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Russian Sevastapol Boom

            By [ES]WaCkO               6/5/07, TWC v1.03, Author's Rating: 2200+


Why make this guide?

Everyone keeps asking L_Clan_WaCko to post games of himself playing Russians, but he has decided to do a write up instead. The Russian's biggest advantage is their insane booming/turtling capabilities with the ability to field a large army in a short time. This strategy maximizes both of these advantages to their fullest potential.

Premise of the strategy:

Buildings are the most cost-effective element in the game, maximize their potential through the highly unique card Sevastapol. It gives settlers the skills adapted from building the colossal Russian base in Sevastapol that permits them to construct defenses with incredible speed (Forts, Walls, Blockhouses, and Town Centers). Changes Build Points by -85.00%. Russia has one of the best booms in the game since they train villagers in batches that are cheaper and faster. Maximize this.

Other Preferred Cards:

  • Distributivism
  • Economic Theory
  • 700 gold
  • 13 Strelets
  • Boyars
  • Advanced Arsenal
  • 1000 food
  • 1000 wood
  • 11 musketeers
  • Cavalary Combat
  • Refrigeration
  • Textile Mill
  • Fort
  • Factories

Now for the basic build, I am going to describe what to do clearly during each tier.

Discovery Age (1st):

Standard collect food as usual, age up with 17 vills and distributivism with your last 3 vills coming out onto gold. Use the 400 wood politician.

Colonial Age (2nd):

Your first card will be 700 gold. Ship this asap, collect the 400 wood from aging, and queue up 6 vills. (2 batches) You can send the first 3 to food if you feel you may be cutting it close, otherwise they all come out onto wood. Collect the 700 gold as it arrives and ship Sevastapol as your next card.

Scouting in Age2 is key. You need to be weary of a potential rush. If you see a forward barracks you can quickly drop 2 Blockhouses behind your Town Center and halt the attack until you reach Age3. Call minutemen if you need.

If I'm being rushed I prefer the 17 strelet politician, otherwise I go with 5 Cossacks.

Fortress Age (3rd):

While aging leave 5 settlers on food, and put the rest on wood. Be sure to keep your explorer back home, he'll be building 2 TC's very soon.

Upon reaching 3rd send your fort card and build a TC in the vicinity of your original TC. (You're going to be putting up a 3rd TC immediately afterwards) I prefer to do a triangle of sort with my TC placement and then dropping the fort directly in the middle. Covers a lot of resources and offers plenty of protection. After you've gotten your 3rd TC up you'll need to move a large portion of your economy to food. At this point there are no exact economical disturbtion numbers as you would need to adjust to your needs. Just be sure to keep all 3 TC's with villagers queued. Your next card is 1000 food. Your boom should now be in full swing and you can sit with the comfort of knowing that even if he has 3 TC's constantly working (non-native) that you're still outbooming him by 35%+.

Let the situation dictate when you will make troops. If he's being persistent in an attack using petards and such don't hesitate to send 11 musketeers as your next card and maybe even queue up a few. If you see him booming himself you can send 6 oprichniks and queue up a few, they'll pay for themselves easily against someone with only villagers/buildings. Or you can sit back and be content with sending some great economic cards like Economic Theory or Refrigeration.

Industrial Age (4th):

A highly customised Russian home city

This is where I believe many people play Russians wrong. You will rarely catch me building strelets in Age4 as Russia and here's why: they're extremely pop-ineffective. Sure I can hit pop 200 easily, but they drop way too fast in Age4 battles. My preferred unit combo is Musketeer/Cossack/Heavy Cannon. Cossacks are the most pop effective cavalry in the game (aside from Thoroughbreds Cuirassier) and FU Russian musketeers with fencing school and the church technology come out at a staggering pace. Some timely Oprichnik raiding can easily make your enemy lose focus on a big battle occuring, thus giving you the upper hand on micro managing the battle.

This strategy is even more effective on water maps but I'll let people try this out before specific water element details are included. You can also build 20 strelets for defense instead of Blockhouses if you prefer, or use 20 strelets to raid and still FF with the same time. Hope you enjoyed the read, and have fun out-laming the true lamers out there. Maybe you will get a HC as customized as to the image above.

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            By [ES]WaCkO               6/5/07, TWC v1.03, Author's Rating: 2200+