Tribal Council Hunkpapa, the default Sioux Tribal Council

The Native American civilizations can send cards exactly like the European civilizations can do, although they have slightly different cards. For example, they can send shipments consisting of crates of food, wood and gold all in one go, and can send shipments of combined units and resources, and can ship pet animals, and so on.