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Aztec ZAP! Rush

            By F1RE_FLY               1/20/07, TWC v1.0, Author's Rating: 1800+



Yes, here it is. The strategy that puts the Aztec Empire in the big leagues. This, my friend, is the one-way ticket to 1v1 supremacy. It beats an Iroquois rush. It beats an Iroquois FF. I might even go so far as to say it beats a Spanish FF! I know you're antsy to see what it is, so...

There are three unique aspects of the Aztec that this strategy relies heavily upon: their starting Warrior Priest, their no-pop military cards and their big button Jaguar Prowl Knights. The aim of this strategy is to sacrifice a good economy in order to get TONS of units out there in a short period of time. Tons of great, high quality units; not massed Macehualtins or Coyote Runners. And all of them coming from shipments and big buttons.


Upon reaching Colonial Age, ship in 10 Macehualtins, followed by 11 Rodeleros. While the Rodeleros are shipping get the first big button tech at the Town Center. Send that army at the enemy, and ship 9 Zapotec Lightning Warriors when you get enough XP. Queue the second Jagaur Prowl Knight big button by the time the Zapotec arrive and send these guys in. Ship 6 Janeys (Pet Jaguars) and, after they arrive, you should have enough resources for the third and final big button. This third big button should be clicked any time between 9 and 10 minutes. You will probably win the game when these guys arrive - if not, make a forward warhut and ship 6 Puma Spearman and 9 Macehualtins, making whatever units are needed.

You must have your starting Warrior Priest on the XP dance the whole game until your Colonial Age shipments are used up.

Necessary Cards:

  • 3 Villagers (I)

  • 9 Macehualtin / 10 Macehualtin (II)

  • 11 Rodeleros (500 coin) (II)

  • 9 Zapotec (500 coin) (II)

  • 5 Pet Jaguars (II)

  • 6 Puma Spearmen (II)

Build Order:

Discovery Age:

  1. Collect food and wood crates, hunt, make a firepit as soon as possible and set the Warrior Priest to Gift Dance (XP). Leave any gold crates for later.
  2. Collect as many treasures as you can. Get any good treasures, as all resources, including XP, are valuable in this rush.
  3. Shipment: 3 Villagers
  4. Start advancing with 16 villagers (17 population) with the Messenger Politician.
  5. If you haven't made a second house yet, gather 100 wood and make it. Once you have that house, shift all your wood gatherers to coin, for a total of 12 on coin and 4 on food.

Colonial Age:

  1. Shipment: 10 Macehualtin
  2. While the maces ship, queue another villager. Put this villager on food (for 5 total) when it is trained. You should have 500 coin by the time the Macehulatins arrive.
  3. Shipment: 11 Rodeleros (500 Coin)
  4. You should have 450 food before the Rodeleros arrive. Click the big button "Aztec Scouting Party" at your Town Center.
  5. When you have an army of 3 Jaguar Prowl Knights, 11 Rodeleros and 10 Macehualtin, send them to your enemy. Have your explorer (who was busy getting treasures) and his converteg guardians meet the army at the enemy base.
  6. Shipment: 9 Zapotec Lightning Warriors (500 coin)
  7. Once ZAPotec warriors are clicked, shift some villagers off of mine and put them onto food. You should have 8-10 on food and 7-9 on coin, depending on how much of either you need for the next big button tech (6 Jaguar Prowl Knights).
  8. When you have 450 food 450 coin, click the second big button at your Town Center. The Jaguar Prowl Knights should arrive about when the Zapotec Warriors arrive. Send the Zapotec and the Jaguar Knights into your enemy base.
  9. Shift some food and gold villagers to wood. As soon as you have 450 food, 450 wood and 450 coin, click the third big button tech at the towncenter (12 jaguar prowl knights)
  10. Shipment: 5 Pet Jaguars
  11. Shift all mining vills off of coin and send them to gather wood for houses and an eventual forward Warhut. The sooner it goes up, the sooner you can press your advantage and make Puma Spearmen/Coyote Runners/Macehualtins to harrass the enemy.
  12. Shipment: 6 Puma Spearman (for siege) or 9 Macehualtins (make sure they arrive at the warhut!)
  13. Shift your villagers around however you see fit so you can pump out units at the forward Warhut. Begin villager production again.


  • Zapotec Lightning Warriors, are, if you didn't know, good against cavalry and buildings. They also cost no population.
  • Rodeleros are not very good against buildings anymore, but they are great for killing small groups of ranged infantry such as Crossbowmen or Skirmishers. They do the same siege in cover mode, so use it!
  • Usually it is best to take out vulnerable villagers, then military buildings, and then houses and outposts. All before attacking town centers. Be sure to use a couple units (preferably a group of rods) to catch any far-off hunters since you have a low villager count, do whatever you can to bring his down also.
  • If the enemy tries to wall and turtle hard against you (maybe Dutch/Britain) go around the wall at first then, if the distance is unreasonable to go continually, take down part of it in the middle while the enemy army is dead or hiding.
  • Janeys have no siege attack so use them for Minutemen/other units only.
  • There is also a 9 Maya Holcan Spearmen card for 500 coin, no pop. If you want your deck to be even more deadly try adding this in! But to be truthful, Mayans are only good for siege.
  • Try mixing up the cards for different effects. 6 Puma Spearman instead of 10 Macehualtinss, and 9 Zapotecs instead of Rodeleros will make a super-siege army. Great for taking down a plain FF.
  • This is an all-or-nothing strategy, so have fun when you win (all of the time, right?) and don't get too mad if you lose.

Recorded Games:

1.02 Replays

[[[]]]F1R_FL vs [G e n]CraPuLa, Aztec vs Iroquois on Araucania
[[[]]]F1R_FL vs Worldeater, Aztec vs Portuguese on Pampas
[[[]]]F1R_FL vs [SotK]Swejoker, Aztec vs Ottoman on Yukon

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            By F1RE_FLY               1/20/07, TWC v1.0, Author's Rating: 1800+