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Modding - Beginner

After you've done the basis it's time to progress. These tutorials are for those that have already some basic modding knowledge for AoE3, but want to expand it nontheless. These tutorials are still rather detailed and don't go too deep into modding AoE3.
  • Cultures - by peugeot407
    This tutorial explains how you can create a new culture so you can give your new civ its own building set.

  • Creating a New Unit - by Argalius
    This tutorial is written for AoE3H's Modding Contest, it will give you a brief explanation on how to create a new unit.

  • Enabling arbitrary units to... - by BilboBeutlin
    There is a treasure without guardians, but no explorer or settler nearby to claim it? This guide shows how to give any unit the ability to collect nuggets and gather from farms.

  • Homecity Editor - by irishlegend8
    Tutorial on editing and improving your homecity savefiles.

  • Writing A Proper ReadMe - by Argalius
    When you're about to release your mod, it's important that you always include a well written and detailed ReadMe. This will help those out that don't know how to install a mod and can solve many questions from those that downloaded your mod.

  • First steps in modding practice - by BilboBeutlin
    We can't discuss all details within this short tour - just the most important aspects. But it will hopefully be sufficient to have a first overview. The rest is as always do-it-yourself. Exploring and understanding the data files is much more efficient than doing all steps after a guide.