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Qazitory's AoE3 Modifications

Low Lag Homecity mod

This modification changes the animated home city background to a static image in both game menu and in-game in order to reduce lag and loading times. Due to file structure, Low Lag Homecity mod includes two of my other mods, Main Menu and Deck Selection modifications. The concept of removing the animated background and replacing it with a static image is based on BTG_Sean's earlier AoE3 mod.

Please note that if you wish to use QazUI along with this mod, install this mod after installing QazUI. You do not have to install the Main Menu mod or the Deck Selection mod if you install this modification, as they are already included.

Main Menu of the game
Selecting a deck - Note that you can use this mod alongside with any UI.

The package contains a readme file with installation and uninstallation instructions.

Low Lag HC Mod for TWC, version 1.00, dated 24.12.2006
Low Lag HC Mod for TAD, version 1.00, dated 31.10.2007

Low Lag Homecity mod is based on Ensemble Studios' file versions. If you have other UIs installed, this will change the way homecity is displayed but it should not affect any other functions.