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            By Angel Walker               2/21/08, TAD v1.00, Author's Rating: Inactive


  • The first table displays the age up bonuses of each Wonder.
  • The second table displays a small description of their abilities, in which I tried to fit as much useful information as it was possible.
    1. Italic text: passive abilites. Will always be activated as long as the Wonder is built - if destroyed its effect is lost.
    2. Bold text: abilities that must be manually activated by the player. Will only last for a determined ammount of time, cooldown being how long it takes for the power to reload and be available for use again.
  • The age up bonuses increase with every age, while the abilities remain the same independently of the age the Wonder is built.
  • Chinese Wonders:

    Colonial AgeFortress AgeIndustrial AgeImperial Age
    Porcelain Tower400 Food1000 Food1500 Food2400 Food
    White Pagoda5 Disciples12 Disciples14 Disciples26 Disciples
    Summer Palace2 Steppe Riders3 Iron Flail5 Iron Flail10 Iron Flail
    Confucian Academy4 Chu Ko Nu8 Arquebusiers12 Arquebusiers21 Arquebusiers
    Temple of Heaven3 Villagers6 Villagers10 Villagers20 Villagers

    Porcelain TowerYou can choose between a 2.5 trickle of food, a 2.0 trickle of wood, a 2.0 trickle of gold or a 0.45 trickle of each plus experience and a 0.15 trickle of export all together.
    White PagodaSacred Vault: Disciple: +20% hitpoints and damage and +6 build limit / Shaolin Monk: +100% hitpoints and damage.
    Summer PalaceIs able to slowly spawn banner armies for free. Banner armies can only be spawned if available in that age. They take about six to seven times longer to be spawned than to be trained.
    Confucian AcademySpawns the Flying Crow artillery unit at a rate of one each 4 minutes.
    Temple of HeavenAllows Shaolin Monks to heal at a rate of 10.0 with a range of 12. Transcendency: instantly heals your units up to a total of 1000 HP, 300 seconds cooldown.

    Indian Wonders:

    Colonial AgeFortress AgeIndustrial AgeImperial Age
    Tower of Victory400 Wood800 Wood1200 Wood2000 Wood
    Agra Fort2 Sepoys5 Gurkhas7 Gurkhas14 Gurkhas
    Charminar Gate2 Sowars1 Mahout2 Mahout3 Mahout
    The Karni Mata200 Wood, 100 Coin, 200 Food300 Wood, 300 Coin, 400 Food500 Wood, 500 Coin, 400 Food800 Wood, 800 Coin, 800 Food
    Taj Mahal500 Coin800 Coin1500 Coin2400 Coin

    Tower of VictoryInspiration: land military units get +10% speed, +15% hitpoints and +15% damage for 15 seconds, 450 seconds cooldown.
    Agra FortActs as a powerful fortification. Can be upgraded once in Fortress and once in Industrial, for more 50% damage and more 50% hitpoints and damage respectively. Can train Barracks units, as well as Caravanserai units after the first upgrade and Castle units after the second.
    Charminar GateCan train Mansabdar units. Mansabdar units have two times the hitpoints of their regular versions and cost twice as much. Their aura boosts similar units' hitpoints and damage by 10%.
    The Karni MataKeepers of the Rats: Villagers gather 10% faster within a range of 36 of the wonder.
    Taj MahalCease Fire: units can't attack for twenty seconds (buildings can still shoot), 450 seconds cooldown.

    Japanese Wonders:

    Colonial AgeFortress AgeIndustrial AgeImperial Age
    Toshogu Shrine200 Export400 Export800 Export1200 Export
    Great Buddha1 Naginata Rider3 Naginata Rider5 Naginata Rider9 Naginata Rider
    Golden Pavilion3 Yumi Archers6 Yumi Archers10 Yumi Archers16 Yumi Archers
    The Shogunate400 XP300 XP, 1 Daimyo600 XP, 1 Daimyo1600 XP, 1 Daimyo
    Torii Gates1 Military Rickshaw, 1 Samurai1 Military Rickshaw, 3 Samurais6 Samurais12 Samurais

    Toshogu ShrineSupports 20 population and acts as a powerful Shrine (0.35 base Gold, Wood and Food gather rate, 0.93 XP gather rate) that can attract up to 8 animals. Tomb of Ieyasu: Increases the food, gold and wood production of other Shrines by 133%.
    Great BuddhaInformers: allows you to see what your opponent sees for 10 seconds, 300 seconds cooldown.
    Golden PavilionYou can choose between +15% damage for hand infantry and cavalry, +15% damage for ranged infantry and cavalry and +10% hitpoints or +5% speed for land military units. Can research Flintlock, Paper Cartridge, Pillage and Professional Gunners.
    The ShogunateEnables Daimyo Masamune, can retrain killed Daimyos. Country in Chains: land military units are 5% cheaper and train 10% faster.
    Torii GatesKami Worship: creating units and buildings as well as destroying opponent's units and buildings grants 50% more experience points.

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                By Angel Walker               2/21/08, TAD v1.00, Author's Rating: Inactive