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Qazitory's AoE3 Modifications


Qazitory was a former member of staff here at Age of Empires 3 Heaven and this was his section of the site.

A Note From Qazitory

Welcome to Qazitory's AoE3 Modifications homepage! On this site, you will find the modifications I've created to improve my Age of Empires III gaming experience. After months of testing and improving, they're now available to you on this site, along with information about them. I hope you'll enjoy using them as much as I have!

There are two mod versions, one for the expansion The WarChiefs and another for the expansion The Asian Dynasties. Although some mods may work without the expansion, the functionality is not tested. All of these modifications are compatible with ES Online rated games. The possible conflicts with other custom modifications are listed for each mod at the bottom of the page. I do not take responsibility for any direct or indirect damage done by installing these modifications. That being said, I have not encountered or heard of any problems.