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Strategy Central

Welcome to Age of Empires III Heaven's strategy section! Below you will find various guides written by members of the community which will help you improve your skills. Please note that each guide has a date, patch, and authors rating. The date is when it was first published, the patch is what version of Age of Empires III it is applicable to, and the author's rating is there to give you an idea of the skill level of author. The higher the number the more skilled the player, of course remember that does not necessarily mean their guide will be better. Heaven Games does, however, strive to put the best guides on these pages. They are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality.

If you are interested in submitting an article to the strategy section, check out the submission guidelines. For any suggestions or questions relating to this section, contact CookieCrisp or LordKivlov.


12/14/05, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 2000+
Politicians Tables
      by Flammifer
A set of tables by Flammifer showing what ages the politicians become available for each civilization. Also, includes a second age unit shipment table.
10/27/05, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: Unknown
Unique Church Technologies
      by Scot_Free
A reference showing the unique church technologies benefits.
2/21/08, TAD v1.00, Author's Rating: Inactive
Wonder Tables
      by Angel Walker
A set of tables by Angel Walker showing what age up bonuses Wonders provide, as well as a small description about their abilities.
4/6/08, TAD v1.01, Author's Rating: Inactive
Consulate Guide
      by Angel Walker
A guide containing some information and statistics about the Consulate and its possible alliances.

General Strategy Articles

4/18/06, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 2200+
A Guide to Treasure Hunting
      by Mokon
A detailed guide to treasure hunting by Mokon.
1/7/06, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 2000+
Reading Player Scores
      by Flammifer
A guide to interpreting player scores so you know what to expect from your enemy.
5/20/06, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 2000+
Healing and Repairing
      by Flammifer
A guide to using the various methods of healing and repairing.
8/18/07, TWC v1.03, Author's rating: 2000+
Stagger Mode
      by Flammifer
A guide to when and how to use stagger mode and its effectiveness in different situations.

Civilization Specific Strategy Articles

    Age of Empires III:

5/8/06, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 2200+
Portuguese Water Turtle Boom
      by [ES]Swinger
A guide to turtleing and booming with the Portuguese by [ES]Swinger, a member of the Ensemble Studios balance team.
4/11/06, AoE3 v1.06, Author's Rating: 1800+
The British Black Watch Kick
      by Beatnik Joe
A guide to a British Fast Fortress that utilizes the British Black Watch unit.
6/4/06, AoE3 v1.07, Author's Rating: 2150+
Spanish Civilization Overview
      by Somme
A short overview of the Spanish Civilization with some brief hints and tips.
8/23/06, AoE3 v1.08, Author's Rating: 2250+
The Inexhaustible Ottoman Rush
      by Ender_Ward
A basic Ottoman Rush. AKA. IOR
9/10/06, AoE3 v1.08, Author's Rating: Unknown
Silk Road Rush
      by Ultimitsu
A build order for an Ottoman Rush.
9/3/06, AoE3 v1.08, Author's Rating: 2100+
The Spanish Hussar Rush
      by Fingon_NL
An original Hussar Rush/Raid Strategy.

    The Warchiefs:

1/3/07, TWC v1.0, Author's Rating: 2050+
The New Ottoman Way
      by Ender_Ward
An Ottoman Rush meant to be used against Natives.
1/20/07, TWC v1.0, Author's Rating: 1800+
Aztec ZAP! Rush
      by F1RE_FLY
A powerful Aztec Rush which uses Zapotecs.
12/16/06, TWC v1.01, Author's Rating: 2000+
Aztec Scout Slam
      by Beatnik Joe
An Aztec Strategy, powered by an unusual unit.
2/7/07, TWC v1.02, Author's Rating: 1800+
German Outlaw Defense
      by Mediolanus
A Turtle Strategy with Outlaws.
3/9/07, TWC v1.02, Author's Rating: 2000+
The Tashunke Shank
      by Smear
A Sioux Strategy Guide which focus on Tashunke Prowlers.
6/5/07, TWC v1.03, Author's Rating: 2200+
Russian Sevastapol Boom
      by [ES]WaCkO
A Strategy which utilises the power of the Sevastapol card.

    The Asian Dynasties:

6/5/07, TWC v1.03, Author's Rating: 2200+
Russian Sevastapol Boom
      by [ES]WaCkO
A Strategy which brings to light the power of the Sevastapol card.
1/19/09, TAD v1.00 Fan Patch, Author's Rating: 2200+
Guide to Portugal
      by Micky Tee
A Guide featuring the many strategies of Portugal.
1/19/09, TAD v1.00, Author's Rating: 2000+
The Good Faith Fortress
      by CookieCrisp13
A Japanese Fast Fortress utilizing the card 'Good Faith Agreements'.