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Tutorial Guidelines

So you plan to write a tutorial? Great! Now to make life easier for us all I'd like to sum-up some guidelines on how these tutorials 'should' look like. Note that these are guidelines on how the page's structure will look like when I upload your tutorial. It saves me a lot of time if you could follow these guidelines. But they remain guidelines so I'll never reject a tutorial because it isn't created according to these guidelines.

  • • No CSS-style sheet; we already use one and we'll only use that one, so to get colours etc. use plain HTML-code like <font color=""></font>
  • • If possible, use <strong></strong> to bold text, <em></em> to italic text, underline just remains <u></u>; this is code being W3C compliant or not.
  • • Use <br /> to start on a new row; note that you'll have to close the tag, so NOT <br>, but <br />; also this is for W3C compliancy.
  • • Don't use tables or paragraphs, instead use DIVs in combination with <br />.
  • • Using templates is out of the question; AoE3H already has a design and using a template will only make your code more diffecult where it should remain simple.
  • • Do not use Javascript, PHP, Flash, Perl or any other (script) form, since they're not supported for use in these tutorials.